Monday, May 30, 2011

Do You Mind Being Lied To Or Do You Just Prefer - Racist Sarah Palin Is Fuming That Her Daughter Is Dating A Black Man

I do not believe that one or two operatives on the Internet who put forth propaganda should be used as an inference to discredit a larger audience.   When a pattern of behavior is detected, however, we can't dismiss the transaction but instead look at the end that they are seeking to accomplish.

We have been told that Sarah Palin is a racist.  She, perish the thought, refused to recognize "Juneteenth" - the day that Blacks in Texas were notified that they were free at the end of the Civil War.   This "slap in the face" and her affiliation with the Tea Party seals the deal in the assignment of her virtual Klan hood.

Not wanting to allow circumstantial evidence up-end their claim and since they could not find any evidence of Bristol Palin calling her "Dancing With The Stars" co-competitors who are Black "Ninjas" - those with unscrupulous intent had to raise the ante.

Upon seeing Bristol Palin living with two Black men on the set of a television reality show the were desperate to find some racial angle to use to fortify their claims against Palin.

Somewhere, someone must see the danger in mixing "Entertainment Tonight" with "Face The Nation".   This nation is in for a long painful reality check.

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