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David Love: "Don't Allow The Black Right Wing To Hijack The Civil Rights Movement...................Allowing Them To Displace The Hijacking By The Black Progressive-Fundamentalsts Who Got There First"

(Jesus - please help my people for they know not what they do.  I mean it.  Please!!)

David Love - Of The Grio/Black Commentator and Huffington Post asks:
How Do Pro-Choice Blacks Combat The Anti-Abortion Billboards

First allow me to posit my answer to the rhetorical question.

The ANSWER is to understand that even if you ripped down ever one of these billboards - like they were a "Cory Booker For Mayor" poster in the documentary "Street Fight" this action is IRRELEVANT to the subject at hand - the production of "Unwanted Pregnancies" - having stemmed from the "body fluid exchange" between a male and a female who did not intend to allow the genetic material that is known to initiate the human gestation process, when implanted inside of the female "gestation chamber" - as both "copulators" sought out tactile stimulation of their complementary genitalia.

It seems to me that Mr Love is abstracting away from the real issue and instead seeking to commandeer the consciousness of the "complicit congregation" into his desired struggle.

Worse than the "outsiders to the community, coming in to impart their values and ideology" are the forces that have marinaded their ideology into these same communities as they demand that the "gestated being" produced in the fully liberated environ be fully funded by the people who he has previously told to "mind their damned business" - but "send your check".

Though I am technically "Pro-Choice" since I do not support government intervention in such an intimate matter - as their solution will be worse than the initial problem - I am puzzled as to why Mr Love is so intent on bringing in POLITICS and ultimately GOVERNMENT as a means of discrediting these individuals:

  1. Oddly, the religious right -- who claim that the president was born in Kenya and deny that he is the legitimate elected leader of this country -- are implying in this billboard that he is our leader. 
    1.  Purse Obfuscation On Mr Love's Part.   President Obama IS THE ELECTED LEADER OF THIS NATION.  This is evidenced by his recent decision, as Commander In Chief, to take this nation to war and the "Imperialist" US Military obeying his command, without any known defectors from the "White Racist Militia In The Military" - refusing the orders of a Kenyan-national.
  2. With a history of real-life conspiracies such as the Tuskegee Experiment when for 40 years the U.S. Public Health Service used black men as human guinea pigs and allowed them to die of syphilis -- black people will believe in some conspiracy theories
    1. Interesting that The Tuskegee Experiment gave Black folks - free health care, free food and Nurse Eunice Rivers gave those who needed it - a free ride to the clinic for treatment - Mr Love never thought to REMIND us of the outcome the LAST TIME we Black folks got "Government Health Care" when Health Care Reform was under debate
  3. And the right has a track record of promoting conspiracy theories, especially when it comes to President Obama's birth certificate.
    1. Again -having master obfuscation skills from Huffington Post and Black Commentator - Mr Love does as Jack White does - he knows what issue will RILE UP PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST BLACKS and he inserts these points as a bait and switch in order to take our focus off of the issue at hand - the "vacuum action" that this NON-GOVERNMENTAL group is attempting to bring awareness to.
  4. Alveda King, niece of civil rights icon Martin Luther King and head of black community outreach for Priests for Life -- in their thinly-veiled scheme to win over the African-American community.
    1.  I wonder if Mr Love is bothered when Martin Luther King III is enlisted to serve as the linkage between his father's legacy and some Progressive-Fundamentalist/ Pro-Democrat cause?  I don't recall him ever telling us to "watch our wallets".
  5. Meanwhile, in Congress and in statehouses throughout the country, religious conservatives are dismantling social programs, which will have a disproportionate impact on the poor, blacks and Latinos, and force more people into poverty. So much for standing with the black community and their interests.
    1. The most EFFECTIVE "dismantler" of social programs for Black people, seen in the past 20 years has been the FAILED PROGRESSIVE ECONOMIC POLICIES that have been adopted in various "Mission Accomplished Cities.
      1. As Detroit embarks on closing a large percentage of its government funded schools because it is no longer a fiscally viable city
      2. As Newark lays off hundreds of Police men
      3. As, long before the "Republican Governor" of Wisconsin "attacked" the public workers union - the 'Mission Accomplished City' of Milwaukee laid off hundreds of government union workers................
      4. Mr Love is loathed at being TRANSPARENT in his presentation of FACT


Abortion rates are higher among women of color, and black women account for 37 percent of abortions, even though they are 13 percent of the population. This is because women of color have a higher rate of unintended pregnancies. So, anti-abortion groups have decided to go after black women. And pro-choice black folks need to set them straight.

Look people, I stand opposed to having the government ENFORCE the "self-valuation" of a people.  It is an utter waste of time.  This is why I have my position on keeping the government out of it.

BUT when I see an opinion that so molests the logic of "CAUSE AND EFFECT" I am forced to note the consequence of the earlier DIVERSIONS and OBFUSCATIONS that were put forth to keep YOU from arriving at the "bread and butter" of the argument.

"Black women have a higher rate of UNINTENDED PREGNANCIES" THEREFORE more of them choose to separate the 'gestating child' in their womb from its nutrition source - the walls of their wombs."

This is a circular argument.

Mr Love is loathed to focus upon the vectors by which these "Unintended Pregnancies" are expressed.

Statistics show that a heterosexual couple in a stable, long term relationship are more likely accept this new edition to the family as a "gift", allowing them to perpetual their familial relationship as such.

With TWO, mature, educated, working adults managing life TOGETHER - the window by which this "gestating child" will be "unwanted" is REDUCED.

When I criticize "Progressive Fundamentalist" the bulk of my charge is that it is ultimately OUT OF PHASE with this important reality.   With the knowledge of the ATTRIBUTES by which a child is more likely to be "INTENDED" the choice between ORGANICALLY managing the human resources within the community group toward these attributes OR making an INDICTMENT against the greater society that it has FAILED to love all of its members, thus lifting them up to this desirable standard is the proverbial fork in the road for the progressive to decide upon.   When we look at the potential of "Stepping on their followers toes" or IDEOLOGICALLY UNIFYING the crowd in a STRUGGLE - the path that is opted for is identifiable by the trough that is worn in the road surface for that direction.

Ironically - the Progressive-Fundamentalist has done his part in REMOVING the cultural strictures that served to remove the OPTIONS that these two "copulators" had available to them.  They were said to be oppressive, patriarchal and 'hetero-normative'.   I pointed out last week that in a book on the "state of Black marriage" - the progressive author made lemonade as he exentuated the "DIVERITY" and "TOLERANCE" that is today's Black Family make-up.

The INTOLERANT ones are those who are unwilling to see the need for a stronger cultural hand - during this STATE OF EMERGENCY.   In a burning building a fire patrol leader might forced to PUSH a reluctant person through a door or window as they are otherwise frozen in their tracks.  In the Black Community - we hear references to a "state of emergency" but the actions and immediacy that is transacted upon INTERNAL "equal human beings" don't indicate this as the case.

Instead the typical use of such red flags is for notice to be given to the "elected officials" to make note of the crisis in Black America and provide the sufficient attention and resources that we need.  In as much as the LOCAL leaders got their power in the process of the struggle to obtain attention from elected officials - the present protest and struggle passes them by and instead is focused upon the "outsiders".  Those who ENTER into our community with their billboards hung by "CBS Outdoor Advertising" or those with seats of power, higher than what the favorable people now occupy. 

Other Arguments that don't stand:

Argument #1
The tragedy speaks to the lack of access to affordable, quality reproductive health services for such women, and unscrupulous "back-alley" doctors who will exploit them for a buck. 

Though the Philly abortion doctor was a LICENSED physician operating in the period where "Roe v Wade" is LAW - Mr Love paints him as a "Back Alley Abortionist"?   This is akin to claiming that today's "Legal Minimum Wage" is SLAVERY, done for purely rhetorical purposes but not based in truth.

Argument #2
First of all, the black community must not allow the right wing to hijack the legacy of the civil rights movement for their own narrow and nefarious purposes. The movement was part of a struggle for social justice, a cause that Christian conservatives never supported, and always fought against. The religious right fought to maintain slavery and segregation, and in recent years they have fought measures that encourage equality and diversity.
On April 4, 1968, 43 years ago, Dr. King was assassinated while fighting for a just wage for garbage collectors in Memphis. Today's ultra-right favors laws to undermine the rights of working people and remove the collective bargaining rights of union members. And while Dr. King fought against unjust laws that degrade rather than uplift human personality, those who favor laws scaling back reproductive rights are part of a movement that supports unjust laws against gay marriage, the rights of immigrants and others.

 Has anyone seen an article from David Love in which he walked in Dr King's shoes and now OPPOSE the military action in Libya?

He indicts "Christian Conservatives" who stood against the CIVIL RIGHTS of Black people "back in the".    Today we have "Christian Progressives" who are seeing CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS of Black people by Street Pirates, yet they don't label them CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS and thus, via their "congregational complicity" agree that they are not violators of the Christian ethos.  They blame the actions of Street Pirates on violations of "economic and social justice" yet didn't dare argue the same for the benefit of the CCC attackers.

Putting The Church On Trial

But this is not to say that the black church is monolithic. Some black congregations are led by pastors who are homophobic, although some members of the black church and the black clergy are gay. Some black ministers oppose women's equality, even though women are the backbone of the black church. And many segments of the black church are socially and theologically conservative and oppose abortion. Pro-choice African-Americans of faith should act accordingly and find religious institutions that embrace their views on reproductive rights.

One day I would love to see a Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser put the CHURCH OF SECULAR PROGRESSIVISM on trial - to enumerate its failings to our community.
The fact that Mr Love (and Cynthia Tucker and others) are so articulate in their ability to make indictments against "the church" I am quite sure that they have access to a particular template to do so against Secular Progressivism - they are loathed to do any SELF-indictment.

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