Friday, April 22, 2011

They Don't Talk About WHY Blacks Are Leaving - The Lack Of Vision Diversity Within The Black Press

Here is a response to an article seen on The which discusses how the exodus of "Black Flight Progressives" from the cities is supposed to provide Republicans some advantage over these once Democratic strongholds (strong when they had JOBS for Black people to work)

Devonah Blackwell
In other words the repugs can do whatever they wish? Why don't the spineless, punka$ dems make an effort to counteract the repugs? All of the dems are not behind the president either-they need to be voted out & sent packing to the repugs!

Disagree with them or not - I am a PATTERN OBSERVER.  It comes from years of conditioning in my "real job".

One would have to be blind to see the unified voice from the Black Progressive Press (and White Progressive Press) in which they indeed talk about the US Census results which found Black people moving into Suburbs AND into the "Confederate South" - away from the "Mission Accomplished" districts where the victory was won.

  • I told you about how Dr Juliane Malveaux tried to save face as she use this data set to make the case that Black folks moving next to CONSERVATIVES are likely to need some type of her racial protection
  • I told you about the other operatives who mentioned that the move of "loyal Democrats" into solid red areas would start to chip away at the REPUBLICAN strongholds
  • I told you about the people who can only see the POLITICAL view as they made the calculations of how the increase in Southern head count would mean more Republican seats in Congress, fewer seats on the Cleveland city council from Black areas that have been vacated AND that Blacks need to get ready for a fight against their enemy Republicans in order to keep BLACK REPRESENTATION
When you go into any of these conversations with TWO reference points in mind - you begin to see a pattern that is contained in all of these "Progressive Narratives:"

  1. Do they ever talk about WHY Black people are EXITING places where Favorable People have won offices - just as the Struggle prompted us to focus on?  What STATE are there areas in - with reference to our PERMANENT INTERESTS?
  2. Is there any mention of IF "Favorable People" - and/or "BLACK PROGRESSIVE REPRESENTATION" is the magic elixir to express Black Permanent Interests?
You see - IF Clarence Thomas a Black Conservative can have PRESENCE with his Black skin but have an IDEOLOGY that is said to be counter to the "Black Permanent Interests" WHO in the Black or White Press is DARING to ask the question about a PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST using the same model?

Long story short - if you look at the framework for every single one of these articles - the author is NOT "Going There"!!!!

If you think that a Progressive Journalist - who sharpens his blade by "Keeping his conservative enemies on trial" is going to show transparency and put his own ideology on the witness stand for cross examination - YOU are delirious.

This would be like a criminal suspect acting as his own lawyer.
He would be seen running from the standing position of the lawyer ASKING the indicting question........over to the Criminal Defendant - sitting in the witness chair - being forced to answer tough questions and not allowed to "Plead The Fifth".

After the delay in switching from his 3 piece business suit over to an orange jump suit with leg irons - the judge and the jury will tire of the delay and simply call for a dismissal of the trial.


  1. To Do An Evenhanded Analysis Of WHAT Happened In These "Mission Accomplished Districts", Playing The Video Tapes Of All Of The Campaign Speeches (Both By The Candidate And The NAACP) And Checking The Inventory Of DELIVERABLES?
    1. The Progressive Press & Blogger Understudies
    2. The Political Preachers
    3. The Public Intellectuals
    4. The Perpetual Protesters (Social Justice Civil Rights Forces)
    5. The Politicians At Lower Rungs
    6. The Performers (Entertainers)
    7. The Public School Teachers
    8. The (Humanity) Professors
    9. The Policy Influencers (Progressive Think-tanks and Lobbyists)
    10. The Pro-Union Labor Forces
The's Latest Submission That "Stops At The Line Of Inquiry"

African Americans Leave Big Cites, Proving A Boost For GOP

Ms Whigham - you weren't a student of Jack White's at Howard University were you?

Why did you stop short of some line that is present but unseen like the  "Invisible Fence" that I still have in my lawn despite my dog having been put to sleep 2 years ago?

It isn't a stretch to see that IF you start talking about these areas that have been vacated that you must also talk about WHO controlled them.

It is far more likely to hear a narrative in which these places are painted as victims of "Capital Flight" or "Corporate Abandonment" than to note that despite their ascension into POWER - the Progressive never got around to producing ORGANIC PRODUCTIVITY within the zone.

The narrative of the progressive is about EQUALITY and ACCESS.
There seems to be some difficulty in translating these victories into NEW OPPORTUNITY for the people who reside within after the victory.

By avoiding the transparent discussion - you merely ensure that the conditions will continue as your IDEOLOGY and the METHODOLOGY that is derived from it is as inseparable as "Black paint" is from a "Model T".

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