Sunday, May 22, 2011

Garbage Pail Kids Korner - Why DeVega Voted For Obama?

Why will Chauncey DeVega vote for Commander In Chief Obama Again?

  1. He Fought RACISM And Lowered The Black Unemployment Rate Equal To That Of The Formerly Superior White People?
  2. He Did An End-Around On The Racist Tea Party Who Do Not Want Blacks To Receive Health Care By Tripling The Number Of Black General Practitioners Who Entered Into Med School During His First 4 Years?
  3. He Got More "Least Of These People" Paying Into Social Security & Medicare - Thereby Pushing The Day Of Infamy When They Will Be Insolvent From 2042 - Back to 2100 - A Timeframe After Which We Will All Be Dead?

If you figured that Chauncey DeVega - a person who is not easily moved by many had such lofty expectations of one Commander In Chief Obama - YOU WERE WRONG.

The reason why he voted for Obama is that he has great timing in his delivery of a joke.

With RACISM returning to this nation because of a Black President - the Racist Donald Trump who was verbally assaulted by a Black man was unable to take a walking stick to the head table and assault him BECAUSE he has a full staff of Secret Service Agents that would shoot him prior to him ever making it so far.


No need to investigate me.

This is ONLY an attempt to show the FRAUD that BLACK INFERIORITY MARKETING is as expressed by one Chauncey DeVega)

I would love for Mr DeVega to tell us what Obama and the Democrats would have to do to Black People to have him NOT VOTE as a mean of Racial Development?

If Detroit, Flint, Benton Harbor and Gary are NOT sufficient evidence of what they can do to harm our interests then I am not sure that there exists such a point.

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