Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Jedi Mind Trick Used By Those Who Avoid Talking About The Issues As They "Keep Their Enemies On Trial"

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I am envious of the Progressive-Fundamentalist.
He knows that regardless of how much "establishment authority" that he presently has and that he should be accountable for the promises broken and made to never "regift" the old promises once again - they have mastered how people think.

There are more people who are desirous to find a focal point of indictment against which they can unify against than they have any inclination to roll back the video tape - make note of how the "embedded confidence men" has USED THEM in the past and how this latest romp is merely another play on their hatred and frustrations.

In The Case Of "Birtherism", the greater indictment is in regards to HOW MUCH COVERAGE THESE SAME OPERATIVES ARE PROVIDING FOR IT - which, in truth, allows THEM to not transparently scrutinize the ESTABLISHMENT POWER who they sold to us.

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