Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bush Or Chimp? President Obama Is Inferior To President Bush - Per The Views Of Certain Operatives

This is the page on HuffPo that came up as I typed in "Bush Chimp" in the process of looking for the web site that had George W Bush monkey pictures.

This should provide an important lesson about how LEFT WING INDICTMENTS work.

While this use of monkey imagery did not trigger any protests against HuffPo when it ran in 2007 - you can best believe that on HuffPo's blog site tonight is the picture of Obama in a monkey family portrait.  The primary difference is that the Republicans are RACISTS in their use of such imagery of a Black man.

Think about it people - IF we are all equal human beings then how is it that Black people are closer in our evolution to the monkey than are Whites?   Do you even believe in evolution?

The challenge is NOT "With the sensitivities to Blacks about being depicted as monkeys due to a history of slander - this must be punished'.   Instead we need to get into the minds of the Black inferiorists and ask them why they are not intent on removing monkey slander from all of political discourse?

Hummm - were have I seen this "Advertise Liberally" logo?

Is there any chance that we'll see progressive-fundamentalists with dignity demanding that "Bush Or Chimp" remove this logo which they also have on their blogs so that THEY are not tarnished with the ignorance of using monkey imagery in political discourse?

If you hold your breath on this one you will surely die of asphyxiation 

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