Monday, April 25, 2011

What If Oliver Willis Had To Do A List Of The Number of Black Permanent Interests That Had Been Molested Since The First "Racist Word" Said By Limbaugh?

Rush Limbaugh Is Racist, Here Are 46 Examples

The fraud that passes as "Black Progressive Politics" is at an all time high.

As Black people we have seen those who MISAPPROPRIATE the image of our leaders from the past get called out for their hijacking attempt as they try to gain present credibility by cloaking themselves in this past.

When it comes to Media Matter's Paid Black Man - Oliver Willis - IRONICALLY the reverse is true.   Mr Willis is forced to hijack the brutality, murder and molestation of Black people by yesterday's Klan and hoist it upon the White folks - other than his employers and ideological soulmates - the horrid "Republican Tea Party Crowd".

Now do not get me wrong.  I applaud Mr Willis.   His spiel got him a trip to the White House to plot strategy with the President Of The United States.  In truth this shows the character of Obama in which - this one time especially a "Blogger" should not have been given "Press Credentials".  The same people who say "Fox News is not a news organization" - believe that Media Matters IS.

Let me be clear - this is NOT A "Defense Of Rush Limbaugh".  If Limbaugh were to break me off some of his $40 million per year I might give him some guidance.   As I listen to Limbaugh on rare occasion it is clear that he knows that "Media Matters" is listening to him and that 98% of Black Americans don't listen to him directly but instead receive a stream of chum feeding via Media Matters to which they dutifully respond to as expected.

The real issue with Oliver Willis and so many of the other blogs that have "Advertise Liberally" upon them is that all the while they are hoisting the THREAT of their Neo-Klansmen Conservatives of today - they are unable to speak to the enumerated threats that are having a measurable negative impact upon all that they claim to strive for.

The Fatal Time Span Of The Selective Progressive-Fundamentalist Indictments

If you listen in to the indictments put forth by the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers as it relates to the time span of significant police involved shootings/killings of Black people you are likely to get drawn into the INJUSTICE of the actions as you note a pattern of oppression against Black people.  

I've noticed that as long as you do not dare make note of the number of BLACK ON BLACK MURDERS that have transpired during this same interval of time (per the picture above - between 1999 and 2006) you are likely to remain focused upon the indictment as ordered.   I am not minimizing the deaths of these young men and I am not denying the problems and conflicts between the people of the community and the police.

In the same manner - the time frame of the "Racist Rush Limbaugh Attacks On Black People" have a dimension of time to them.

You see - beyond the span of time listed by Oliver Willis - the earliest assault in 2003 up till 2010 we need to understand the reference at the macro level.  With Limbaugh as "The Klan Who No Longer Wears Robes" - and his trusty Black side kick - James Golden (and of course Clarence Thomas and the Black retired football player who I am not recalling the name of at this point) - Limbaugh is the key threat to the Black community - along with Fox News and the Republican Party.  

As we look at the time span between 2003 through 2010 - Mr Willis and the other Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Operatives have been knocked down by the presidency of George W Bush only to be lifted to heights unimagined with not only the election of Barack Obama as President, not only of both houses of congress in the hands of Democratic SUPER majorities - but these as crowns to the architectural control that their favored ideology and party had over every rung of government where they had the final say in who would represent them.

Mr Willis - and other "Mall Cops" spend so much time focusing on their enemies that there is NOTHING THERE which defines who they are with reference to any transparent agenda item that they hope to accomplish.  They are 100% ensnared inside of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".  I have no doubt that Willis is one of the 320 lb line backers who is charged with stopping all offensive plays by the enemy.

I bet that Mr Willis has not said anything of CONSCIOUS about American unmanned drones dropping bombs on Africa.   This might ruin his chances to get a matching White House spoon to go with the fork that he has.

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