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Average Brother The Liberal Kappa - Has A Problem With Black Conservatives & Leaves Clarence Thomas Off Of His Debit List

This post on Average Brother The Liberal Kappa's blog is from 2008.
No I do not scour the blogs of Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers.
I typically use the links on "Rappa" or "Black Conscious Thoughts" and click through to any subject that catches my eye.   In the case of the 13 Debts - it was on a link to another story that appeared on Average Brother The Liberal Kappa's blog.

Top 13 Debits To The Black Race

Now upon first glance you'd say "Hummmm  - OK there is a mix of ideologically progressive as well as Black Conservatives on the list.   Average Brother The Liberal Kappa is a square shooter."

You'd be mistaken.
You have to read the analysis underneath the submissions to see that - as he says:
 I guess I have a problem with black conservatives. Shoot me.
His "problem" with the late Stephanie Tubbs Jones was that she "sounded too much like the Clintons'.  NOW those of you who accept things at face value won't bother to note that this list was crafted during our around the Presidential campaign of Barack Obama.   Average Brother The Liberal Kappa is, in truth PISSED that Ms Jones stuck with her endorsement of Hillary Clinton and not Barack Obama.

Now get this  - he adds Obama's reverend to the list - Rev Jeremiah Wright.  Again - you'd take this as transparency on Average Brother The Liberal Kappa's part.  WRONG.  No analysis of his IDEOLOGY. Only concern that Wright's actions hurt OBAMA.

Of course former Mayor Kwame Brown is on the list but instead of mentioning the destroyed city of Detroit and how his ideology and favored party which Brown is a member of - Average Brother The Liberal Kappa
focuses on his PERSONAL indiscretions that took Brown out.   I have little doubt that if Average Brother The Liberal Kappa were a resident of Detroit TODAY - he would be a strong supporter of the machine which presided over the city's fiscal collapse and an active member of the Detroit NAACP - presently getting the REPUBLICAN Governor of Michigan to DO SOMETHING about the public school system - that their friends who they helped get into office destroyed.

While Average Brother The Liberal Kappa skipped over the standard bearer of "Black Debits To Their Race From A Progressive View" - Clarence Thomas - we can apply the words used against Jesse Lee Peterson to gain some insight on how he thinks:

Some of you think I have a problem with black conservatives. Considering most of my social views, that would be a mis-read. I don't dislike black conservatives, I just plain dislike black liars.

Here is the conundrum that an ideological operative like Average Brother The Liberal Kappa faces.  With a dearth of BLACK CONSERVATIVES with ACTUAL ELECTED POWER to do material damage to the interests of the Black Community - coupled with his unwillingness to systematically take on the establishment machine that has measurably failed the Black community - Average Brother The Liberal Kappa is forced to play this shell game by which he attacks his ideological enemies YET attacks ideological PROGRESSIVES - but only - when they THREATEN THE MACHINE.

Average Brother The Liberal Kappa is wise enough to know that if he indeed were to take a position of absolute defense of the Black community's jewels and then make note of the present shortfalls - it is HE that would have to - wait what did he say about Jason Whitlock and Jesse Lee Peterson?:

usually bashing "black leaders"

You see the analogue to the hired hit man that "Bashes Black Leaders" are the squirrelly operatives who DEFEND Black Progressive Leadership - DESPITE the carnage at the feet of the Black Community.  Not only do they have no credibility outside of those people who see the FRAUDULENT SCHEME - those who observe their antics realize that IF this swam of operatives that work in machine-like fashion ever get control over all of the rungs - they TOO will use their BIGOTRY to promote the MACHINE - providing IT with a 85% approval rating when the GASOLINE is $3.85 a gallon and their unemployment rate is 15.2% as well.

You see Average Brother The Liberal Kappa lacks TRANSPARENCY.

Since his mission is to "Protect Black Leaders" - then a person WITHIN the Black Community who's TRANSPARENT GOAL is to promote the BLACK PERMANENT INTERESTS should be standing AGAINST Average Brother The Liberal Kappa's scheme of "Black Leadership Protection Racket".

For you see - IF a "Black Conservative" BLACK can have theories, policies and actions that HARM the Black Community - despite being BLACK - then MOST ASSUREDLY a Black Progressive-Fundamentalist can have these same attributes and outcomes as well.  (See Camden, Detroit, Flint, and the "Mission Accomplished Sections" of many other cities).

So you see it is INCONGRUENT to "The Black Permanent Interests" to orchestrate a SILENCE and PROTECTION campaign on behalf of (FAVORABLE) Black Leaders.  

All the while you are trying to SILENCE criticism of slander the critic - the true measure of your FRAUD is the SILENCE over the continuing conditions WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.    Instead of showing willingness to confront these issues in these "Mission Accomplished" zones - acquiring new IDEAS and new management - you inadvertently (or maybe not so accidentally) FORTIFY the condition because you don't have as your main mission CORRECTION of these dysfunctions that zap the live out of our community.  Instead your goal is to PROTECT those forces that preside over them.

YOU are the one who needs to be isolated more than the members of the "Debit List".
YOU are sold out to your IDEOLOGY and the MACHINE that has embedded itself into the consciousness of Black America.   It sells our INFERIORITY as a means of remaining entrenched - never having to account for the results it delivers.  Always selling the FUTURE in which these problems are corrected.

QUESTION:  Why did Average Brother The Liberal Kappa Quit The Democratic Party (or at least claim to) In 2008?

  1. Because he looked around and saw that they were the monopoly force in Black America, having attained this position by selling Black people on the promise of CHANGE but largely failing to deliver, thus he could not take "Black Liars"?
  2. He gained consciousness that the "American Political Domain" was NOT the area for investment for Black people seeking to grow "Organic Black Community Competencies" - Just as Malcolm X had warned us about?
  3. The Democratic Party failed to fight back on behalf of candidate Barack Obama in response to Republican JOHN MCCAIN'S RACIST attacks On Obama?
(Take your time people.    Choose carefully which answer that you think it is.)


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