Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prediction: THIS Picture Will Be The Big News Story In The Black Blog Understudy Swarm

I prefer that this type of specious propaganda remain outside of political discourse.

This type of imagery cuts both ways:

  • Those who know the sensitivities of Black people with regard to the "monkey imagery" realize that it is going to trigger a response
  • Despite the number of White politicians who have been slandered with monkey imagery they seem to escape the racial sensitivity issue despite them being 100% equal in every way to Blacks
Few people will realize that with Obama's mother being a White woman - this ignorant person is also calling White people "monkeys" just as much as they are claiming that a Black man came from monkeys.

The easily predictable operatives act as predicted:

  • The Filled Negro Blog: And A Chimp Shall Lead Them All
    • With Philadelphia as the 9th poorest city in the nation and the recent report on the problems with the grown in STDs among teens it comes as no surprise that Filled Negro has an express lane for any "racist" Republican to scoop the contents of his propaganda blog, pushing the real issues WITHIN the Black community to the side.  Apparently The editorial board agrees with him per his award.

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