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Who Runs The "'s Left Wing Watch" - Answer - The Bulk Of Their Content Contributors

"Tired And Retired" Time Magazine journalist Jack White says that he has been designated as the "Right Wing Monitor".  For the man who brought us the "Ronald Reagan Went To Philadelphia MS - 16 Years After The Civil Rights Murders And Didn't Acknowledge Them - Thus Poking Black People In The Eye" fame I can think of no other Lampblack Yellow Journalist more qualified to handle the role.

As I was thinking about the list of rogues that Mr White said that he has his bifocals fixed upon I wondered why the does not have a Left-Wing Watch designee.

From Mr White's latest diatribe:
That's why I was so chagrined to learn the other day that Glenn Beck and Fox News are essentially parting ways. Beck's show and his audience constitute a virtual window into the collective mind of some of the craziest people in America. When, at some as-yet-unspecified date, the show goes off the air, it will be far more difficult to know what twisted preoccupations are raging inside the collective right-wing mind. Fulfilling my new assignment at The Root is going to be a lot more challenging.

That assignment is to write a weekly commentary on the antics of the motley collection of Birthers, know-nothing populists, neo-racists, Tea Party fanatics, paleo-constitutionalists, gun nuts, nativists, moral vigilantes, Aryan revivalists, NPR haters and other assorted mental cases that make up the conservative lunatic fringe -- which is, in some ways, indistinguishable from elements of the Republican Party. It's a task I take on knowing that it involves considerable risk to my mental health. Just 15 minutes of exposure to, say, Rush Limbaugh, Michele Bachmann or Rand Paul can land you in the booby hatch.

Now I realize that has the highest level of journalistic integrity.  After all it promoted the "Field Negro" blog as one of its top 30 "Black Progressive Blogger Understudies" to watch.  This is akin to the Peabody Award in the Black Progressive blogesphere.

Who Is Running The Left-Wing Watch For The

 ANSWER:  The Majority Of The Content Contributors.

You see there is a difference.  While our friend Jack White works to point out the "right wing" operatives and provide the analytical filter of how their harm to the Progressive ideology and the Democratic Party and thus they hurt Black people - the goal of the "Left-wing Watch" is very different.

They are not attempting to EXPOSE the left -

  • Maligning them for the social and economic conditions of various "Mission Accomplished Zones"
  • Demanding that they stand accountable for the condition of our schools that they control
  • Challenge the claims of a "racist prison nation" by noting that even when "favorable people" run the law enforcement and judicial system in a region, having received 50%+ of the Black vote they STILL claim that the plot to destroy the Black community is the reason for the outcomes
Instead they are working to PROMOTE THE LEFT

If anything their mission is to take the messages of their "White Liberal Snarling Fox" Joint-Venture Partners and sculpt the messages into points that Blacks can relate to.

Harry Reid or Ruth Bader Ginsberg are not going to walk down Martin Luther King Jr Blvd and advocate a message that the harvested Black vote will respond to.  They need the "Lampblack Yellow Journalists" to act as agents for their message.

Worse than "Glenn Beck" these forces have ACTUAL POWER within the Black community - ensuring that the people who sit in the institutional seats are not held accountable for the results that have fallen short of that which they marketed to us during the election.

Congratulations Jack White on your promotion.
It is a good thing that there is no "Lawrence Summers-figure" positioned at "" to tell you that your present antics are below accepted journalistic standards.

The growing power of the progressive forces over the key institutions of Black America is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to the coverage provided by the Lampblack Yellow Journalist Press.

They turn from writing stinging indictments against the adversarial occupant of the institutional seat of power over to erecting a journalist wall of defense of the "favorable occupant".  The fact that the RESULTS that are garnered are equally short of our expectations has no impact upon the coverage that is espoused by these press operatives.

Having become enchanted by the presence of a person with a favorable ideology in the seat of power they merely scale their scope upward to find the offending ideological force which is PREVENTING the favorable person from being successful at delivering what they jointly promised during the campaign.

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