Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Series: The Garbage Pail Kids Korner

In support of my new found friend Chauncey DeVega (and his side kick Greg Thrasher) I have initiated a new series titled:" The Garbage Pail Kids Korner". 

A "Garbage Pail Kid" is the rather less than affectionate reference to "Black Conservatives" that was conjured up by Mr DeVega.    Where as my own label: "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" was forged out of a functional discription of this mindset - the term "Garbage Pail Kid" is merely the latest example of the sophomoric cajoling techniques used for "ideological unity enforcement". 

I continue to struggle to understand how this beast known as "The Black Conservative" - so few in number - can be promoted as such a superior threat that he enjoys so much coverage.   As such those "favorable Blacks" who not only have the confidence of the "Black Rank & File" but who also get elected into institutions of POWER don't appear to trigger such scrutiny or contempt from the "DeVega Thrasher Press Gang".

While we are treated to a well researched daily treaties of "Conservative White Supremacy" and their "Negro Conservative Shepardboys".......scant is the research on any racism that Chalmers Johnson and other White Progressive-Fundamentalists might have possessed per their common "whiteness".   We are thus lead to believe that "White Supremacy" is a function of "conservativism".  Organically in the White Conservative and induced upon the Black Conservative per his close proximity to its radiological effect.

Though a White Conservative and his White Progressive twin may have shared the same womb-space for 8.5 months at their gestation - the "DeVega Thrasher Press Gang" attempts to have us belives that the "good twin" has been cured of his hate-based predicament as proven by his progressive-fundamentalism and thus "good will" to all darker shades of melanated people.

At the indirect behest of Mr DeVega I was compelled to use my "Amazon Prime" membership to append my order for the new Manning Marable book on Malcolm X to include a book written by Arthur Lee Smith, Jr who now goes by the name of Molefi K. Asante.  This change in name came with his consciousn understanding that it is the Black Conservative who is now the prime servant "in the master's house".  Upon reading it I hope to be the first on Amazon.com to post a review of this scholarly book.

The Black Conservative - The Numbers Don't Add Up

As we work to understand the ways of Black Ideological Discourse it is important to understand that PROPORTIONALITY of a particular force is irrelvant in the construction of a model of the world.  The goal of "Ideological Unity Enforcement" plays the greater role.  Thus the oft spoken of "Black Anti-Progressive" (Conservative) has an importance that is far greater than his actual numbers.

One day the BQPFRC will acknowledge that the "Black Anti-Progressive" has a SUPERIOR concentration than his instantiation into a single body in human form leads them to believe.  He enjoys a disproporationate amount of their attention despite having so few elected seats - especially within the Black community.  We must conclude that it is his SUPERIOR concentration of his chemical make up that distinguishes him from the "also ran Black Progressive" who receives some much less attention on various blogs and newspaper columns.

I will note this post as a bookmark and will do a book review after reading Molefi Asante's analysis of how "The Black Conservative" has RISEN - despite the fact that the Black Progressive-Fundamental runs the board within the Black community.

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