Thursday, April 14, 2011

The's Analysis Of "Obama's Debt Speech"

Obama Fires Back in Debt Speech

There are three perspectives:

  • Paul Ryan's Representation of the Republican vision of a fix
  • President Obama's Representation of the Democrat (And Black Establishment) vision of a fix
  • The REAL situation at hand - despite the other competing visions - the debt tumor continues to metastasize 
Cynthia Gordy appears to be content in isolating the Republican vision for the nation from the Democrats and selling the point on how the Democrats care more because of the protections that they stand for.

Unfortunately this is like arguing in defense of more fair food distribution in the formal dining hall on the Titanic just after the "Abandon Ship" call has been sounded.

It is clear that whatever mindset that has taken over in Washington DC it failed to keep this nation guided on a sound financial course.
The truth is that we failed to practice sound fiscal management BECAUSE the money was turned into "funny money" (fiat currency) and we were allowed to be temporarily abstracted from the full consequences.  Those consequences are now AT HAND.

Instead some choose to retain their ideological and partisan disposition. 

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