Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Has The Grio/HuffPo's David Love Ever Challenged Huff Po To Take Down The "Bush Chimp" Reference From Their Web Site?

David Love: Why The Obama Chimp E-Mail Is No Laughing Matter

David Love: HuffPo - The GOP Overreach 
(Is it me or is there a pattern which shows that those who CLAIM to be projecting the "Black Agenda" spend a disproportionate amount of their time "KEEPING THEIR ENEMIES ON TRIAL so they don't have to defend the entrenchment that their friends have" - thanks to their assistance?)

As long as a given ideological machine gets to decide what they will be OFFENDED about - we can be sure that most of what they are offended by will have some ideological and political advantage to them.

CLASSIC Preemptive Strike Attempt By David Love!!!
In a hopelessly pathetic attempt to defend the racist Obama chimp email as humor, someone somewhere will try to compare it to depictions of George W. Bush as a chimpanzee. But this is a perfect example of false equivalence, of apples and oranges. Bush-as-chimp is not the same as Obama-as-chimp. After all, the former lacks a racist subtext that is deeply rooted in history. Never were whites in this country depicted as primates in order to racially discriminate against them. However, black people were, and apparently still are, racially victimized by these horrid, hurtful and tasteless images.

And why, might we ask that "President Bush several web sites referencing him as a 'chimp'"  and an article on Mr Love's HuffPo NOT as damn-worthy as President Obama  as a chimp?

Simply put - BECAUSE David Love SAYS SO!!!  And he has a lot of Black folks (and Progressive White Joint Venture Partners to back him up).

In the world of Black Ideological Enforcement - you either go with the flow or get rolled over.
When I speak about the "Inferiorization Of Barack Obama" as compared to the 43 other White men who preceded him - I am not saying that OBAMA IS INFERIOR.  I am saying that his defenders and handlers project such inferiority upon him per their own rationalizations.

The same secularist who wish to tell us that Evolution is a fact as they believe that we ALL came from MONKEYS (note - Scientists are looking for a replacement to the "Big Bang Theory") are now seeking to make such a notion a pejorative as they attempt to use it as their exclusive indictment in the racial domain.  The truth is that there is not one genetic element in President Obama's body that makes him closer to a monkey than that which George Bush or George Washington has.

An argument that expressed more character and transparency would have made the case that the POLITICAL DOMAIN has no room for such slights upon a person as we are all EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS.   Instead - Mr Love leaves the door open for the next round of left-wing driven hateful discourse, surmising that as long as it is not directed at a Black (Progressive) then it is of no business of his.

Ultimately Mr Love plays a grand confidence game.
Black people will continue to indict Republicans when they step across the line in discourse - attributing it to RACISM.
Such attention on these frivolous subjects will indemnify the controlling Democrats from having to stand accountable for the outcomes that transpire upon their watch.  There are greater threats that such dissension would expose our community to than to look past this RACIST insult and address the INSULT that is transpiring within our communities.

I only wish that Mr Love was a consistent protector of the "Black Image".   Then he would be forced to slant his blog site's editorial bias toward ALL who threaten to sully the Black image using hateful images that impaled us in the past.

Please note that I AM NOT calling for the STANDARD TO BE LOWERED - accepting the e-mail against Obama as "par for the course".  I am simply asking the primary propaganda agents in the Black Political Space to step up their game with a bit of CONSISTENCY. 

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