Sunday, April 24, 2011

Angry Black Woman: The Republicans In Michigan Are Seeking To Attack Foster Children

This is merely a bookmark as part of my research upon the "Forward Indictment Shifting Propensity" of the Progressive.

Angry Black Lady Chronicle Blog: Michigan - Foster Kids Shouldn't Be Allowed New Clothes

The construct of this indictment is that the "least of these" people who stand before us - disheveled and with holes in their "Sean Jean" jeans, the evil Republicans in the Michigan legislature want to make sure that when their foster parents do purchase replacement clothes for these children - they go to "Goodwill" or a "second hand store" as they purchase the clothing and then fill out the payment voucher for compensation from the state - no longer able to go to the mall and purchase their "urban wear".

Long story short the INDICTMENT here is that the WORTH of the child at hand is a function of the store and relative purchase price of the clothing.

Angry Black Lady never mentions anything about the upstream situation by which this child was put at RISK - likely of physical and mental assault - and is now in the care of the state.

Instead - as she expresses her altruistic connection with the children - through the STATE MONEY of which she likely contributed to via taxation - these children deserve "the best" and this bankrupt state should spare no expense at showing this damaged children that INDEED they are worthy.

I wonder IF the state offered Angry Black Woman an opportunity to speak to the BIRTH PARENTS of these children who will suffer attacks from "Abusive Republicans" if she would have a similarly repudiating and corrective conversation with them?

THEY TOO are likely victims of the Republicans in the state as well and thus the outcomes with their children fall within this cover as well.

Angry Black Lady:

As I scan your blog I notice a problem.

You feast more on the "Indictment that is AT HAND", outraged over some EXTERNAL (Republican Conservative) proposal or action but............

As we look at the vast stack of MISSTEPS that brought the "Vulnerable People" to the point of being vulnerable to the blunt instrument attack by the evil GOP - you seem unprepared to speak to this.

On this holiday weekend I am exploring the question of "WHO's Shoulders Does SOCIAL JUSTICE Reside On?"

I see Mexicans marching near the state capital in Georgia protesting against the new illegal immigration law that is likely to be passed. NONE OF THEM seem to put the same indictment upon the GOVERNMENT of MEXICO - who, having failed to provide SOCIAL JUSTICE per their position of AUTHORITY - the masses of people were driven to MOVE - regardless of the legality of such.

Help me out Angry Black Lady - is it reasonable to say to the Parents of Michigan who are producing children -
"YOU NEED TO THINK ABOUT ALL OF THE OUTCOMES of your COPULATION ACTIVITIES - because if you bring a child into unfavorable conditions - your child MIGHT be put into the Foster Care System where an EVIL REPUBLICAN might try to KILL HIM.

IS THIS what you want to do to your genetic seed which you have birthed?"

Hows is that for using the Republican Threat to INFLUENCE the BEHAVIOR of "The Vulnerable People" for the Better in their own lives INSTEAD of lining up their votes for the Democrats?

When you get a situation like Flint and Detroit where there are NO MORE REPUBLICAN THREATS to vote against at the city level - the organic strength built up in the people will be appreciated.

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