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Lefting Watch Of Tired And Retired Jack White & His Economic Theories

RightWatch: Why Did Paul Ryan Become a Hero?

What if Tired & Retired Journalist Jack White was forced to scrutinize the economic policies of Progressives in the context of their previous impact on the areas where they still have dominate control just as he focuses on "Reganomics"?   It appears that both White and Rev Al Sharpton have the right to focus upon Regan's "Trickle Down" economics but have no mandate to explain the theories that they have promoted from the bottom up within various communities around the nation, never having to account for the erosion.

To understand Jack White we must first understand the mantle that he works upon.

To him the mantle of being motivated to "help the poor" via the use of government to promote FAIR distribution of wealth inside of a political boundary allows him to look past the abject failure of these same policies at making people:

  • UN-Poor
  • The UN-Least Of These
  • Reducing The Population Of "The Vulnerable Masses"
The "Permanent Chase" milieu is established based on the need to remain on the offensive - seeking EQUALITY AND JUSTICE but displaying gross incompetence once favorable people retain power per the struggle and thus become the authorities charged with the care-taking of the masses who promoted them.  The more advancement his movement makes - the line of INDICTMENT will merely be drawn in front of them - thus guiding the ethos of their struggle.

From The Article:
For me, political courage means going against the ingrained beliefs and vested interests of your most dedicated constituents and sticking to an inconvenient truth. For a liberal Democrat like Obama, that would mean taking on such groups as unions and civil rights organizations. For a conservative Republican like Ryan, it would mean telling the wealthy that the time has come for them to start making sacrifices like everyone else to resolve what is plainly a national crisis.

 This is completely wrong and purposely misleading.
The WEALTHY are not all REPUBLICANS!!!!!!
There are plenty of wealthy people who are already going against Republicans.   I challenge Mr White to name ONE Democrat who is going against the unions and civil rights groups.  (NOTE: This does not include those who put forth policies that summarily attack unions by making the entity that employs them insolvent.  This was not intentional.  It was just that they are blinded to the unintended consequences of their failed theories).

Jack White also promotes the notion that the wealthy are merely hoarders of wealth and that their money in the hands of GOVERNMENT would go to better use.   This is nothing short of ignorant.
We only need to consider the vast number of academic institutions founded or refreshed by millions of dollars given by a wealthy person.   Indeed the array of small and/or privately held businesses which employ people were not started by the government nor poor people.

It is stunning that Mr White is loathed to show "IDEOLOGICAL Courage" for it would require him to go against the MACHINE that he has provided voice and cover for more than 30 years.   After seeing with his own eyes the product that our public schools are producing as various journalism students bore poor study habits and were greatly lacking in their penmanship it is HE who remains bigotedly entrenched inside of his own ideological world view.

I am not sure WHO Jack White blames for the state of consciousness that the Black students who entered his Howard University journalism program  but I would not be surprised if all of them have a picture of Ronald Reagan hanging on the wall at their home as one enters the house.

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