Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Brother Brown", Member Of The "Neo-All White Jury" Has His Own Ideologyl Fused And Confused With Blackness

If there was ever a walking molestation of the PROPORTIONALITY FILTER we should look no further than a blogger named BrotherBrown.

You see - in the world of Brother Brown Shirt those who dare make observations of the derailed human lives that are produced as they walk through the "Rites Of Passage" process that is enforced and protected in some Black Communities today by his ideological soulmates are called "Anti-Black".

If one doesn't capture sufficient grievenance to his liking he is "DeBlackified".   Strangely enough I can think of no Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser that has ever been stripped as such.

One is a FOOL if they heed Brother Brown Shirts judgement on who is authentically Black.

Mind you - the people who worked to gain POWER and then retain their POWER over said system of destroyed dreams, harvesting Black "Equal Ballots" from this orchard every two years, don't suffer this same slight from our friend BrotherBrownShirt.

For some strange reason it is the "Garbage Pail Kids" - the Black Conservative who has the AUDACITY to stand up to this machine that refuses to accept any criticism or correction that is the disproportionate target for his angst.  All corrupt systems have a means of "self-protection".

We are told that there are 9,000 Black Elected officials (no surprise if 95% of them are Democrats and 85% of them are Progressives).   Despite this and the large monopoly majority of Black people who VOTE just as BrotherBrownShirt wants them to - BrotherBrownShirt is more perturbed by the speckling FEW who dare register a complaint than he does the "Black people in good standing" who:

  1. Accepted a position of RESPONSIBILITY - (elected or via parentage)
  2. Has failed to live up to their RESPONSIBILITIES - (as shown in the results)
  3. Who know the secret to keeping in good stead with people who think like BrotherBrownShirt (playing the victimization card typically does the trick)

I realize that if I were to drive out to the corner of "Rev Joseph Lowery Bvld and Rev Joseph Boone Blvd" in Atlanta and interview the first 5 Black people using the very same standards that BrotherBrownShirt expects of ME - the fact that these residents - who live within the zone where BrotherBrownShirts expects me to "give back" would fail the test that he attempts to give me.  He will be loathed to see that this, a "Mission Accomplished Area", adorned with street signs of "our heroes" - which we were told would cease IF we took down the names of the "Confederate Generals" placed there by the population who resided there before the neighborhood flipped - now have individuals who play the part of the "Neo-Confederates" but escape the damnation of our jaundiced-eyed judge.

So ingrained in his mind are the notions of their inferiority per their membership in the  "Inferior 25%" (which is the unintended residue of "The Talented 10th and the "Get In Where They Fit In 65%") that he won't believe them to be competent enough to carry any such burden that our community places upon them.  He instead asks me to "do my RACIAL PART". 

Call Me A SUPERIOR, Punk!!!

I will only play your game of "Transacting Black Inferiority", ceasing to make observations of the failure that you have allowed to metastasize IF you call me "Superior" just as you think these others as INFERIORS.

What you are loathed to see is that as you remove the Functional Black Culture from their presence - one brick at a time in the name of "Secular Progressivism" it is YOU who ensure that their condition is perpetuated yet another GENERATON.

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