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The Garbage Pail Kids Korner: Mr DeVega's Take On "Monkeyshines"

The Garbage Pail Kids Korner
An occasional observation of the opinions of the Black Subset of thought that "Respectable Negroes" posses and the subset of "Good Thinking White People" (Who all just happen to be left wingers)

I love those authors who are wise enough to install the PREEMPTIVE rebuttal in their indictment.   Yet at the end of the day, instead of justifying their selectivity of indictment - the reader is forced to either:
  1. Accept the words stated BECAUSE the author said that it is so
  2. Accept that, in the case of Black people - we have some special "Soft Tissue Injury From RACISM" that logic nor any MRI machine will ever detect.   
It is best that the skeptic STOP ASKING for proof because it is our pain to own.  THEY don't get to choose our leaders for us.  THEY aren't about to try and tell us that we don't feel the pain that they say we should not be experiencing.   Even if the electrodes attached to our body can detect no nerve activity traveling up and down the spine in reaction to the painful stimuli - triggering the assumption that there is a psychosomatic ailment as the driver. 

The best way to analyze the latest tresties of the "Friend of Chalmers Johnson" is to parcel out the arguments in grid form.
We Are Respectable Progressive Negroes: No Laughing Matter: The Tea Party GOPs Depictions Of President Obama As An Ape Are Motivated By Violence And Hatred

Passage From The Post Supporting Pictorial Evidence Garbage Pail Kids Analysis 
Right Wing Defense For "Racism"!!
This is not the first of such racist escapades by Conservatives. Since at least 2008, The Tea Party GOP and its supporters have been obsessed with depicting Barack Obama and his family as being either subhuman or savage.

A White Republican Called Obama's White Mother A CHIMP.  This was a worthwhile self-slap as her real goal was to get at Obama and his Black father.
Notice that NOWHERE in Mr DeVega's article is any DEFINING LINE - the notion that there are some points of slander that should be kept outside of the ring of Political Discourse in America.

I suspect that the real reason that Mr DeVega did not draw this UNIVERSAL line in the sand if because his own attack on a BLACK MAN named "Herman Cain" - in which he saw a BLACK MAN and used SLAVE REFERENCES in response to nothing other than his SKIN COLOR - would have put him at odds with his "new found standards".

I do accept the notion of salvation and the change of heart that a person can experience.  I seriously doubt that Mr DeVega "found Jesus" since these two points in time.  In fact he appeared on a second progressive fundamentalist blog to say that he was PROUD to say words against a Black man that would have caused a WHITE PROGRESSIVE Snarling Fox to be called a "Racist" and he would do it again if the White Progressives Snarling Foxes asked him to.
"George Bush was mocked as a monkey or gorilla too, so what is the difference?" For deniers of the obvious racial invective underlying the attacks on Barack Obama, the "they did it too" defense has become a convenient redoubt.
(Note: This shirt depicts the evolution from a CHIMP to BUSH to OBAMA)
I credit DeVega and David Love for having the consciousness of mind to insert such a preemptive nugget into their argument.

We are asked to NOT look at the abundance of "Monkey References" to the man who had EQUAL POWER in the White House - just before Obama.................

We are instead supposed to look at OBAMA - and his BLACKNESS and the history by which Black people had been called "Monkeys" and thus with this combination of a BLACK PROGRESSIVE PRESIDENT - the group of people who would normally be given to call their OPPOSITION PRESIDENT a "Monkey" - just as the last 43 White men were called in some form - will either RESPECT the "Painful Image" that Black people being depicted as monkeys brings forth OR - unlike the people who painted Bush as a Monkey - they will be called RACISTS.

At least with President Ronald Reagan - who holds a sweet spot in Mr DeVega's heart - he actually had a chimp as a partner.

In summary - when motivated to mock and attack President Obama - ALL of us must prioritize the fact that he is a BLACK MAN first and then consider these sensitivities before attacking the "Stripes" that he wears.

Keep in mind that this flows both ways.  When Commander In Chief Obama wages an imperialist war in Africa - we must give him the benefit of the doubt that no "Black Man" - let alone one who is mockingly said to have been born in Kenya would ever be mistaken for giving the green light to drop bombs on the continent of Africa - JUST LIKE Ronald Reagan - who hated Black people per his visit to Philadelphia MS to send Blacks a message.  (Or at least this is what Jack White told us was the motivation).
They are rooted in more than a deep antipathy towards the idea of a black man being President and the accompanying upset which this reality has caused for the White Racial Frame.

The vision painted by Mr DeVega

The main failure of Mr DeVega's argument is that he portends that the HOPES, DREAMS AND BIGOTRIES of the Racist White Tea Party TRUMPS the realities that COMMANDER IN CHIEF BARACK OBAMA has the POWER to Order the US Military Command to DROP BOMBS!!

Thus in his masturbatory attempt at redirection - it is MR DEVEGA who is out of touch with the reality of WHO IS IN POWER per the ENFORCEMENTS of the SYSTEM called "The Government Of The United States Of AMERICA" 

If there ever was someone who needed to be shaken with the words saying "Hey There Is A Black Man In The Oval Office - Get Used To It" it is Mr DeVega and his ilk.   He has traded in his Imperialist War protest sneakers for "living VICARIOUSLY through the footwear of President OBAMA"
Ultimately, caricatures which link Barack Obama to apes and gorillas are integral elements of a centuries long project of White racial violence against people of color in this country and abroad.

alternatively depict African Americans as either childlike and simple-


My claim is not that the Marilyn Davenports of the world (and those on the Right and elsewhere) who find these images funny are going to personally indulge in racially motivated violence.

The Legacy Of Scientific Racism Against Black People

(Note:  ALL of these scientists have today been DISCREDITED.

Now it is aeriodite to believe that man has evolved from monkeys with anyone who doubts this theory being primitive in their thinking which is outside of what the academy now believes - JUST AS the academy once believed the picture above was true.)
Mr DeVega - like Rachel Maddow believes that "The Vulnerable Masses" of which Black people are a permanent member are threatened in 2011 by VIOLENCE that MIGHT HAPPEN if their progressive band dared take their eye off of the external conservative enemy than the VIOLENCE that transpires at the hands of other "Vulnerable People".

No Black man can ball up his fist and hit another Black man in a manner that is as hard as what the lowliest White Conservative can manage to strike us with an open hand.

Link To Video Above

The very fact that I would post such an EQUAL video has shown that I have violated the "Black trust".

The only THREAT OF VIOLENCE against Black people that matters are those coming from:
  • White Racists
  • POLICE Officers

Ultimately the careful watch that Mr DeVega is constantly on patrol, seeking "White Conservative home invaders" and their Black Conservative - Garbage Pail Kid co-conspirators who act as LOOK OUTS - per their inferior status to their boss - is merely a narrative that allows him to continue on - KNOWN that the fate of the places where his ideology has the last say is NOT the fault of the aggregate set of actions that the congregation that he is a part of has allowed to fester - per their dogmatic view outward - looking for threats.

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