Sunday, May 22, 2011

Garbage Pail Kids Korner - You Can't Make This Up Folks (About Chauncey DeVega)

A corrupt propagandist has no RESPECT for the significance of certain words, people and images.

Instead he makes use of the BECAUSE he knows that by crossing the line and hijacking such images for his own use - those among his flock who don't dare think ahead and consider the IRONY won't note the absurdity in the reference that was made.

Such is the case with the streaming, steaming propaganda flowing from the mind of one Chauncey DeVega.

I seriously wonder if Mr DeVega knows the weight of DRED SCOTT and how it showed that "Black people have no RIGHTS that a White Person Need Respect"?

Now we must put aside rationality and understand that in his desperation to make his case by SUPERIORIZING all who have the deadly combination of:

  • Having White Skin
  • Having An Ideology That Is Out Of Accord With His Own

DeVega is forced to equate Donald Trump to the keepers of the flame at the time when Dred Scott went to the US Supreme Court to seek basic EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS.

Again - DeVega's propaganda fails to note that:

  • Commander In Chief Obama IN HIS ROLE - now APPOINTS THOSE WHO SIT ON THE SUPREME COURT - and has appointed two of them.
  • Commander In Chief Obama IN HIS ROLE as Chief Executive would delegate the ENFORCEMENT OF LAWS which said "Black People Have No Rights To Be Respected"  - over to another BLACK MAN named Attorney General Eric Holder to ENFORCE
Though DeVega puts himself out in public as a Seasoned Intellectual - the truth is that any insight that he puts forth gets quickly swallowed by his undisciplined commitment to propaganda and diversion.  In other words he doesn't mind that his followers are kept IGNORANT of the facts and the present weight of affairs.  He instead prefers them to be IDEOLOGICALLY UNIFIED and focused on the COMMON ENEMY.

Chauncey DeVega Is BFF With Black Inferiorist Tim Wise

Attention all Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers who are fans of Tim Wise - TELL ME ONE THING WISE HAS EVER TOLD BLACK PEOPLE "WHAT 'THE BLACKS' Need To Do To Strengthen Our People ORGANICALLY"?

I have yet to see a person who has Tim Wise featured prominently upon their blog site with a consciousness that is not similarly averse to "Black Organic Competency Development".

In truth - Tim Wise is a white-skinned version of Chauncey DeVega, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Eugene Robinson.   A Rachel Maddow with a penis - if you will.


The grandest benefit to Tim Wise for the BQPFRC is that he is the clandestine White boy - able to fit in unassumingly into WHITE CROWDS and then report back to interested Black souls who want to know WHAT WHITE PEOPLE SAY ABOUT BLACKS WHEN NONE OF US ARE IN THE ROOM.

Though attempting to reach out to Chauncey DeVega with a purely CONSCIOUS connection is like throwing a strand of pearls to a pig - I think it would be informative for him to see yet another irony.

In as much as Tim Wise can tell Blacks what Whites say about us when we are not around - about 4 weeks ago I attended the "Let Us Reform The Black Male" (you can read the real title to the left - this is the functional description) .  

In a room full of 600 or more Black people yet to hear the Black content providers on the stage lace their opening speeches with content focused on what WHITE PEOPLE THINK ABOUT US AND HOW WE MUST STRUGGLE FOR OUR OWN DIGNITY IN OUR FIGHT AGAINST THEM it was quite distressing to hear that the "White Man" was the uninvited guest of honor.

In a world where "MSNBC - The UnFox-Biased Biased Network" can be allowed to host a "Black Progressive Agenda" program and yet not define WHO WE ARE as a people but instead immediately talk about Republicans & Tea Parties - nothing surprises me any longer as to what can come from a program hosted by a Black Progressive-Fundamentalist.

They are loathed to see that even when THE WHITE MAN IS GONE from their functional midst and they now have control over ALL OF THE KEY HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT INSTITUTIONS to "Let Us Make Man and Woman".............................the Black masses - brain washed as is the case with DeVega - but to the liking of Wise - STILL focus their angst on THE WHITE MAN.  In his DEPARTURE he has committed a RACIST ACT - leaving us all alone to fend for ourselves.

The Worst Part Of The Black Progressive Fundamentalist Is His FAKE FRONT About His Strength

Those who traffic in BLACK INFERIORITY are also those who have the greatest front regarding their STRENGTH.  We should not confuse their angry debates or protests as proof of strength.

Ironically - the strength and soundness of their agenda is best understood by going to find one of the LEAST OF THESE that they are so focused upon and GIVE HIM AN iPHONE - so that they can be tracked.

  1. Track him through his inculcation from 1 to age 8
  2. Track him as he grows into his full self awareness - with the assistance of the schools that favorable people now run
  3. Track him upon graduation - to note if the adult managers of his eco system have provided him with the tools necessary to allow him to LIFT UP THE COMMUNITY to the desired heights that it aspires for
  4. Track him through adulthood - to make note if HE is shifted from "The Least Of These" who need SOCIAL JUSTICE HELP or if he is now full of INCREASE - able to seek out another LEAST OF THESE - with material assistance
DO NOT BE FOOLED by DeVega/Wise/ West and AfroSpear
Their's is a movement to TEND TO "The Least Of These" - NEVER will our people grow into the "UN-LEAST OF THESE", rejecting the program of redistributed SOCIAL JUSTICE - because we can't manage to GROW OUR OWN - showing it to be evident WHEN THERE ARE NO WHITE FOLKS to demand it from. 

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