Sunday, May 29, 2011

Columbia Journalism Review: Black Media Operatives Returning To Black Press Outlets - Their Progressive-Bigotry Remains Intact

The people over at Columbia Journalism Review clearly have it wrong.  

They are enumerating "Black heads" in the press room and are lamenting their decline. A quantitative analysis of a time where traditional news reporting is in flux.    The article has no assessment of the qualitative dynamic of these "Black representatives" in the media and the fidelity that they apply in their reporting about the Black community and greater America.

The list of people that are provided in the story are unabashed progressive-biased individuals.   At the end of this post I hope to convince you that MY problem with this is not that they are PROGRESSIVES but that their viewpoint is OUT OF LINE with what the Black community needs at this point in time in order to progress.

The content of one man named "Jack White" can be used as a case study of how the mere presence in the press room does not inherently mean that the "Black Permanent Interests" will be represented.  If dispatched to one of the Blackest, most Democratic cities around America - Jack White would find a way to report that Ronald Reagan's spirit is haunting the town and is responsible for 95% of the ills.

It is my opinion that Black people mistake the present prevailing ideological domination within our midst and the "congregational concurrence" that can be garnered because of it with this viewpoint being a MODEL of the facts on the ground in our communities.   When a model is askew to the real world - all of the solutions that are engineered using this model will be similarly flawed.   Aviation engineers need accurate models of all of the forces bearing down upon their craft as their goal is to transport the people from their origin to their destination - allowing them to live through the process.

I do not believe that the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" have a commitment to the survival of the Black community by advocating for the needed reforms WITHIN.  They seek to retain their ideological entrenchment.

Where Were Their Reports In The Middle Years Before The Collapse?

 I can think of no better way to prove my point about the needed reforms for these Black community "representatives" in the press rooms than to look at the rise and fall of so many "Mission Accomplished Cities".  While they, no doubt, where singing the glories of how the election of a new band of favorable progressive officials were going to lead us to a "new day" - very few of these same individuals showed the temperance of spirit to retain their critical and objective appraisal of the governing machine - just as they did with the leadership that was dismantled.  

In my affiliated blog "Within The Black Community" I monitor how Black people's viewpoint changes in relation to the key institutions in our community when a "favorable person" is placed into power.  The previous contentiousness in demanding that these institutions actually deliver the promised services to the community lest their failure to do so would result in a massive purge changes into thoughts of connectedness with the occupants of the office - living vicariously through their experiences.   At at time when Black Americans are seen openly debating the permissiveness of publicly criticizing President Obama - the long list of Black press agents who have opined about this issue are unable to get beyond their own ideological myopic views and accurately assess this issue.

In the background as I type this is a showing of the PBS series "Independent Lens", the episode named "Welcome To Shelbyville".  It focuses on the difficulty that is experienced as African and Mexican immigrants integrate into the traditionally "White and Black" Southern city of Shelbyville Tennessee.  While the RACISM of Whites who are troubled with this change and the antics they use (media messages) to show their displeasure this protection of their entrenched orthodoxy is viewed as RACISM!!

When Black people are heard debating the strategic benefit of "Speaking Truth To Power NOW - That The President Is A Favorable Black Progressive" - for some strange reason the mainstream media does not choose to view this in the same terms - RACIAL PROTECTIONISM.  

The frequent rebuttal says "Well Black people have never lynched another group of people systematically in order to retain their powers".  They often add "Who more than Black Americans are justified if they were terrorists?".

The viewpoint that I speak of won't allow them to see that the "Dead Black People" that are frequently shown in our community at present are the "lynching victims" that they are looking for.    If the "racist South" was an environment that was allowed to fester as the complicit media, seeking to retain and protect the presiding powers of their time - how is the present protection rack from the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" any different as they operate within their intransigence - Black people are murdered and assaulted far higher than the norm - under the watchful eye of a system they wish to protect?

Jack White is particularly shameful in that he abstracts himself from the actual events on the streets and instead chooses to make a game of finding the closest Republican to fixate upon - channeling our attention span in the direction he desires.  The agenda is not "solutions" but "ideological unity" to his liking.  

More damning than "Angry White People" in the election of 2012 will be the larger quantity of "disconnected Black people".   The abstraction between:
  • The present unique economic conditions for Black people and the hopes that were vested upon the erection of the machine that dominates our communities.  The gap between the promises made on the front end and the results on the back end.   
    • A Black journalist employed as a  "consumer advocate" would do a better job in driving justice out of a local used car sales lot for harming Black people's with his sales job than does the average Black Progressive opinion writer in seeking to true up the promises made by Bayard Ruskin in 1968 which fused "Black Consciousness with The American Political Domain" and where we stand today.
  • The frequent statements that EDUCATION is the foundation of our future and how much the present conditions in the classrooms serve as a predictor of the grief that Black people will continue to suffer from as the aborted attempts at educational excellence in the current crop of kids will echo throughout their life-phases.
As an observer and critic of all that is going on in the name of "Blackness" the most disappointing part of it all is that many of these people are so bigoted in their own world view (and are infected with Non-White White Supremacy) that they are loathed to imagine that they are as powerful in their own bigoted contributions as are the Whites that they fire volleys against.  

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