Sunday, May 22, 2011

Garbage Pail Kids Korner - If Alternet Didn't Need A Token Black Progressive-Fundamentalist To Say What They'd Be Called "Racist" For Saying Chauncy DeVega's Views Would Be Limited To His Own Blog Site

I have a new found respect for the "Ten Reasons Why..." lists that the technology magazine "" puts out and then loads up my Inbox every week with.  When I read the various lists I see that the authors are stretching things a bit by the time they get to #7.

Then I read the list penned by Chauncey DeVega entitled:

10 Ways That the Birthers Are an Object Lesson in White Privilege

Please afford me to give a summary statement which should discredit all of Mr DeVega's masturbatory rants in one fell swoop:

Though Commander In Chief Barack Obama Has The POWER To Order Resources In The US Military Arsenal To Killer A Given Target IN THE NAME OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - And Despite Being A Black Man - Is Not Charged With Murder For Doing So - Chauncey DeVega And Others Who Traffic In BLACK INFERIORITY See The "Attack" On Obama As Evidence That He Is Akin To A Young Black Male, Spread Eagle On A Police Car And Being Forced To Show ID And Explain Why They Are In The Particular Neighborhood.

I can't see why this WHITE MAN ever bothered to make a video of Chauncey DeVega's Rant.  This guy actually believed that he could say something to cause DeVega to CHANGE HIS MIND.

The only thing that one can do is to ensure that he never has power and command over you and your interests.

To Chauncey DeVega - the "Birther Tea Party Militia" is a force that is SUPERIOR to that which is held by Commander In Chief Obama per the full faith and confidence afforded to him by the Office of the President.

The day that Mr DeVega yields that Obama is an EQUAL POWER - then he would be forced to change the editorial bigotry (not bias - bigotry) of his blog site to one where Obama is made culpable for some of the outcomes that have transpired on his watch.

Chauncey DeVega is one of the individuals most infected by the "Establishment Power Repudiation" disease - where HE disagrees that Obama has the POWER to carry along American Imperialist antics that he would be protesting against if one of the previous 43 WHITE presidents did.

Since he is disinclined to protest against Commander In Chief Obama - he instead chooses to focus on another Black man named Herman Cain.

IF ANY of the other White content contributors to Alternet harped on Cain as DeVega does - they would be called RACISTS so they allow DeVega to do as Rush Limbaugh has James Golding do - Operate as the "Black Interpreter" on the show - attacking the Black target.

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