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Do You Mind Being Lied To Or Do You Just Prefer - Racist Sarah Palin Is Fuming That Her Daughter Is Dating A Black Man

I do not believe that one or two operatives on the Internet who put forth propaganda should be used as an inference to discredit a larger audience.   When a pattern of behavior is detected, however, we can't dismiss the transaction but instead look at the end that they are seeking to accomplish.

We have been told that Sarah Palin is a racist.  She, perish the thought, refused to recognize "Juneteenth" - the day that Blacks in Texas were notified that they were free at the end of the Civil War.   This "slap in the face" and her affiliation with the Tea Party seals the deal in the assignment of her virtual Klan hood.

Not wanting to allow circumstantial evidence up-end their claim and since they could not find any evidence of Bristol Palin calling her "Dancing With The Stars" co-competitors who are Black "Ninjas" - those with unscrupulous intent had to raise the ante.

Upon seeing Bristol Palin living with two Black men on the set of a television reality show the were desperate to find some racial angle to use to fortify their claims against Palin.

Somewhere, someone must see the danger in mixing "Entertainment Tonight" with "Face The Nation".   This nation is in for a long painful reality check.

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My Conversations With The JingOists - Preserved From Possible Deleting

Jack & Jill Politics - Cornel West Still Ain't Saying Nothing Until He Apologizes To Obama And Us

Watch the full episode. See more Tavis Smiley.

With the co-founder of Jack & Jill Politics nearly brought to tears after Obama chose to release the long form of his birth certificate, thus putting the Birther Movement to rest among the rational people - I can't find a way as to how those who live vicariously through Obama are going to be able to engage in a rational discussion in which their PROGRESSIVE FOUNDATIONS are kept intact - but as "Progressive Political Preacher" Rev Al Sharpton said the other day "Still obtain our Black Agenda without harming Obama".

With this consciousness in mind - the only thing that those of us who are actively studying Black Consciousness Hijacked Into The American Political Domain can do is to plot out a logical course at which this shame will end and work to defend our "racial consciousness core" from future contamination as such.

Who knew that the blows suffered to the head in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" would cause such a concussion upon one's consciousness.


WE ARE TO-DAMNED-DAY standing in the place that PAST "Concrete Ideas And Solutions to the PROBLEMS IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY" have brought us to.

Isn't it time to begin to QUESTION the mindset that, while it felt so comfortable during the STRUGGLE upward to this point - it clearly did not consider all of the variables that were present. The variables that any MACHINE FOR UPLIFT of our community is going to have to MASTER?

It seems to me that the IDEOLOGICAL UNITY track - while effective at focusing Black action in the "American Political domain" - having the power to put "favorable people" into office...........when it comes to addressing the areas of benign neglect that are obvious in the "Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development Domain" - it fails miserably.

* Cornel West
* Sharpton
* Obama
* Most of you

are having a "Progressive Faction A" versus "Progressive Faction B" fight - just as can be seen in Newark, Atlanta, Philly and so many other "Mission Accomplished Cities". For some reason you can't see that this is merely a TACTICAL fight among Progressive-Fundamentalist.

What was lost long, long, long ago was any claims that there is a TRANSPARENT attempt to lift our community up by building a strong people.

Instead of asking people "What are YOUR" ideas - it is clearly the case that it is time to start FILTERING OUT the spoilage of ideas that remain on board that many of you operative upon.


If you filter away the rhetoric (as I have to do when I read some blogs) and look at the CORE ARGUMENTS.............


It is interesting that when the "Obama Fist Bump Press" had the option of cleaving to their PROGRESSIVISM or stripping the clothing off of the backside of Cornel West as punishment - they chose the later. You must understand YOURSELVES. This was not done for Cornel West to reign him in. This was done for the NEXT PROGRESSIVE NEGRO who was even thinking about doing the same - lest he see what the guy before him got. This is merely IDEOLOGICAL UNITY ENFORCEMENT but this time it is done on behalf of OBAMA rather than PROGRESSIVE PURITY.

Here is a thought Ivan - is is possible that PROGRESSIVISM DOES NOT PRODUCE ORGANIC RESULTS? An observation that I have made a long time ago.
You all are fundamentally a STRUGGLE - a PROTEST movement.
Now that you have "THE TRUTH IN POWER" you are discombobulated as to HOW you should SPEAK TO IT - not wanting to hurt his ear drums with your bull horns.

Think about it - with so many strong "Speak Truth To Power" people who spoke about past presidents:
* Frederick Douglass
* Bishop Henry McNeal Turner
* Marcus Garvey
* Malcolm X....................

do you feel any sort of LOSS IN CONSCIOUSNESS that in 2011 Black people are heard openly debating IF it is appropriate to PUBLICLY CRITICIZE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (The Tea Party might hear 'us').

IT IS CLEAR that YOUR PERMANENT INTERESTS - are to be put on forbearance - you have a RIGHT WING ENEMY (to Progressivism) to fight.

Sadly in 2 and 4 and 6 and 8 years from now the same "grievance muting" will be heard.

How long can you all keep this up?

I can't take this any longer.

Most of them seek to fulfill their dreams of visiting the White House and sit in the chair beside the President - it is unlikely that the "Black Permanent Interests" can compete with this passion.

Detroit Sam
[quote]what does pro black people mean?[/quote]
Anything that MEASURABLY builds up ORGANIC COMPETENCIES within the Black Community - COMMENSURATE to the NEEDS of the Black community in regards to the DESIRED STANDARD OF LIVING that we aspire to.
AND - the TRANSPARENCY to PURGE that which might be POPULAR among Negroes but which FAIL the first test above.

[quote]*Does he participate in any tutoring programs[/quote]
I THOUGHT that (as I heard growing up in Philly) "Once we get FAVORABLE PEOPLE into power over our schools who LOVE OUR BLACK CHILDREN and CARE ABOUT THE BLACK COMMUNITY......things will change for the better".
WHY are you focusing on TUTORING rather than the primary class room - THE HOME and the secondary classroom - the SCHOOL ROOM? Isn't tutoring a supplement to these others?

[quote], mentoring programs,[/quote]
Mentoring Programs = Patterning Programs = Rites Of Passage

(Sticking with Black males only for a second) Why is it that you subtract points against a man who might have failed to participation in a Mentoring program but (I don't know you so I can only speculate) when it comes to establishing a set of CULTURAL STRICTURES in which the BLACK MAN who fathered the said Black male is forced by the community to live up to his obligations - with little tolerance about listening to the greater societal forces and how they wish him ill - the focus is removed from the PRIMARY MENTOR per his genetic perpetuation but the greater society and what we are obliged to do.

Doesnt CULTURE scale better than Mentoring programs?

job training programs, etc., in the black community?[/quote]
Job Training

The only thing that I have to ask here is - AS WE LOOK at where the ideas of both Obama and West stand tall with the least opposition from countervailing - conservative forces IS THERE ANY EVIDENCE that the Black Masses have rebuked any elected or un-elected leadership for failing to ACTUALLY DELIVER "Job Training"?

AT WHAT POINT does the Black Community RECONCILE the "Elaborate Painting" that it made on the BLANK CANVAS of OBAMA - that Cornel West told us about - during the happy times in the relationship with THE PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES?

What PROTECTIONS must be erected so that NO ONE IN THE FUTURE has their way with our COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS NUCLEUS - even if they stand among us with sufficient PROGRESSIVE POPULARITY?

As many ladies reading this has said before to a brother - "We can't keep doing this any more" - as SHE realizes what is at stake for HER as he is just riding along consuming the benefit with great contentment about drinking the milk.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Is It Possible For The "Obama Fist Bump Press" To Be Honest? The - House Republicans Diss The President In Support Of Israel

The - Joel Dreyfuss - Dissing Obama On The Middle East

As industry veterans and few "wet behind the ears" - fresh out of college ideologues - it is simply not possible that the operatives at "The" believe that all of the [strike]racism[/stike] partisan hits that Obama is suffering are unique to him.

The most disturbing part of the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" is that they mix a measure of "playing dumb" about the past and how national politics work and then they scratch their head and are heard thinking out loud (as Whoopie Goldberg was heard saying on national television):  "All of these attacks on Obama are strange and as much as I try to dismiss the question - RACISM is the only rational basis that I can think of".

Surely Mr Dreyfuss remembers when - then US Speaker Of The House - Nancy Pelosi went on a Middle East tour - meeting with the leadership of Syria in 2007 - without consulting with the US Administration's State Department.   The impression was that she was undercutting the diplomatic efforts of the Bush Administration as she went on her own.

I think it is clear that both Mr Dreyfuss and I know exactly what he is up to.  (Not to mention Tired & Retired Jack White).

This is all a part of the larger goal for the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" to keep Black people on a racially defensive disposition in which they see the Black President of the United States under constant RACIALLY inspired attacks.  The larger point is that since Dreyfuss is going to ultimately agree with Obama (as long as he is Progressive) and that the tools that he and others make use of is a protection of Progressivism and Obama - the ball carrier of these interests.

If Obama is receiving RACIST attacks:

  • He should not be held accountable by Black people for 16.1% Black Unemployment
  • We as Black people need to be careful of our own criticism of Obama - as we might sound like RACIST right wingers
I wish I was making all of this up but there are printed references that detail all of these points - particularly with the Cornel West versus "Progressive Political Preacher" Rev Al Sharpton.

I believe that it will take time and deliberate effort for the Black community to be decontaminated from the shameful state that the institutions that purport to drive our interests have fallen into.  They have so compromised themselves in relation to our Permanent Interests - that the future with a different president but these same anemic vital statistics among Black Americans will be justified in looking past these grievances.  They need only point to the orchestrated silence and protection racket on behalf of Obama.

Columbia Journalism Review: Black Media Operatives Returning To Black Press Outlets - Their Progressive-Bigotry Remains Intact

The people over at Columbia Journalism Review clearly have it wrong.  

They are enumerating "Black heads" in the press room and are lamenting their decline. A quantitative analysis of a time where traditional news reporting is in flux.    The article has no assessment of the qualitative dynamic of these "Black representatives" in the media and the fidelity that they apply in their reporting about the Black community and greater America.

The list of people that are provided in the story are unabashed progressive-biased individuals.   At the end of this post I hope to convince you that MY problem with this is not that they are PROGRESSIVES but that their viewpoint is OUT OF LINE with what the Black community needs at this point in time in order to progress.

The content of one man named "Jack White" can be used as a case study of how the mere presence in the press room does not inherently mean that the "Black Permanent Interests" will be represented.  If dispatched to one of the Blackest, most Democratic cities around America - Jack White would find a way to report that Ronald Reagan's spirit is haunting the town and is responsible for 95% of the ills.

It is my opinion that Black people mistake the present prevailing ideological domination within our midst and the "congregational concurrence" that can be garnered because of it with this viewpoint being a MODEL of the facts on the ground in our communities.   When a model is askew to the real world - all of the solutions that are engineered using this model will be similarly flawed.   Aviation engineers need accurate models of all of the forces bearing down upon their craft as their goal is to transport the people from their origin to their destination - allowing them to live through the process.

I do not believe that the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" have a commitment to the survival of the Black community by advocating for the needed reforms WITHIN.  They seek to retain their ideological entrenchment.

Where Were Their Reports In The Middle Years Before The Collapse?

 I can think of no better way to prove my point about the needed reforms for these Black community "representatives" in the press rooms than to look at the rise and fall of so many "Mission Accomplished Cities".  While they, no doubt, where singing the glories of how the election of a new band of favorable progressive officials were going to lead us to a "new day" - very few of these same individuals showed the temperance of spirit to retain their critical and objective appraisal of the governing machine - just as they did with the leadership that was dismantled.  

In my affiliated blog "Within The Black Community" I monitor how Black people's viewpoint changes in relation to the key institutions in our community when a "favorable person" is placed into power.  The previous contentiousness in demanding that these institutions actually deliver the promised services to the community lest their failure to do so would result in a massive purge changes into thoughts of connectedness with the occupants of the office - living vicariously through their experiences.   At at time when Black Americans are seen openly debating the permissiveness of publicly criticizing President Obama - the long list of Black press agents who have opined about this issue are unable to get beyond their own ideological myopic views and accurately assess this issue.

In the background as I type this is a showing of the PBS series "Independent Lens", the episode named "Welcome To Shelbyville".  It focuses on the difficulty that is experienced as African and Mexican immigrants integrate into the traditionally "White and Black" Southern city of Shelbyville Tennessee.  While the RACISM of Whites who are troubled with this change and the antics they use (media messages) to show their displeasure this protection of their entrenched orthodoxy is viewed as RACISM!!

When Black people are heard debating the strategic benefit of "Speaking Truth To Power NOW - That The President Is A Favorable Black Progressive" - for some strange reason the mainstream media does not choose to view this in the same terms - RACIAL PROTECTIONISM.  

The frequent rebuttal says "Well Black people have never lynched another group of people systematically in order to retain their powers".  They often add "Who more than Black Americans are justified if they were terrorists?".

The viewpoint that I speak of won't allow them to see that the "Dead Black People" that are frequently shown in our community at present are the "lynching victims" that they are looking for.    If the "racist South" was an environment that was allowed to fester as the complicit media, seeking to retain and protect the presiding powers of their time - how is the present protection rack from the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" any different as they operate within their intransigence - Black people are murdered and assaulted far higher than the norm - under the watchful eye of a system they wish to protect?

Jack White is particularly shameful in that he abstracts himself from the actual events on the streets and instead chooses to make a game of finding the closest Republican to fixate upon - channeling our attention span in the direction he desires.  The agenda is not "solutions" but "ideological unity" to his liking.  

More damning than "Angry White People" in the election of 2012 will be the larger quantity of "disconnected Black people".   The abstraction between:
  • The present unique economic conditions for Black people and the hopes that were vested upon the erection of the machine that dominates our communities.  The gap between the promises made on the front end and the results on the back end.   
    • A Black journalist employed as a  "consumer advocate" would do a better job in driving justice out of a local used car sales lot for harming Black people's with his sales job than does the average Black Progressive opinion writer in seeking to true up the promises made by Bayard Ruskin in 1968 which fused "Black Consciousness with The American Political Domain" and where we stand today.
  • The frequent statements that EDUCATION is the foundation of our future and how much the present conditions in the classrooms serve as a predictor of the grief that Black people will continue to suffer from as the aborted attempts at educational excellence in the current crop of kids will echo throughout their life-phases.
As an observer and critic of all that is going on in the name of "Blackness" the most disappointing part of it all is that many of these people are so bigoted in their own world view (and are infected with Non-White White Supremacy) that they are loathed to imagine that they are as powerful in their own bigoted contributions as are the Whites that they fire volleys against.  

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tired Leftist Economist & Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman On "Ronald Reagan Went To Philly"

Once again we hear the tired tale which says "Racist Ronald Reagan went to Philadelphia Mississippi - 16 Years after the 3 Civil Rights Workers were murdered there - his main motivation was to go there to taunt BLACK PEOPLE with a "States Rights" message which said 'Some problems are best solved LOCALLY' and thus this is RACIST because Blacks need the federal government for them to survive"

The cause of the Inferior Black and the will for the White Liberal Snarling Fox to have concern for our care and feeding known no boundaries.

Sadly this tale which was crafted out of thin air by people who wanted to find the worst possible angle in the motivations against this one man who is the forefront of their theories as to when the fall of America began.

In the 2008 campaign for President - all of the Democratic Party candidates for President ALSO went to Philadelphia. Despite the fact that more than 150 Black men had been murdered - THE YEAR JUST PRIOR to them debating - not one of them were called out as RACISTS for having gone to Philadelphia Pennsylvania to call out the Democratic Mayor and Police chief for having failed to protect the lives of Black people.

It is clear that it MATTERS NOT the intensity of damage done to Black people.
Sadly - in our present consciousness - it only matters about our general view of the WHITE MAN or force of power in question. Those who are loathed with soon find that fraudulent fellows like Paul Krugman or journalist Jack White - who I suspect first crafted the story about Ronald Reagan's visit to Philly - will have their own slanderous story crafted out of thin air. WORST - however - their friends need not worry - regardless of how many Negroes die on their watch.

Ronald Reagan's Destructive Economic Policies In The Mind Of The Leftist

I marvel at far left economic theory.
Though we are presently united about or views on the imperialist attacks on Libya I find that the "Black Agenda Report's" Glen Ford to be particularly puzzling.

The same man who believes that Capitalism is "of the devil" warns us that the American concern for the "federal deficit" at a time when "The Least Of These" need jobs is particularly ill-timed.

Point well taken - HOWEVER - he never comes around to connecting the dots in understanding that America's ability to possess a $14,000 Billion credit card balance - is a FUNCTION OF CAPITALISM and the "Wall Street" fraudulent markets that he despises so.

This exception does not matter for many Progressive-Fundamentalists.

Monday, May 23, 2011

When Given The Clear Choice - The Chooses To RACISM CHASE

Please post this under the "They Can't Help Themselves" Department.

On my sister blog - "Within The Black Community" - I noted that the arrest of a multi-millionaire named DSK for having raped his Black chamber maid, his skin color nor cash able to save his back side - marked a seminal event in this nation's history:  The LAWS of this nation is irrespective of man.

Here we have the OFFICIAL VOICE of the government enforcing this nation's laws.  

Over at The, however Dr NSenga Burton will not be satisfied until every two bit media operation falls in line and refrains from any slanderous reporting on the African victim of the crime.

When one has no minimum threshold to filter out the chatter.............................she will be seen going to Idaho to report on the "KKK Snowman" and the threat that it is to Black America.

This entire episode proves two things:

  1. There will NEVER be a world without RACISM (or some other point meant to slander and individual)
  2. Absent the use of a "Proportionality Filter" those who have a particular world view will go "Racism Chasing" Around The Globe - looking to have their assumptions fulfilled - while never noting that they did not have to sit a the back of the plane or in a segregated airplane or bus terminal in pursuit of their story. 

It is sad that certain people have access to media - unchecked by the CENSORSHIP OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A High Level Of Racial Diversity - A Strong Amount Of Ideological Unity Enforcement - A Failing Amount Of Connectivity With The Process For Organic Uplift

Garbage Pail Kids Korner - Why DeVega Voted For Obama?

Why will Chauncey DeVega vote for Commander In Chief Obama Again?

  1. He Fought RACISM And Lowered The Black Unemployment Rate Equal To That Of The Formerly Superior White People?
  2. He Did An End-Around On The Racist Tea Party Who Do Not Want Blacks To Receive Health Care By Tripling The Number Of Black General Practitioners Who Entered Into Med School During His First 4 Years?
  3. He Got More "Least Of These People" Paying Into Social Security & Medicare - Thereby Pushing The Day Of Infamy When They Will Be Insolvent From 2042 - Back to 2100 - A Timeframe After Which We Will All Be Dead?

If you figured that Chauncey DeVega - a person who is not easily moved by many had such lofty expectations of one Commander In Chief Obama - YOU WERE WRONG.

The reason why he voted for Obama is that he has great timing in his delivery of a joke.

With RACISM returning to this nation because of a Black President - the Racist Donald Trump who was verbally assaulted by a Black man was unable to take a walking stick to the head table and assault him BECAUSE he has a full staff of Secret Service Agents that would shoot him prior to him ever making it so far.


No need to investigate me.

This is ONLY an attempt to show the FRAUD that BLACK INFERIORITY MARKETING is as expressed by one Chauncey DeVega)

I would love for Mr DeVega to tell us what Obama and the Democrats would have to do to Black People to have him NOT VOTE as a mean of Racial Development?

If Detroit, Flint, Benton Harbor and Gary are NOT sufficient evidence of what they can do to harm our interests then I am not sure that there exists such a point.

Garbage Pail Kids Korner - You Can't Make This Up Folks (About Chauncey DeVega)

A corrupt propagandist has no RESPECT for the significance of certain words, people and images.

Instead he makes use of the BECAUSE he knows that by crossing the line and hijacking such images for his own use - those among his flock who don't dare think ahead and consider the IRONY won't note the absurdity in the reference that was made.

Such is the case with the streaming, steaming propaganda flowing from the mind of one Chauncey DeVega.

I seriously wonder if Mr DeVega knows the weight of DRED SCOTT and how it showed that "Black people have no RIGHTS that a White Person Need Respect"?

Now we must put aside rationality and understand that in his desperation to make his case by SUPERIORIZING all who have the deadly combination of:

  • Having White Skin
  • Having An Ideology That Is Out Of Accord With His Own

DeVega is forced to equate Donald Trump to the keepers of the flame at the time when Dred Scott went to the US Supreme Court to seek basic EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS.

Again - DeVega's propaganda fails to note that:

  • Commander In Chief Obama IN HIS ROLE - now APPOINTS THOSE WHO SIT ON THE SUPREME COURT - and has appointed two of them.
  • Commander In Chief Obama IN HIS ROLE as Chief Executive would delegate the ENFORCEMENT OF LAWS which said "Black People Have No Rights To Be Respected"  - over to another BLACK MAN named Attorney General Eric Holder to ENFORCE
Though DeVega puts himself out in public as a Seasoned Intellectual - the truth is that any insight that he puts forth gets quickly swallowed by his undisciplined commitment to propaganda and diversion.  In other words he doesn't mind that his followers are kept IGNORANT of the facts and the present weight of affairs.  He instead prefers them to be IDEOLOGICALLY UNIFIED and focused on the COMMON ENEMY.

Chauncey DeVega Is BFF With Black Inferiorist Tim Wise

Attention all Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers who are fans of Tim Wise - TELL ME ONE THING WISE HAS EVER TOLD BLACK PEOPLE "WHAT 'THE BLACKS' Need To Do To Strengthen Our People ORGANICALLY"?

I have yet to see a person who has Tim Wise featured prominently upon their blog site with a consciousness that is not similarly averse to "Black Organic Competency Development".

In truth - Tim Wise is a white-skinned version of Chauncey DeVega, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Eugene Robinson.   A Rachel Maddow with a penis - if you will.


The grandest benefit to Tim Wise for the BQPFRC is that he is the clandestine White boy - able to fit in unassumingly into WHITE CROWDS and then report back to interested Black souls who want to know WHAT WHITE PEOPLE SAY ABOUT BLACKS WHEN NONE OF US ARE IN THE ROOM.

Though attempting to reach out to Chauncey DeVega with a purely CONSCIOUS connection is like throwing a strand of pearls to a pig - I think it would be informative for him to see yet another irony.

In as much as Tim Wise can tell Blacks what Whites say about us when we are not around - about 4 weeks ago I attended the "Let Us Reform The Black Male" (you can read the real title to the left - this is the functional description) .  

In a room full of 600 or more Black people yet to hear the Black content providers on the stage lace their opening speeches with content focused on what WHITE PEOPLE THINK ABOUT US AND HOW WE MUST STRUGGLE FOR OUR OWN DIGNITY IN OUR FIGHT AGAINST THEM it was quite distressing to hear that the "White Man" was the uninvited guest of honor.

In a world where "MSNBC - The UnFox-Biased Biased Network" can be allowed to host a "Black Progressive Agenda" program and yet not define WHO WE ARE as a people but instead immediately talk about Republicans & Tea Parties - nothing surprises me any longer as to what can come from a program hosted by a Black Progressive-Fundamentalist.

They are loathed to see that even when THE WHITE MAN IS GONE from their functional midst and they now have control over ALL OF THE KEY HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT INSTITUTIONS to "Let Us Make Man and Woman".............................the Black masses - brain washed as is the case with DeVega - but to the liking of Wise - STILL focus their angst on THE WHITE MAN.  In his DEPARTURE he has committed a RACIST ACT - leaving us all alone to fend for ourselves.

The Worst Part Of The Black Progressive Fundamentalist Is His FAKE FRONT About His Strength

Those who traffic in BLACK INFERIORITY are also those who have the greatest front regarding their STRENGTH.  We should not confuse their angry debates or protests as proof of strength.

Ironically - the strength and soundness of their agenda is best understood by going to find one of the LEAST OF THESE that they are so focused upon and GIVE HIM AN iPHONE - so that they can be tracked.

  1. Track him through his inculcation from 1 to age 8
  2. Track him as he grows into his full self awareness - with the assistance of the schools that favorable people now run
  3. Track him upon graduation - to note if the adult managers of his eco system have provided him with the tools necessary to allow him to LIFT UP THE COMMUNITY to the desired heights that it aspires for
  4. Track him through adulthood - to make note if HE is shifted from "The Least Of These" who need SOCIAL JUSTICE HELP or if he is now full of INCREASE - able to seek out another LEAST OF THESE - with material assistance
DO NOT BE FOOLED by DeVega/Wise/ West and AfroSpear
Their's is a movement to TEND TO "The Least Of These" - NEVER will our people grow into the "UN-LEAST OF THESE", rejecting the program of redistributed SOCIAL JUSTICE - because we can't manage to GROW OUR OWN - showing it to be evident WHEN THERE ARE NO WHITE FOLKS to demand it from. 

Garbage Pail Kids Korner - If Alternet Didn't Need A Token Black Progressive-Fundamentalist To Say What They'd Be Called "Racist" For Saying Chauncy DeVega's Views Would Be Limited To His Own Blog Site

I have a new found respect for the "Ten Reasons Why..." lists that the technology magazine "" puts out and then loads up my Inbox every week with.  When I read the various lists I see that the authors are stretching things a bit by the time they get to #7.

Then I read the list penned by Chauncey DeVega entitled:

10 Ways That the Birthers Are an Object Lesson in White Privilege

Please afford me to give a summary statement which should discredit all of Mr DeVega's masturbatory rants in one fell swoop:

Though Commander In Chief Barack Obama Has The POWER To Order Resources In The US Military Arsenal To Killer A Given Target IN THE NAME OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - And Despite Being A Black Man - Is Not Charged With Murder For Doing So - Chauncey DeVega And Others Who Traffic In BLACK INFERIORITY See The "Attack" On Obama As Evidence That He Is Akin To A Young Black Male, Spread Eagle On A Police Car And Being Forced To Show ID And Explain Why They Are In The Particular Neighborhood.

I can't see why this WHITE MAN ever bothered to make a video of Chauncey DeVega's Rant.  This guy actually believed that he could say something to cause DeVega to CHANGE HIS MIND.

The only thing that one can do is to ensure that he never has power and command over you and your interests.

To Chauncey DeVega - the "Birther Tea Party Militia" is a force that is SUPERIOR to that which is held by Commander In Chief Obama per the full faith and confidence afforded to him by the Office of the President.

The day that Mr DeVega yields that Obama is an EQUAL POWER - then he would be forced to change the editorial bigotry (not bias - bigotry) of his blog site to one where Obama is made culpable for some of the outcomes that have transpired on his watch.

Chauncey DeVega is one of the individuals most infected by the "Establishment Power Repudiation" disease - where HE disagrees that Obama has the POWER to carry along American Imperialist antics that he would be protesting against if one of the previous 43 WHITE presidents did.

Since he is disinclined to protest against Commander In Chief Obama - he instead chooses to focus on another Black man named Herman Cain.

IF ANY of the other White content contributors to Alternet harped on Cain as DeVega does - they would be called RACISTS so they allow DeVega to do as Rush Limbaugh has James Golding do - Operate as the "Black Interpreter" on the show - attacking the Black target.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Study Of Rachel Maddow's Diversion Tactics - A Violation Of The "Proportionality Filter"

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

In watching the antics of "MSNBC - The UnFox-Biased Biased Network" and their lead host Rachel Maddow I gain valuable insight about how the franchise of the same machine - known as "The Black Racial Services Machine" works and thinks.

The main fault of Ms Maddow is that she violates the "Proportionality Filter".  She is forced to tell a narrative - having people fight over their provincial interests (ideology) while never stopping to think and understand that with VICTORY they still have not "WON".

On the day that Commander In Chief Obama had a disagreement with the Israeli government over land reallocation - Ms Maddow chose to devote her entire show to the inspection of every Republican challenger that Commander In Chief Obama will come up against as we slide downward toward the 2012 election.   The fact that this was the very same framework that I heard Rep John Conyers of greater Detroit do the other day on "The Bev Smith Radio Show" leads me to believe in common that the best way to have "the Least Of These" not blame those with incumbent power over this depressed situation is to keep them fighting in a defensive stance against some enemy that people like Maddow promote.

 When you listen to Maddow and other Progressive-Fundamentalist operatives - their mastery of the DIVERSIONARY technique is soon discovered.

The Symptom What The Progressive Markets As The Problem The Real Problem
The Impending Insolvency Of Medicare People like Paul Ryan who propose "Tax Cuts For The Rich" are doing so on the backs of the poor - gutting Medicare in the process.  IF we FIGHT against these enemies then the "Nation's Priorities" will be expressed.  After all - "A Budget Is A Moral Document" The worst enemy for Medicare and Social Security is the ACTUARIAL CHARTS which lay out an unsustainable course.  The real debate should be about the sanity of having more people dependent on these programs while showing no evidence of IMPROVED ORGANIC PRODUCTIVITY at the periphery to contribute to the pot.

"If a budget is a moral document then the GDP which feeds the budget is a GOD-LIKE figure who defines the amount of 'morality' you get to redistribute"
The Municipal Job Losses Of Government Workers The Republican Governors who are either slashing state funding to the "Mission Accomplished" cities or stripping away the Government worker's union ability to bargain for salary and benefits are the threat.  IF we can leverage this issue to get Democrats out to the polls to vote in the next election - taking back legislative seats - then WE WILL WIN.

But the track record has shown that this WIN has nothing to do with JOB CREATION - only union power.
It is beyond me to see why others can't see that the primary driver behind this battle over Union Representation and Jobs is THE FISCAL SOLVENCY of the government entity that employs these workers.

If you have the mindset that the "Government Must Employ People" as a means of providing them with financial stability then you see these actions as a threat to a jobs program.

IF you see that these government service workers are employed as a function of the quality level of service that an government entity can AFFORD - then the massive budget holes should clearly indicate that these governments can't presently afford their commitments.

In as much as the "Mission Accomplished States/Cities" are already HIGH TAX entities - they, more than most others can't zap the wallets of people who they are already fleecing.
The Stalled, Job-Less Recovery The corporations has a record amount of money in their treasuries.  They need to use this money to hire people (Note - this is the jobs program consciousness talked about above).
In as much as corporations are in the back pocket of Republican capitalists - they are purposely not hiring people and making us suffer because they want Commander In Chief Obama out of office and then they will start hiring people when a more favorable person gets into office.

We need to protest in front of Wall Street and not in front of the White House as we did during most of the 2000's.   
It is rather ironic that the very same people who tell us that the Housing Finance Bubble was due to the schemes where money was given to people who did not qualify for no other reason than the profit interests of the banks are NOW asking the corporations to ignore their production needs, separating them from the need for jobs.  

Thus as they hire people they PAY SALARIES.  This money in their pockets will create consumers that will purchase manufactured goods.

The fact is that with this shaky economy the people who rolled the dice and were wrong will be out of business.  The people holding the cash will have choice pickings over the carcass.

The truth is that businesses are always looking for a competitive advantage.  Those who do staff up after their analysis JUSTIFIES it - will be the "bigoted" corporation who is do it all because it doesn't like Obama. The first corporation will have product on selves and making money - the later corporation will be several cycles behind.

The claim does not make sense. 
The School Choice Movement The right-wing corporate backers behind the School Choice Movement (The Koch Brothers) want to put public schools out of business so that corporations can run schools for profit.
It is stunning to see people FIGHT FOR their failing public schools.  They do this because someone has EXPERTLY identified a GREATER TARGET (this is how Racism Chasing works as well).  Thus you hear parents who are being harmed by the status quo fighting to retain the status quo.

The truth is that the very people who are in power right now, 30 years ago were angling for power, telling us how great things will be once they get into power.

The greatest enemy to the Progressive-Fundamentalist is the time line from the past and a VIDEO RECORDING DEVICE who has captured all of the promises along the way.  Now we just need a press organization that will play back the video tape.

Sadly OUR OWN CHILDREN are being harmed over this foolishness about our schools.  For some people - when they see this failure - as long as it is clear that THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE RESULTS - and can point to who is - all is fine.
The "Assault" On Union Workers By Republicans We need to use the fight against the "Republican Governors" to strengthen the stock of angry Democratic Voters who will come to the polls.

Though the angry White People in the "Tea Party" were RACISTS - as their anger and their homogeneous racial ranks indicated - OUR Angry White People are not driven by RACISM as proven by:
  • Our Diversity
  • Our Support Of The Black President 
The worst possible letter of reference that one could make for the success of the fusion between the unions and the politicians they helped get into power are the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED PLACES.

If the goal of the unions is to protect jobs - they have done a miserable job.  While the union still stands - the jobs have atrophied.

Why does Maddow focus on 400 new jobs at a General Motors plant in Dayton OH but not the several THOUSAND jobs that have been created in the Southern States?  More growth in the automotive industry has been seen in THE RIGHT TO WORK SOUTH than in the union strongholds.

The new Kia Plant in Georgia received some tax breaks and a new interchange on the Interstate.  Both of these drew criticism from Progressives.  Yet Maddow argues that the Obama GM Bailout CAUSED the rebound of GM - apparently she does like government subsidy when a favorable politician offers it up.   It just so happened that the GM unions have benefited from these subsidies while Kia, BMW, Toyota, Hyundai and others with Southern manufacturing do not have a union that will benefit.

I would love to know Ms Maddows view on the suppression of the Boeing plant in Charleston South Carolina by the Obama Administration.  This is 2,000 jobs - far more than GM in Dayton. 

My Own Notes: The Failure Of The "Obama Fist Bump Black Press"

My extended analysis of the interview with Rep John Lewis by Cynthia Gordy Of The - as posted on Booker Rising

As I printed out and read the article I actually am forced to BLAME the "Obama Fist Bump Press" - The Root.s Cynthia Gordy for KEEPING THE LINE OF QUESTIONS in a manner that was FAVORABLE TO REP LEWIS.

IN MY OPINION Ms Gordy is like the other fleet of YOUNG, BLACK - ideologically DRIVEN journalists. A VISIT TO THE WHITE HOUSE, or direct access to powerful elected officials make them STAR STRUCK.


Thus when a person like Lewis or John Conyers - TWO POWERFUL MEN in the CONGRESS of TO-DAMNED-DAY - not of the days when Lester Maddox Of Georgia came to the House with an AX HANDLE................ARE STILL ALLOWED TO talk about "BACK IN THE DAY" as their SOURCE OF STRENGTH - and then weaslely claim that THE SAME SPIRIT OF HATRED AGAINST BLACKS are present AND THIS IS WHY THEIR OWN DISTRICTS ARE:

* Violent
* Poor
* Encarcerated

Ms Gordy DOESN'T YET have to wherewithal to see that HER JOB is not to TAKE NOTES as a Stenographer but to have some CONSCIOUNESS about the DIMENSIONS OF THE PROBLEM - PUSHING BACK on John Lewis in the process.

IF the "Freedom Riders" where to split up into 10 different cars and ride around Atlanta, with the Street Pirates knowing in advance that all 4 people in each car had a:

* iPhone
* Laptop
* $500 lodging stipend in CASH

I ASSURE YOU that 20% of those cars would be CARJACKED AT GUN POINT. (I wish I was making this up).

What we have is a question of VALUATION OF BLACK PEOPLE.
The WHITES of the past who attack us are more VALUABLE than the BLACKS TODAY - who grew up from our COMMUNITY'S PRESENT CONSCIOUSNESS who attack Blacks.

BY POINTING TO THESE PEOPLE TODAY and seeing the lost HUMAN RESOURCES - the blame would eventually get around to Lewis and other "Black Racial Services" leaders. This is why Michele Alexadner and te Prison Industrial Complex theory has been promoted as a relief value.

THE OBAMA FIST BUMP BLACK PRESS IS THE PROBLEM. They are COMPLICIT rather than CONFRONTATIONAL with their IDEOLOGICAL PARTNERS who are not producing results. (other than in Black voting)
Today, 07:42:40 – Reply – Delete

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The "Remove The Likeness Of Malcolm X From Your Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Blog" Movement

The words of the man himself should provide sufficient guidance on the veracity of those who make use of his image yet violate his principles on a daily basis with each blog post.

Monday, May 16, 2011

I Will No Longer Partake Of "The First Black" Phenomenon"

From Booker Rising:

Please accept this as my honest and heartfelt position after years of watching how our people are manipulated.

Driver Bill Lester - First Black To Win A Grand Am event

Reply From Constructive Feedback - (for my records):

Such a quest causes the NEGRO TO THINK FUNNY as he continues to look FORWARD to the next "Mission Accomplishment" (depending on if he likes the 'Succeeding Black") while summarily abandonning the RESPONSIBILITIES that come with these "Accomplishments".

INSTEAD I will give a STANDING OVATION to the SYSTEM that allowed:

* The ROAD that the Negro has driven upon to be as equal as the other drivers
* The notion that NO TEA PARTY MEMBER used a KNIFE to cut the Black man's BRAKE LINE causing his early death
* That the cars sponsored by Limbaugh (#5), Hannity (#14), Beck (#00) and Gingrich (#666) did not tag team together - ONE crashing into the car driven by the BLACK MAN, sacrificing his car so that one of the other WHITE cars and its occupant could win.


Sadly "Devonte Williams" who lives in North Philly and desires to follow in the foot steps of Bill Lester is not able to develop the "need for speed". The playground within which he rides his bike is strewn with broken glass bottles and the GREEN GOO that he has previously pumped into his inner tubes can no longer retain his HOPES AND DREAMS from being deflated.

The best thing that his COMMUNITY could do to support his dreams would be to:
* Purchase trash bags, trash cans and brooms
* Connecting THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS in the upkeep of their community with EVIDENCE that they value THEIR OWN PEOPLE - enough to remove the shards that may let their blood trickel on the pavements.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Living Vicariously Through Obama's Use Of American Imperialist Machine To Bolster Obama's Swagga And That Of Those Who Are Unconscious

Sometimes it is best to transparently allow 3rd parties to read for themselves and make up their own mind.

I have come to accept that some people will read another person's viewpoint and have the same concerns about them as I do, while others will wholeheartedly accept this other person's views.

The key to my strategy is to move beyond the individual "ideological preferences" of myself or my frequent debate adversaries and instead promote some IMMUTABLE PERMANENT INTERESTS for us BOTH to submit to.

A Black Man's View:  On Obama's New Strength After Shooting Osama Bin Laden In The Face: How's My Ass Taste Bitches?

I have already yielded that there are masses of Black people who live vicariously through the life experiences of President Obama.

In as much as they see HIS ENEMIES as THEIR ENEMIES it comes as no surprise that they will place their own PERMANENT INTERESTS on forbearance as they stand in the foxhole with Obama and sacrifice their bodies for all incoming missiles from Republican Tea Party militia members.

The key point that one understands after taking a sampling of the masses of Black people who think like this is that ANY one who once thought that the agenda for Black people was to simply get 'favorable people' into the SEATS OF POWER in key INSTITUTIONS - and then have them to govern these institutions - delivering the quality that we had been promised and anticipated.   Instead of documenting the promises and then appraising the people they promoted into power for the RESULTS - they instead become VICARIOUSLY FUSED to the person and the machine that is erecting this power.

As this person and machine goes through the daily legislative and executive struggles - they lose sight of THEIR OWN INTERESTS and instead assume the interests of the MACHINE (Just as the great Malcolm X warned us against).

When having to choose between showing transparency in which they are forced to criticize their "Permanent Friend" over:

  • 16.1% Black unemployment rate
  • Wanton "Civil Rights Violations" against Black people that are not called "Civil Rights Violations" for no other reason than the common RACE of the assailant
  • Schools/Communities of Adult mentors that are not delivering our children to the finishing that is required for us to live at a certain standard..........
they are inclined to LOOK PAST these important matters and instead market the selected "victories" of the favorable person.

If you thought that America's military arsenal that was manufactured by Lockheed, Boeing, General Dynamics, Loreal Missile Systems, Harris Corp, etc was the heart of American Imperialist POWER - after reading "The Diary Of An Economic Hitman" and repudiated war hawkishness - you have no idea how wrong you were.

The blogger "Dirty Red", just like the elephant hunter Stanley Crouch chose to speak in the VOICE of the Imperialist and tell those dirty Conservatives - "Obama is no Punk!!!   He can pull the trigger and target people of color around the world - just as any conservative can".

They have lost themselves IN OBAMA.

I have pointed out before that the term "Sellout" has an important component that makes it so: POPULAR AGREEMENT 

A "Sellout" is only a "sellout" IF the group that he is popularly attached to AGREES that the entity that the person in question has chosen to sup with is reprehensible.  Just as with modern day "Civil Rights Violations" against Black people BY Black people - if the Black populace declines to promote it as so - it is not recognized as such.

I chose to not register a vote for President in 2008 mostly because I was watching how THE BLACK COMMUNITY WAS ACTING.  I realized that "This Is Not Going To Turn Out For Our CONSCIOUS Favor" when this all concludes. 
The main consequence of how such fusion and corruption transpires is that after 1 term or 2 terms of Obama - the REAL WORLD valuation by the Black community regarding:

  • Black Unemployment
  • Black Education
  • Safe Black Communities
.......will be seen - NOT by the grievances made against their enemies - but instead based on the constant defense of these Permanent Interests.

IF there is an individual or a machine that is more important than these interests and thus they avoid talking about them lest they offend him - then it should be clear to all that anyone who dares stand for these interests as a priority will also be attacked by those who's priorities are askew.

The ONLY thing that you can do in this case is to make sure that in your life you NEVER place yourself in a position in which you are made dependent upon them for your key resources.  

Which "Apprentice" Spin Off Showed That Donald Trump Has Issues With Black Females?

The corrution in the Black media is astounding.

Does anyone recall the "Ghetto Hoochie" version of "The Apprentise" that appeared on TVOne?

It showed former apprentice Omarosa - paired with her "Spiritual Advisor" Rev Jamal "Baby Daddy" Bryant.   Omarosa was seen in the hot tub and other compromising positions with a bevy of men.

At this point - BEFORE TRUMP BECAME RACIST - none of the specticalled operatives in the "Lampblacked Yellow Journalist" press cast the critical eye of RACISM upon Trump that they now have him cast as  - only after he criticized President Obama.

TV One Pimps Omarosa on "The Ultimate Apprentice"

For some reason we did not hear from The and Eric Deggans of  about this "hoe show".
Nene Quits Celebrity Apprentince But Is Silent On Donald Trump (his RACISM!!!!!)

(Do you notice if you call someone a RACIST long enough that it begins to stick in some circles?  This RACIST prompted a bevy of copy cat shows )

Today everyone is focused upon when Donald Trump will cover the Trump Plaza with a klan hood.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


My words as opined on the blog of my beloved "Granny Standing For Truth".

Obama As "The Invisible President" - As Evidenced By The WHITE CONSERVATIVES Who Refuse To Give Him The RESPECT That The "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" Secretly Crave For THEMSELVES, Using Obama As A Proxy For Their Own Insecurities.

This is a permutation of what I had identified previously in which Black Obama supporters INFERIORIZE themselves and their debate adversary to the INTELLIGENCE of Obama.  Again they do this because by having their adversary agree to Obama's overpowering intelligence then the IDEOLOGY that they and Obama have in common is made to overtake the ideological viewpoint of the common adversary.

I have stated for the record that many Blacks don't mind INFERIORIZING themselves - on the condition that there is some benefit received at the end of the transaction.

From here my response to Granny and to the co-founder of Afro-Spear are self-contained in the communication of my position.


Obama has the POWER, per his seat, to have any of these (White) men to put their lives on the line, coming home in a body bag IF circumstances result in this end to their life.

My Reply
[quote]Everyone is talking about Osama Ben Laden’s death and as usual the Republicans are trying to discredit the President.[/quote]

Dear Granny:

Glad to see you posting again after a hiatus.


We went from fake Military decommission papers advanced by Dan Rather (I did not say he created them) over to Donald Trump driving the current president to show his Birth Certificate.

Though I love you and there is nothing you can do about it Granny (HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!) I am forced to ask you WHAT about this present opposition is more about RACISM than about politics as usual?

I have to give you Obama Defenders credit though. This is the first time in MY observed history that the prioritization "Racism Chasing" and "Obama Manhood Protection" has

1) Taken news of the increase in Black Unemployment from 15.5% to 16.1% off of the headlines of the Black community

2) The outrage that the US Imperialist Powers have teamed with former colonialists Italy, France and the United KINGDOM to bomb AFRICA

3) Look past the threat that DOMESTIC AMERICAN SWAT Team/Extraction Police Squads will model their behavior after the Navy Seal Team and will:
* Go into a zone without official permission
* SHOOT an Unarmed Man Of Color in the face
* Trigger JINGOISTIC CHEERS from an overwhelmingly WHITE crowd at the death of such a man- not a damned mention of DUE PROCESS - as they previously lead us to believe THEY believed when it came to Abu Gharab, Camp Gitmo and Santa Rita Jail In Alamida County


At what point do YOU lose YOURSELF in this quest as you lose all that you had stood for?

Brother Holland - from Brazil:

I TOO read "Invisible Man" years ago, with my own volition - not in school.

While it has been a while I do recall that the main character lived live in a large city as various STRUGGLES took place around him but he never seemed to fit in.

I don't think that Granny's analysis fits the ACTUAL PLOT of "Invisible Man" beyond the TITLE, which 3Chics clearly was taken by.

YOU SEE - the book focused on the feelings of disconnectedness FROM THE VANTAGE POINT OF THE CHARACTER.

When my beloved Granny applies this name to OBAMA - it is HER SENTIMENTS that SHE IS PROJECTING UPON OBAMA.

(Here me on this one - for real - Granny!!!!)

I saw President Obama standing in front of a MONOPOLY MAJORITY WHITE elite US Military Special Operations Team. In nearly all other circumstances - my friends on the left would put THEM as the face of "Western Imperialism / WHITE SUPREMACY's Projection into foreign lands of color".

Mr Holland IF the US ever takes out Venezuela's Hugo Chavez the agents who do the job will have received the same training as the Seals. (I need to add this based on previous attempts to misrepresent my words: I DID NOT SAY THAT CHAVEZ WAS WORTH OF DEATH LIKE BIN LADEN. I am focused on WHO would do the HIT!)

Just months after the hit by Israeli special agents were condemned for assassinating a foreign official inside of Dubai - which triggered outrage on the left wing "Democracy Now" - which I watch everyday - the propensity to condemn THIS hit for the same reasons opposing "state assassinations" seems muted from these same people who had towing the line of DUE PROCESS - regardless of the level of scuriouslessness of the target.

While some Blacks tried to project their own INFERIORITY upon President Obama during the Birther controversy - believing him to be akin to the Negro spread eagle on the hood of a police car and forced to produce ID to PROVE THAT HE HAS A RIGHT to be walking on the street AND NOT LOCKED UP where the Negro should be (per the view of the racist cop)...................

Most of you FAIL TO SEE that the proof that OBAMA IS A FULL AND EQUAL PRESIDENT is that BY HIS COMMAND he can tell the US Military:

* To kill a man using their advanced techniques
* To BOMB AFRICA with France, Italy and the UK

I am forced to conclude that the real issue is not the LACK OF CONSERVATIVE WHITE RESPECT FOR OBAMA but how the BLACK DEFENDERS OF OBAMA are no longer OPPOSED to the points that "The Diary Of An Economic Hitman" had pointed long as a PRESIDENT THAT THEY FAVOR is making the call.

(I challenge ANYONE to cast a rational rebuttal to these FACTS)


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Black Progressive Blogger Understudy Coverage Of Southern Tornadoes - After Obama's Ground Visit Will They Focus On The People Who Remain Behind After Obama Leaves?

Black people and "The Least Of These" are still experiencing the travails of life such as natural disasters, unemployment rates higher than the norm and "Civil Rights Violations" that are not called "Civil Rights Violations" because the assailant's attributes determine the classification.

The primary distinction in the coverage of these issues within the LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press and their "Black Progressive Blogger Understudies" is that their mission has changed along with the movement of transitioning of their target out of power.

As I witnessed first hand the massive destruction to the south of Atlanta as I drove down to a "Reclaim The Black Male" conference in the middle of the state I know that the people in these places will require months and then years to recover fully from the violent shredding that took place in their communities.

As we consider the dialog and coverage of this tragedy that occurred last week with in several southern states from more than 300 tornadoes at one time - SOME PEOPLE on  "Fight The Power" radio used this as an opportunity to spew racial hatred against the "racist Southern Whites" who they saw seeking help.

I am not sure which newscast that they are watching but Black people where hammered just as well.  The part of Alabama that was hit is known as "The Black Belt".

Then there is my friend Filled Negro.
As we see in this article - Filled Negro, an "Activist Of Leisure" is able to use this tragedy as a backdrop to praise Obama.  He touched Air Force One on the ground days after the natural disaster.  This is a clear reference to (evil racist) George W Bush who did a "fly over" of the flooding of New Orleans but refused to use the powerful thrust of his custom 747 to blow all of the water out of the bowl that is New Orleans which is below sea level.

The best way to frame operatives like Filled Negro - is to step away and allow the ORGANIC message that is in his heart to flow each day.   From this we can understand that there is no countervailing force that is directing his pattern.  Also occasionally read the posters comments to note that they are content with the direction because there are no rebuttals of the hijacking.

For me - I choose to apply a more redeeming reference point as the mile-marker and allow all other men of good will to consider if this mile-marker is worthy and then appraise ME and all others against this reference.

In today's USA Today - there is a story of the people who have lost everything in last week's storm and now are looking to FEMA (and the Red Cross and the church community) to help them past this tragedy.

Above is a picture of Cartez Fields, a 32 year old Black man from Birmingham.
He is presently staying at a Red Cross shelter downtown.  According to the story he has "no where to go".
413 people still reside in the Red Cross shelter - their entire property holdings destroyed in the storm.

The unfortunate part of this storm for Mr Fields and 18,000 other people in Alabama is that they don't have the "Coordinated Forces Of Outrage Marketing" behind them to apply pressure to FEMA to expedite their help.

We must understand the back story.  You see "Alabama is a Red State".  This was mentioned during the "Fight The Power" radio coverage that I listened to last week.  Some people OVERTLY noted that the very same people who voted against Obama.......are now asking HIM for help.   Apparently they don't realize that Obama is not spending his own money.  Apparently those who voted for Obama are the paragon of "helping mankind"

As I type this I happened to run across a television broadcast from Conservative Evangelist Joyce Myers and her work in Haiti to provide access to medical services to those who continue to be impacted by th earthquake.

It seems that STEREOTYPES are hard to overcome in the mind of Black people.
We have a network of embedded agents who work feverishly to sculpt the messages that are prevalent within the Black community.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Root-Grio Content Providers & Posters Show The Troubled Consciousness That Confines Black People

Once again - a poster named Rodney Watchman Foster showcases the misaligned consciousness that infects the Black consciousness.

Rodney Watchman Foster
Clearly Mr Foster has been damaged by what he has learned and was never taught in his civics class at his failed public school.

Joel Dreyfuss - The propaganda staff
Nearly 10 years after the 9/11 attacks, Obama makes the announcement that George W. Bush could not.

The brutal achievement of a major U.S. foreign policy goal comes under the administration of a Democratic president who has often been accused by his Republican critics on putting the country at risk. While the administration will avoid gloating over the moment, Obama's Republican opponents will find it harder to accuse him -- at least for a while -- of weakness on national security. The president made clear that the act was the result of priorities he set. He said he directed CIA Director Leon Panetta "to make the killing or capture of Osama bin Laden our top priority."

Let's enumerate our "Black Permanent Interests":

  • Quality Education
  • Safe Streets
  • Thriving Local Economies
  • Healthy Lifestyles And Relationship Outcomes
Yet for several posters and the original content creator - Joel Dreyfuss - they scour the Earth, looking for something to promote Obama with or find some bit of RACISM by which to hit their Republican enemies with - adding to Black America's siege mentality - thus looking past the present shortfalls in the areas of importance listed above.

"They can't help themselves" is an appropriate assessment of their consciousness.  
"You had better know your OWN self" is an appropriate warning to all who consume the narrative that they spew.

Over the next few days we will hear more outward celebration and crediting of President Obama in these propaganda blogs than we have heard serious introspection about Obama's recent actions in the African nation of Libya in conjunction with the continent's former colonial powers.  

Whereas I have detailed the following editorial filter as it relates to mainstream news organizations in consideration of the "Black president":

Where they do a final scrub to determine if their content will run awry of the sensibilities of their Black readers - propaganda news organizations like The, The,, have a filter system as well.

The entire stack of review from:

  • The Content Provider
  • The Editor
  • The Publisher .....
all reflect the organizational bias that is present.   The last filter is NOT a consideration of how their content will negatively impact the sensibilities of the Black Community.  INSTEAD they consider in their final scrub how their content can MAXIMIZE the ideological unity enforcement of Black Americans into Progressive-Fundamentalist causes and the Democratic Party.  

They are forced to "Keep Their Enemies On Trial" because they realize that a more transparent accounting of all that presently impacts Black America - problems not mitigated by their previous promotion of certain leadership with the promises of a fix - would cause them to have to ultimately INDICT THEMSELVES as impostors with undue access into the core consciousness of Black America where they do mischief.  

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tired & Retired Jack White: Being Black While President Is A "Crime" That Provides Cover From The Black Press Asking If The Commander In Chief Is Committing "War Crimes" While Bombing Libya

Anyone who doesn't understand that there is an active and conscious process of INDICTMENT selection content selection as the Lampblacked Yellow Journalist Press fixes upon what they will push out trough their propaganda channels is merely content upon being USED as such.

I assure you that these operatives are watching world news just as you and I are watching.  When you see gaping holes in what they choose to "SEE" it is not because they failed to watch "Al Jezeera" or "Democracy Now" (as I do - per their recommendations given during the Iraq War) it is ONLY because they realize that IF they were transparent in their actions they would have to go against the same force that they are trying to protect.

Again - we must step past their TRANSACTIONAL volleys that they prefer to debate upon and make our inspection based upon


For Jack White and other operatives - as they face the multiple threats of:

  1. Black Unemployment Rates that have never dropped below 14% under Obama despite all of the HOPE
  2. Black Educational Prospects threatened as public school reform is threated by weak municipal finances AND the NAACP's plan for Black Educational Advancement via School Busing is facing obstacles
  3. Black Local Economic Prosperity that is lacking the necessary infrastructure for production because of years of failed economic theory
  4. AND ---------------------  the threat that some Blacks might seen some commonality in John White's favorite villain in history RONALD REAGAN having bombed LIBYA, Africa and now President Obama is bombing this same African nation - seeking to kill Gaddafhi - just as Reagan tried
What do you do if you are Jack White AND you know the value of RACISM CHASING in drawing the attention of Black folks?


The same POWERFUL MAN who can order American Unmanned Drones to destroy buildings anywhere in Libya is said to be threatened by WHITE SUPREMACY and its demand to see some ID.

You see people - it is NOT WORTH making a TRANSACTIONAL FIGHT against Progressive-Bigots like Jack White.

You are going to have to determine which is more POWERFUL........
  • Obama's INFERIORITY to White Supremacy per his being "Carded"
  • Obama at the Reigns Of American Military Imperialist MIGHT And Thus BOMBING THE HELL OUT OF AFRICANS - putting imagines in to the minds of Libyans about "Western Imperialism" - just as Obama's Kenyan grandfather suffered at the hands of the British

Passing Comment:
What are the White Liberal Snarling Foxes over at "Think Progress" more interested in?
  1. The US Military Imperialist incursion into AFRICA
  2. The fact that a Republican appeared to not know that Libya was in AFRICA?
What happens after you fight so much against your enemy that you LOSE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS?