Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fight The Power Radio Talks About The Violent Storms That Hit The South

Today's "Too Much Truth" on Atlanta's WAOK was very interesting. The show host, Derrick Boazman asked the audience "Do you believe that GOD was responsible for the massive destruction that transpired from the storms of last night?"

With some callers I was made to believe - "Maybe a mass public call in show for Black people is not such a good thing?". Interspersed among the sage, well reasoned callers were the kooks who called in to spout their viewpoints for all to hear.

One woman said that she was an "Honor Guard" for the US Navy. This took her into the backwoods of Georgia in order to bury dead US Naval veterans with military honors.

She said - and I quote with only slight distortion due to memory lapse:

"I believe that GOD has punished the state of Georgia because they chose to pass over Roy Barnes (the DEMOCRATIC candidate for Governor) and choose a corrupt Republican man - Nathan Deal. God believes that we have become a wicked people. Those same White folks who voted for Nathan Deal over Roy Barnes are now receiving God's wrath."

So again - GOD looked at the ballots cast in this area and directed the tornado accordingly.

To be fair - about 4 callers later - a man called the woman out. He asked "What type of Christian is she - that she would line up people based on their RACE and then claim that God had punishment reserved for them.".

Another woman said "God" did direct the storms but that it is interesting that the same Republicans who don't want to assist others who are struggling to get health care are now begging for help from the government now that misfortune has fallen upon them."

With the homes that I saw - I assure you that the bulk of them had homeowners insurance.

Calling on the government to provide special disaster recovery assistance for search and rescue and emergency shelter is simply not the same as permanent welfare.

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