Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Black Progressive Blogger Understudy Coverage Of Southern Tornadoes - After Obama's Ground Visit Will They Focus On The People Who Remain Behind After Obama Leaves?

Black people and "The Least Of These" are still experiencing the travails of life such as natural disasters, unemployment rates higher than the norm and "Civil Rights Violations" that are not called "Civil Rights Violations" because the assailant's attributes determine the classification.

The primary distinction in the coverage of these issues within the LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press and their "Black Progressive Blogger Understudies" is that their mission has changed along with the movement of transitioning of their target out of power.

As I witnessed first hand the massive destruction to the south of Atlanta as I drove down to a "Reclaim The Black Male" conference in the middle of the state I know that the people in these places will require months and then years to recover fully from the violent shredding that took place in their communities.

As we consider the dialog and coverage of this tragedy that occurred last week with in several southern states from more than 300 tornadoes at one time - SOME PEOPLE on  "Fight The Power" radio used this as an opportunity to spew racial hatred against the "racist Southern Whites" who they saw seeking help.

I am not sure which newscast that they are watching but Black people where hammered just as well.  The part of Alabama that was hit is known as "The Black Belt".

Then there is my friend Filled Negro.
As we see in this article - Filled Negro, an "Activist Of Leisure" is able to use this tragedy as a backdrop to praise Obama.  He touched Air Force One on the ground days after the natural disaster.  This is a clear reference to (evil racist) George W Bush who did a "fly over" of the flooding of New Orleans but refused to use the powerful thrust of his custom 747 to blow all of the water out of the bowl that is New Orleans which is below sea level.

The best way to frame operatives like Filled Negro - is to step away and allow the ORGANIC message that is in his heart to flow each day.   From this we can understand that there is no countervailing force that is directing his pattern.  Also occasionally read the posters comments to note that they are content with the direction because there are no rebuttals of the hijacking.

For me - I choose to apply a more redeeming reference point as the mile-marker and allow all other men of good will to consider if this mile-marker is worthy and then appraise ME and all others against this reference.

In today's USA Today - there is a story of the people who have lost everything in last week's storm and now are looking to FEMA (and the Red Cross and the church community) to help them past this tragedy.

Above is a picture of Cartez Fields, a 32 year old Black man from Birmingham.
He is presently staying at a Red Cross shelter downtown.  According to the story he has "no where to go".
413 people still reside in the Red Cross shelter - their entire property holdings destroyed in the storm.

The unfortunate part of this storm for Mr Fields and 18,000 other people in Alabama is that they don't have the "Coordinated Forces Of Outrage Marketing" behind them to apply pressure to FEMA to expedite their help.

We must understand the back story.  You see "Alabama is a Red State".  This was mentioned during the "Fight The Power" radio coverage that I listened to last week.  Some people OVERTLY noted that the very same people who voted against Obama.......are now asking HIM for help.   Apparently they don't realize that Obama is not spending his own money.  Apparently those who voted for Obama are the paragon of "helping mankind"

As I type this I happened to run across a television broadcast from Conservative Evangelist Joyce Myers and her work in Haiti to provide access to medical services to those who continue to be impacted by th earthquake.

It seems that STEREOTYPES are hard to overcome in the mind of Black people.
We have a network of embedded agents who work feverishly to sculpt the messages that are prevalent within the Black community.

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