Friday, April 22, 2011

Today I, A Black Man Was Called A "Monkey" By A Progressive, Possibly White - Englishman And I Survived Because I Know Myself

On the Booker Rising blog - deji the "Non Anglo-Saxon Englishman" said the following about me:

Constructive feedback

As usual, you display the intellectual acumen of a lightly sedated monkey.

The only problem with this "assault" upon my person as a BLACK MAN is that I KNOW MYSELF!!!

With my yolk contained within my domain of control there is no one who can redefine me.

In the world of politics where "OFFENSE meets OPPORTUNITY" the receipt of a golden indictment in the form of a "Gotcha moment" is how these monkey references made about Black people are liquidated into something of value.

Sadly if you use the NetFlix movie service to rent one of the many Black-Indie films which have a backdrop in the ghetto you will witness an abundance of inflammatory language transacted between two Black people (most damning from Black male to Black female) which shows that our ability to be "offended" by language is largely a "play through" in a trick football play in order to dramatize the effect for the other team and the officials who are watching.

There is NOTHING that "deji - the non-Anglo Saxon Englishman" could say to me to cause me to feel that I am inferior.

There is PLENTY that he can say to prove that he is IGNORANT.

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