Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fight The Power Radio Talks About The Violent Storms That Hit The South

Today's "Too Much Truth" on Atlanta's WAOK was very interesting. The show host, Derrick Boazman asked the audience "Do you believe that GOD was responsible for the massive destruction that transpired from the storms of last night?"

With some callers I was made to believe - "Maybe a mass public call in show for Black people is not such a good thing?". Interspersed among the sage, well reasoned callers were the kooks who called in to spout their viewpoints for all to hear.

One woman said that she was an "Honor Guard" for the US Navy. This took her into the backwoods of Georgia in order to bury dead US Naval veterans with military honors.

She said - and I quote with only slight distortion due to memory lapse:

"I believe that GOD has punished the state of Georgia because they chose to pass over Roy Barnes (the DEMOCRATIC candidate for Governor) and choose a corrupt Republican man - Nathan Deal. God believes that we have become a wicked people. Those same White folks who voted for Nathan Deal over Roy Barnes are now receiving God's wrath."

So again - GOD looked at the ballots cast in this area and directed the tornado accordingly.

To be fair - about 4 callers later - a man called the woman out. He asked "What type of Christian is she - that she would line up people based on their RACE and then claim that God had punishment reserved for them.".

Another woman said "God" did direct the storms but that it is interesting that the same Republicans who don't want to assist others who are struggling to get health care are now begging for help from the government now that misfortune has fallen upon them."

With the homes that I saw - I assure you that the bulk of them had homeowners insurance.

Calling on the government to provide special disaster recovery assistance for search and rescue and emergency shelter is simply not the same as permanent welfare.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Jedi Mind Trick Used By Those Who Avoid Talking About The Issues As They "Keep Their Enemies On Trial"

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I am envious of the Progressive-Fundamentalist.
He knows that regardless of how much "establishment authority" that he presently has and that he should be accountable for the promises broken and made to never "regift" the old promises once again - they have mastered how people think.

There are more people who are desirous to find a focal point of indictment against which they can unify against than they have any inclination to roll back the video tape - make note of how the "embedded confidence men" has USED THEM in the past and how this latest romp is merely another play on their hatred and frustrations.

In The Case Of "Birtherism", the greater indictment is in regards to HOW MUCH COVERAGE THESE SAME OPERATIVES ARE PROVIDING FOR IT - which, in truth, allows THEM to not transparently scrutinize the ESTABLISHMENT POWER who they sold to us.

Monday, April 25, 2011

What If Oliver Willis Had To Do A List Of The Number of Black Permanent Interests That Had Been Molested Since The First "Racist Word" Said By Limbaugh?

Rush Limbaugh Is Racist, Here Are 46 Examples

The fraud that passes as "Black Progressive Politics" is at an all time high.

As Black people we have seen those who MISAPPROPRIATE the image of our leaders from the past get called out for their hijacking attempt as they try to gain present credibility by cloaking themselves in this past.

When it comes to Media Matter's Paid Black Man - Oliver Willis - IRONICALLY the reverse is true.   Mr Willis is forced to hijack the brutality, murder and molestation of Black people by yesterday's Klan and hoist it upon the White folks - other than his employers and ideological soulmates - the horrid "Republican Tea Party Crowd".

Now do not get me wrong.  I applaud Mr Willis.   His spiel got him a trip to the White House to plot strategy with the President Of The United States.  In truth this shows the character of Obama in which - this one time especially a "Blogger" should not have been given "Press Credentials".  The same people who say "Fox News is not a news organization" - believe that Media Matters IS.

Let me be clear - this is NOT A "Defense Of Rush Limbaugh".  If Limbaugh were to break me off some of his $40 million per year I might give him some guidance.   As I listen to Limbaugh on rare occasion it is clear that he knows that "Media Matters" is listening to him and that 98% of Black Americans don't listen to him directly but instead receive a stream of chum feeding via Media Matters to which they dutifully respond to as expected.

The real issue with Oliver Willis and so many of the other blogs that have "Advertise Liberally" upon them is that all the while they are hoisting the THREAT of their Neo-Klansmen Conservatives of today - they are unable to speak to the enumerated threats that are having a measurable negative impact upon all that they claim to strive for.

The Fatal Time Span Of The Selective Progressive-Fundamentalist Indictments

If you listen in to the indictments put forth by the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers as it relates to the time span of significant police involved shootings/killings of Black people you are likely to get drawn into the INJUSTICE of the actions as you note a pattern of oppression against Black people.  

I've noticed that as long as you do not dare make note of the number of BLACK ON BLACK MURDERS that have transpired during this same interval of time (per the picture above - between 1999 and 2006) you are likely to remain focused upon the indictment as ordered.   I am not minimizing the deaths of these young men and I am not denying the problems and conflicts between the people of the community and the police.

In the same manner - the time frame of the "Racist Rush Limbaugh Attacks On Black People" have a dimension of time to them.

You see - beyond the span of time listed by Oliver Willis - the earliest assault in 2003 up till 2010 we need to understand the reference at the macro level.  With Limbaugh as "The Klan Who No Longer Wears Robes" - and his trusty Black side kick - James Golden (and of course Clarence Thomas and the Black retired football player who I am not recalling the name of at this point) - Limbaugh is the key threat to the Black community - along with Fox News and the Republican Party.  

As we look at the time span between 2003 through 2010 - Mr Willis and the other Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Operatives have been knocked down by the presidency of George W Bush only to be lifted to heights unimagined with not only the election of Barack Obama as President, not only of both houses of congress in the hands of Democratic SUPER majorities - but these as crowns to the architectural control that their favored ideology and party had over every rung of government where they had the final say in who would represent them.

Mr Willis - and other "Mall Cops" spend so much time focusing on their enemies that there is NOTHING THERE which defines who they are with reference to any transparent agenda item that they hope to accomplish.  They are 100% ensnared inside of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".  I have no doubt that Willis is one of the 320 lb line backers who is charged with stopping all offensive plays by the enemy.

I bet that Mr Willis has not said anything of CONSCIOUS about American unmanned drones dropping bombs on Africa.   This might ruin his chances to get a matching White House spoon to go with the fork that he has.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Angry Black Woman: The Republicans In Michigan Are Seeking To Attack Foster Children

This is merely a bookmark as part of my research upon the "Forward Indictment Shifting Propensity" of the Progressive.

Angry Black Lady Chronicle Blog: Michigan - Foster Kids Shouldn't Be Allowed New Clothes

The construct of this indictment is that the "least of these" people who stand before us - disheveled and with holes in their "Sean Jean" jeans, the evil Republicans in the Michigan legislature want to make sure that when their foster parents do purchase replacement clothes for these children - they go to "Goodwill" or a "second hand store" as they purchase the clothing and then fill out the payment voucher for compensation from the state - no longer able to go to the mall and purchase their "urban wear".

Long story short the INDICTMENT here is that the WORTH of the child at hand is a function of the store and relative purchase price of the clothing.

Angry Black Lady never mentions anything about the upstream situation by which this child was put at RISK - likely of physical and mental assault - and is now in the care of the state.

Instead - as she expresses her altruistic connection with the children - through the STATE MONEY of which she likely contributed to via taxation - these children deserve "the best" and this bankrupt state should spare no expense at showing this damaged children that INDEED they are worthy.

I wonder IF the state offered Angry Black Woman an opportunity to speak to the BIRTH PARENTS of these children who will suffer attacks from "Abusive Republicans" if she would have a similarly repudiating and corrective conversation with them?

THEY TOO are likely victims of the Republicans in the state as well and thus the outcomes with their children fall within this cover as well.

Angry Black Lady:

As I scan your blog I notice a problem.

You feast more on the "Indictment that is AT HAND", outraged over some EXTERNAL (Republican Conservative) proposal or action but............

As we look at the vast stack of MISSTEPS that brought the "Vulnerable People" to the point of being vulnerable to the blunt instrument attack by the evil GOP - you seem unprepared to speak to this.

On this holiday weekend I am exploring the question of "WHO's Shoulders Does SOCIAL JUSTICE Reside On?"

I see Mexicans marching near the state capital in Georgia protesting against the new illegal immigration law that is likely to be passed. NONE OF THEM seem to put the same indictment upon the GOVERNMENT of MEXICO - who, having failed to provide SOCIAL JUSTICE per their position of AUTHORITY - the masses of people were driven to MOVE - regardless of the legality of such.

Help me out Angry Black Lady - is it reasonable to say to the Parents of Michigan who are producing children -
"YOU NEED TO THINK ABOUT ALL OF THE OUTCOMES of your COPULATION ACTIVITIES - because if you bring a child into unfavorable conditions - your child MIGHT be put into the Foster Care System where an EVIL REPUBLICAN might try to KILL HIM.

IS THIS what you want to do to your genetic seed which you have birthed?"

Hows is that for using the Republican Threat to INFLUENCE the BEHAVIOR of "The Vulnerable People" for the Better in their own lives INSTEAD of lining up their votes for the Democrats?

When you get a situation like Flint and Detroit where there are NO MORE REPUBLICAN THREATS to vote against at the city level - the organic strength built up in the people will be appreciated.

Friday, April 22, 2011

They Don't Talk About WHY Blacks Are Leaving - The Lack Of Vision Diversity Within The Black Press

Here is a response to an article seen on The which discusses how the exodus of "Black Flight Progressives" from the cities is supposed to provide Republicans some advantage over these once Democratic strongholds (strong when they had JOBS for Black people to work)

Devonah Blackwell
In other words the repugs can do whatever they wish? Why don't the spineless, punka$ dems make an effort to counteract the repugs? All of the dems are not behind the president either-they need to be voted out & sent packing to the repugs!

Disagree with them or not - I am a PATTERN OBSERVER.  It comes from years of conditioning in my "real job".

One would have to be blind to see the unified voice from the Black Progressive Press (and White Progressive Press) in which they indeed talk about the US Census results which found Black people moving into Suburbs AND into the "Confederate South" - away from the "Mission Accomplished" districts where the victory was won.

  • I told you about how Dr Juliane Malveaux tried to save face as she use this data set to make the case that Black folks moving next to CONSERVATIVES are likely to need some type of her racial protection
  • I told you about the other operatives who mentioned that the move of "loyal Democrats" into solid red areas would start to chip away at the REPUBLICAN strongholds
  • I told you about the people who can only see the POLITICAL view as they made the calculations of how the increase in Southern head count would mean more Republican seats in Congress, fewer seats on the Cleveland city council from Black areas that have been vacated AND that Blacks need to get ready for a fight against their enemy Republicans in order to keep BLACK REPRESENTATION
When you go into any of these conversations with TWO reference points in mind - you begin to see a pattern that is contained in all of these "Progressive Narratives:"

  1. Do they ever talk about WHY Black people are EXITING places where Favorable People have won offices - just as the Struggle prompted us to focus on?  What STATE are there areas in - with reference to our PERMANENT INTERESTS?
  2. Is there any mention of IF "Favorable People" - and/or "BLACK PROGRESSIVE REPRESENTATION" is the magic elixir to express Black Permanent Interests?
You see - IF Clarence Thomas a Black Conservative can have PRESENCE with his Black skin but have an IDEOLOGY that is said to be counter to the "Black Permanent Interests" WHO in the Black or White Press is DARING to ask the question about a PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST using the same model?

Long story short - if you look at the framework for every single one of these articles - the author is NOT "Going There"!!!!

If you think that a Progressive Journalist - who sharpens his blade by "Keeping his conservative enemies on trial" is going to show transparency and put his own ideology on the witness stand for cross examination - YOU are delirious.

This would be like a criminal suspect acting as his own lawyer.
He would be seen running from the standing position of the lawyer ASKING the indicting question........over to the Criminal Defendant - sitting in the witness chair - being forced to answer tough questions and not allowed to "Plead The Fifth".

After the delay in switching from his 3 piece business suit over to an orange jump suit with leg irons - the judge and the jury will tire of the delay and simply call for a dismissal of the trial.


  1. To Do An Evenhanded Analysis Of WHAT Happened In These "Mission Accomplished Districts", Playing The Video Tapes Of All Of The Campaign Speeches (Both By The Candidate And The NAACP) And Checking The Inventory Of DELIVERABLES?
    1. The Progressive Press & Blogger Understudies
    2. The Political Preachers
    3. The Public Intellectuals
    4. The Perpetual Protesters (Social Justice Civil Rights Forces)
    5. The Politicians At Lower Rungs
    6. The Performers (Entertainers)
    7. The Public School Teachers
    8. The (Humanity) Professors
    9. The Policy Influencers (Progressive Think-tanks and Lobbyists)
    10. The Pro-Union Labor Forces
The's Latest Submission That "Stops At The Line Of Inquiry"

African Americans Leave Big Cites, Proving A Boost For GOP

Ms Whigham - you weren't a student of Jack White's at Howard University were you?

Why did you stop short of some line that is present but unseen like the  "Invisible Fence" that I still have in my lawn despite my dog having been put to sleep 2 years ago?

It isn't a stretch to see that IF you start talking about these areas that have been vacated that you must also talk about WHO controlled them.

It is far more likely to hear a narrative in which these places are painted as victims of "Capital Flight" or "Corporate Abandonment" than to note that despite their ascension into POWER - the Progressive never got around to producing ORGANIC PRODUCTIVITY within the zone.

The narrative of the progressive is about EQUALITY and ACCESS.
There seems to be some difficulty in translating these victories into NEW OPPORTUNITY for the people who reside within after the victory.

By avoiding the transparent discussion - you merely ensure that the conditions will continue as your IDEOLOGY and the METHODOLOGY that is derived from it is as inseparable as "Black paint" is from a "Model T".

Today I, A Black Man Was Called A "Monkey" By A Progressive, Possibly White - Englishman And I Survived Because I Know Myself

On the Booker Rising blog - deji the "Non Anglo-Saxon Englishman" said the following about me:

Constructive feedback

As usual, you display the intellectual acumen of a lightly sedated monkey.

The only problem with this "assault" upon my person as a BLACK MAN is that I KNOW MYSELF!!!

With my yolk contained within my domain of control there is no one who can redefine me.

In the world of politics where "OFFENSE meets OPPORTUNITY" the receipt of a golden indictment in the form of a "Gotcha moment" is how these monkey references made about Black people are liquidated into something of value.

Sadly if you use the NetFlix movie service to rent one of the many Black-Indie films which have a backdrop in the ghetto you will witness an abundance of inflammatory language transacted between two Black people (most damning from Black male to Black female) which shows that our ability to be "offended" by language is largely a "play through" in a trick football play in order to dramatize the effect for the other team and the officials who are watching.

There is NOTHING that "deji - the non-Anglo Saxon Englishman" could say to me to cause me to feel that I am inferior.

There is PLENTY that he can say to prove that he is IGNORANT.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Garbage Pail Kids Korner: Mr DeVega's Take On "Monkeyshines"

The Garbage Pail Kids Korner
An occasional observation of the opinions of the Black Subset of thought that "Respectable Negroes" posses and the subset of "Good Thinking White People" (Who all just happen to be left wingers)

I love those authors who are wise enough to install the PREEMPTIVE rebuttal in their indictment.   Yet at the end of the day, instead of justifying their selectivity of indictment - the reader is forced to either:
  1. Accept the words stated BECAUSE the author said that it is so
  2. Accept that, in the case of Black people - we have some special "Soft Tissue Injury From RACISM" that logic nor any MRI machine will ever detect.   
It is best that the skeptic STOP ASKING for proof because it is our pain to own.  THEY don't get to choose our leaders for us.  THEY aren't about to try and tell us that we don't feel the pain that they say we should not be experiencing.   Even if the electrodes attached to our body can detect no nerve activity traveling up and down the spine in reaction to the painful stimuli - triggering the assumption that there is a psychosomatic ailment as the driver. 

The best way to analyze the latest tresties of the "Friend of Chalmers Johnson" is to parcel out the arguments in grid form.
We Are Respectable Progressive Negroes: No Laughing Matter: The Tea Party GOPs Depictions Of President Obama As An Ape Are Motivated By Violence And Hatred

Passage From The Post Supporting Pictorial Evidence Garbage Pail Kids Analysis 
Right Wing Defense For "Racism"!!
This is not the first of such racist escapades by Conservatives. Since at least 2008, The Tea Party GOP and its supporters have been obsessed with depicting Barack Obama and his family as being either subhuman or savage.

A White Republican Called Obama's White Mother A CHIMP.  This was a worthwhile self-slap as her real goal was to get at Obama and his Black father.
Notice that NOWHERE in Mr DeVega's article is any DEFINING LINE - the notion that there are some points of slander that should be kept outside of the ring of Political Discourse in America.

I suspect that the real reason that Mr DeVega did not draw this UNIVERSAL line in the sand if because his own attack on a BLACK MAN named "Herman Cain" - in which he saw a BLACK MAN and used SLAVE REFERENCES in response to nothing other than his SKIN COLOR - would have put him at odds with his "new found standards".

I do accept the notion of salvation and the change of heart that a person can experience.  I seriously doubt that Mr DeVega "found Jesus" since these two points in time.  In fact he appeared on a second progressive fundamentalist blog to say that he was PROUD to say words against a Black man that would have caused a WHITE PROGRESSIVE Snarling Fox to be called a "Racist" and he would do it again if the White Progressives Snarling Foxes asked him to.
"George Bush was mocked as a monkey or gorilla too, so what is the difference?" For deniers of the obvious racial invective underlying the attacks on Barack Obama, the "they did it too" defense has become a convenient redoubt.
(Note: This shirt depicts the evolution from a CHIMP to BUSH to OBAMA)
I credit DeVega and David Love for having the consciousness of mind to insert such a preemptive nugget into their argument.

We are asked to NOT look at the abundance of "Monkey References" to the man who had EQUAL POWER in the White House - just before Obama.................

We are instead supposed to look at OBAMA - and his BLACKNESS and the history by which Black people had been called "Monkeys" and thus with this combination of a BLACK PROGRESSIVE PRESIDENT - the group of people who would normally be given to call their OPPOSITION PRESIDENT a "Monkey" - just as the last 43 White men were called in some form - will either RESPECT the "Painful Image" that Black people being depicted as monkeys brings forth OR - unlike the people who painted Bush as a Monkey - they will be called RACISTS.

At least with President Ronald Reagan - who holds a sweet spot in Mr DeVega's heart - he actually had a chimp as a partner.

In summary - when motivated to mock and attack President Obama - ALL of us must prioritize the fact that he is a BLACK MAN first and then consider these sensitivities before attacking the "Stripes" that he wears.

Keep in mind that this flows both ways.  When Commander In Chief Obama wages an imperialist war in Africa - we must give him the benefit of the doubt that no "Black Man" - let alone one who is mockingly said to have been born in Kenya would ever be mistaken for giving the green light to drop bombs on the continent of Africa - JUST LIKE Ronald Reagan - who hated Black people per his visit to Philadelphia MS to send Blacks a message.  (Or at least this is what Jack White told us was the motivation).
They are rooted in more than a deep antipathy towards the idea of a black man being President and the accompanying upset which this reality has caused for the White Racial Frame.

The vision painted by Mr DeVega

The main failure of Mr DeVega's argument is that he portends that the HOPES, DREAMS AND BIGOTRIES of the Racist White Tea Party TRUMPS the realities that COMMANDER IN CHIEF BARACK OBAMA has the POWER to Order the US Military Command to DROP BOMBS!!

Thus in his masturbatory attempt at redirection - it is MR DEVEGA who is out of touch with the reality of WHO IS IN POWER per the ENFORCEMENTS of the SYSTEM called "The Government Of The United States Of AMERICA" 

If there ever was someone who needed to be shaken with the words saying "Hey There Is A Black Man In The Oval Office - Get Used To It" it is Mr DeVega and his ilk.   He has traded in his Imperialist War protest sneakers for "living VICARIOUSLY through the footwear of President OBAMA"
Ultimately, caricatures which link Barack Obama to apes and gorillas are integral elements of a centuries long project of White racial violence against people of color in this country and abroad.

alternatively depict African Americans as either childlike and simple-


My claim is not that the Marilyn Davenports of the world (and those on the Right and elsewhere) who find these images funny are going to personally indulge in racially motivated violence.

The Legacy Of Scientific Racism Against Black People

(Note:  ALL of these scientists have today been DISCREDITED.

Now it is aeriodite to believe that man has evolved from monkeys with anyone who doubts this theory being primitive in their thinking which is outside of what the academy now believes - JUST AS the academy once believed the picture above was true.)
Mr DeVega - like Rachel Maddow believes that "The Vulnerable Masses" of which Black people are a permanent member are threatened in 2011 by VIOLENCE that MIGHT HAPPEN if their progressive band dared take their eye off of the external conservative enemy than the VIOLENCE that transpires at the hands of other "Vulnerable People".

No Black man can ball up his fist and hit another Black man in a manner that is as hard as what the lowliest White Conservative can manage to strike us with an open hand.

Link To Video Above

The very fact that I would post such an EQUAL video has shown that I have violated the "Black trust".

The only THREAT OF VIOLENCE against Black people that matters are those coming from:
  • White Racists
  • POLICE Officers

Ultimately the careful watch that Mr DeVega is constantly on patrol, seeking "White Conservative home invaders" and their Black Conservative - Garbage Pail Kid co-conspirators who act as LOOK OUTS - per their inferior status to their boss - is merely a narrative that allows him to continue on - KNOWN that the fate of the places where his ideology has the last say is NOT the fault of the aggregate set of actions that the congregation that he is a part of has allowed to fester - per their dogmatic view outward - looking for threats.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Average Brother The Liberal Kappa - Has A Problem With Black Conservatives & Leaves Clarence Thomas Off Of His Debit List

This post on Average Brother The Liberal Kappa's blog is from 2008.
No I do not scour the blogs of Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers.
I typically use the links on "Rappa" or "Black Conscious Thoughts" and click through to any subject that catches my eye.   In the case of the 13 Debts - it was on a link to another story that appeared on Average Brother The Liberal Kappa's blog.

Top 13 Debits To The Black Race

Now upon first glance you'd say "Hummmm  - OK there is a mix of ideologically progressive as well as Black Conservatives on the list.   Average Brother The Liberal Kappa is a square shooter."

You'd be mistaken.
You have to read the analysis underneath the submissions to see that - as he says:
 I guess I have a problem with black conservatives. Shoot me.
His "problem" with the late Stephanie Tubbs Jones was that she "sounded too much like the Clintons'.  NOW those of you who accept things at face value won't bother to note that this list was crafted during our around the Presidential campaign of Barack Obama.   Average Brother The Liberal Kappa is, in truth PISSED that Ms Jones stuck with her endorsement of Hillary Clinton and not Barack Obama.

Now get this  - he adds Obama's reverend to the list - Rev Jeremiah Wright.  Again - you'd take this as transparency on Average Brother The Liberal Kappa's part.  WRONG.  No analysis of his IDEOLOGY. Only concern that Wright's actions hurt OBAMA.

Of course former Mayor Kwame Brown is on the list but instead of mentioning the destroyed city of Detroit and how his ideology and favored party which Brown is a member of - Average Brother The Liberal Kappa
focuses on his PERSONAL indiscretions that took Brown out.   I have little doubt that if Average Brother The Liberal Kappa were a resident of Detroit TODAY - he would be a strong supporter of the machine which presided over the city's fiscal collapse and an active member of the Detroit NAACP - presently getting the REPUBLICAN Governor of Michigan to DO SOMETHING about the public school system - that their friends who they helped get into office destroyed.

While Average Brother The Liberal Kappa skipped over the standard bearer of "Black Debits To Their Race From A Progressive View" - Clarence Thomas - we can apply the words used against Jesse Lee Peterson to gain some insight on how he thinks:

Some of you think I have a problem with black conservatives. Considering most of my social views, that would be a mis-read. I don't dislike black conservatives, I just plain dislike black liars.

Here is the conundrum that an ideological operative like Average Brother The Liberal Kappa faces.  With a dearth of BLACK CONSERVATIVES with ACTUAL ELECTED POWER to do material damage to the interests of the Black Community - coupled with his unwillingness to systematically take on the establishment machine that has measurably failed the Black community - Average Brother The Liberal Kappa is forced to play this shell game by which he attacks his ideological enemies YET attacks ideological PROGRESSIVES - but only - when they THREATEN THE MACHINE.

Average Brother The Liberal Kappa is wise enough to know that if he indeed were to take a position of absolute defense of the Black community's jewels and then make note of the present shortfalls - it is HE that would have to - wait what did he say about Jason Whitlock and Jesse Lee Peterson?:

usually bashing "black leaders"

You see the analogue to the hired hit man that "Bashes Black Leaders" are the squirrelly operatives who DEFEND Black Progressive Leadership - DESPITE the carnage at the feet of the Black Community.  Not only do they have no credibility outside of those people who see the FRAUDULENT SCHEME - those who observe their antics realize that IF this swam of operatives that work in machine-like fashion ever get control over all of the rungs - they TOO will use their BIGOTRY to promote the MACHINE - providing IT with a 85% approval rating when the GASOLINE is $3.85 a gallon and their unemployment rate is 15.2% as well.

You see Average Brother The Liberal Kappa lacks TRANSPARENCY.

Since his mission is to "Protect Black Leaders" - then a person WITHIN the Black Community who's TRANSPARENT GOAL is to promote the BLACK PERMANENT INTERESTS should be standing AGAINST Average Brother The Liberal Kappa's scheme of "Black Leadership Protection Racket".

For you see - IF a "Black Conservative" BLACK can have theories, policies and actions that HARM the Black Community - despite being BLACK - then MOST ASSUREDLY a Black Progressive-Fundamentalist can have these same attributes and outcomes as well.  (See Camden, Detroit, Flint, and the "Mission Accomplished Sections" of many other cities).

So you see it is INCONGRUENT to "The Black Permanent Interests" to orchestrate a SILENCE and PROTECTION campaign on behalf of (FAVORABLE) Black Leaders.  

All the while you are trying to SILENCE criticism of slander the critic - the true measure of your FRAUD is the SILENCE over the continuing conditions WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.    Instead of showing willingness to confront these issues in these "Mission Accomplished" zones - acquiring new IDEAS and new management - you inadvertently (or maybe not so accidentally) FORTIFY the condition because you don't have as your main mission CORRECTION of these dysfunctions that zap the live out of our community.  Instead your goal is to PROTECT those forces that preside over them.

YOU are the one who needs to be isolated more than the members of the "Debit List".
YOU are sold out to your IDEOLOGY and the MACHINE that has embedded itself into the consciousness of Black America.   It sells our INFERIORITY as a means of remaining entrenched - never having to account for the results it delivers.  Always selling the FUTURE in which these problems are corrected.

QUESTION:  Why did Average Brother The Liberal Kappa Quit The Democratic Party (or at least claim to) In 2008?

  1. Because he looked around and saw that they were the monopoly force in Black America, having attained this position by selling Black people on the promise of CHANGE but largely failing to deliver, thus he could not take "Black Liars"?
  2. He gained consciousness that the "American Political Domain" was NOT the area for investment for Black people seeking to grow "Organic Black Community Competencies" - Just as Malcolm X had warned us about?
  3. The Democratic Party failed to fight back on behalf of candidate Barack Obama in response to Republican JOHN MCCAIN'S RACIST attacks On Obama?
(Take your time people.    Choose carefully which answer that you think it is.)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Has The Grio/HuffPo's David Love Ever Challenged Huff Po To Take Down The "Bush Chimp" Reference From Their Web Site?

David Love: Why The Obama Chimp E-Mail Is No Laughing Matter

David Love: HuffPo - The GOP Overreach 
(Is it me or is there a pattern which shows that those who CLAIM to be projecting the "Black Agenda" spend a disproportionate amount of their time "KEEPING THEIR ENEMIES ON TRIAL so they don't have to defend the entrenchment that their friends have" - thanks to their assistance?)

As long as a given ideological machine gets to decide what they will be OFFENDED about - we can be sure that most of what they are offended by will have some ideological and political advantage to them.

CLASSIC Preemptive Strike Attempt By David Love!!!
In a hopelessly pathetic attempt to defend the racist Obama chimp email as humor, someone somewhere will try to compare it to depictions of George W. Bush as a chimpanzee. But this is a perfect example of false equivalence, of apples and oranges. Bush-as-chimp is not the same as Obama-as-chimp. After all, the former lacks a racist subtext that is deeply rooted in history. Never were whites in this country depicted as primates in order to racially discriminate against them. However, black people were, and apparently still are, racially victimized by these horrid, hurtful and tasteless images.

And why, might we ask that "President Bush several web sites referencing him as a 'chimp'"  and an article on Mr Love's HuffPo NOT as damn-worthy as President Obama  as a chimp?

Simply put - BECAUSE David Love SAYS SO!!!  And he has a lot of Black folks (and Progressive White Joint Venture Partners to back him up).

In the world of Black Ideological Enforcement - you either go with the flow or get rolled over.
When I speak about the "Inferiorization Of Barack Obama" as compared to the 43 other White men who preceded him - I am not saying that OBAMA IS INFERIOR.  I am saying that his defenders and handlers project such inferiority upon him per their own rationalizations.

The same secularist who wish to tell us that Evolution is a fact as they believe that we ALL came from MONKEYS (note - Scientists are looking for a replacement to the "Big Bang Theory") are now seeking to make such a notion a pejorative as they attempt to use it as their exclusive indictment in the racial domain.  The truth is that there is not one genetic element in President Obama's body that makes him closer to a monkey than that which George Bush or George Washington has.

An argument that expressed more character and transparency would have made the case that the POLITICAL DOMAIN has no room for such slights upon a person as we are all EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS.   Instead - Mr Love leaves the door open for the next round of left-wing driven hateful discourse, surmising that as long as it is not directed at a Black (Progressive) then it is of no business of his.

Ultimately Mr Love plays a grand confidence game.
Black people will continue to indict Republicans when they step across the line in discourse - attributing it to RACISM.
Such attention on these frivolous subjects will indemnify the controlling Democrats from having to stand accountable for the outcomes that transpire upon their watch.  There are greater threats that such dissension would expose our community to than to look past this RACIST insult and address the INSULT that is transpiring within our communities.

I only wish that Mr Love was a consistent protector of the "Black Image".   Then he would be forced to slant his blog site's editorial bias toward ALL who threaten to sully the Black image using hateful images that impaled us in the past.

Please note that I AM NOT calling for the STANDARD TO BE LOWERED - accepting the e-mail against Obama as "par for the course".  I am simply asking the primary propaganda agents in the Black Political Space to step up their game with a bit of CONSISTENCY. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bush Or Chimp? President Obama Is Inferior To President Bush - Per The Views Of Certain Operatives

This is the page on HuffPo that came up as I typed in "Bush Chimp" in the process of looking for the web site that had George W Bush monkey pictures.

This should provide an important lesson about how LEFT WING INDICTMENTS work.

While this use of monkey imagery did not trigger any protests against HuffPo when it ran in 2007 - you can best believe that on HuffPo's blog site tonight is the picture of Obama in a monkey family portrait.  The primary difference is that the Republicans are RACISTS in their use of such imagery of a Black man.

Think about it people - IF we are all equal human beings then how is it that Black people are closer in our evolution to the monkey than are Whites?   Do you even believe in evolution?

The challenge is NOT "With the sensitivities to Blacks about being depicted as monkeys due to a history of slander - this must be punished'.   Instead we need to get into the minds of the Black inferiorists and ask them why they are not intent on removing monkey slander from all of political discourse?

Hummm - were have I seen this "Advertise Liberally" logo?

Is there any chance that we'll see progressive-fundamentalists with dignity demanding that "Bush Or Chimp" remove this logo which they also have on their blogs so that THEY are not tarnished with the ignorance of using monkey imagery in political discourse?

If you hold your breath on this one you will surely die of asphyxiation 

Lefting Watch Of Tired And Retired Jack White & His Economic Theories

RightWatch: Why Did Paul Ryan Become a Hero?

What if Tired & Retired Journalist Jack White was forced to scrutinize the economic policies of Progressives in the context of their previous impact on the areas where they still have dominate control just as he focuses on "Reganomics"?   It appears that both White and Rev Al Sharpton have the right to focus upon Regan's "Trickle Down" economics but have no mandate to explain the theories that they have promoted from the bottom up within various communities around the nation, never having to account for the erosion.

To understand Jack White we must first understand the mantle that he works upon.

To him the mantle of being motivated to "help the poor" via the use of government to promote FAIR distribution of wealth inside of a political boundary allows him to look past the abject failure of these same policies at making people:

  • UN-Poor
  • The UN-Least Of These
  • Reducing The Population Of "The Vulnerable Masses"
The "Permanent Chase" milieu is established based on the need to remain on the offensive - seeking EQUALITY AND JUSTICE but displaying gross incompetence once favorable people retain power per the struggle and thus become the authorities charged with the care-taking of the masses who promoted them.  The more advancement his movement makes - the line of INDICTMENT will merely be drawn in front of them - thus guiding the ethos of their struggle.

From The Article:
For me, political courage means going against the ingrained beliefs and vested interests of your most dedicated constituents and sticking to an inconvenient truth. For a liberal Democrat like Obama, that would mean taking on such groups as unions and civil rights organizations. For a conservative Republican like Ryan, it would mean telling the wealthy that the time has come for them to start making sacrifices like everyone else to resolve what is plainly a national crisis.

 This is completely wrong and purposely misleading.
The WEALTHY are not all REPUBLICANS!!!!!!
There are plenty of wealthy people who are already going against Republicans.   I challenge Mr White to name ONE Democrat who is going against the unions and civil rights groups.  (NOTE: This does not include those who put forth policies that summarily attack unions by making the entity that employs them insolvent.  This was not intentional.  It was just that they are blinded to the unintended consequences of their failed theories).

Jack White also promotes the notion that the wealthy are merely hoarders of wealth and that their money in the hands of GOVERNMENT would go to better use.   This is nothing short of ignorant.
We only need to consider the vast number of academic institutions founded or refreshed by millions of dollars given by a wealthy person.   Indeed the array of small and/or privately held businesses which employ people were not started by the government nor poor people.

It is stunning that Mr White is loathed to show "IDEOLOGICAL Courage" for it would require him to go against the MACHINE that he has provided voice and cover for more than 30 years.   After seeing with his own eyes the product that our public schools are producing as various journalism students bore poor study habits and were greatly lacking in their penmanship it is HE who remains bigotedly entrenched inside of his own ideological world view.

I am not sure WHO Jack White blames for the state of consciousness that the Black students who entered his Howard University journalism program  but I would not be surprised if all of them have a picture of Ronald Reagan hanging on the wall at their home as one enters the house.

Prediction: THIS Picture Will Be The Big News Story In The Black Blog Understudy Swarm

I prefer that this type of specious propaganda remain outside of political discourse.

This type of imagery cuts both ways:

  • Those who know the sensitivities of Black people with regard to the "monkey imagery" realize that it is going to trigger a response
  • Despite the number of White politicians who have been slandered with monkey imagery they seem to escape the racial sensitivity issue despite them being 100% equal in every way to Blacks
Few people will realize that with Obama's mother being a White woman - this ignorant person is also calling White people "monkeys" just as much as they are claiming that a Black man came from monkeys.

The easily predictable operatives act as predicted:

  • The Filled Negro Blog: And A Chimp Shall Lead Them All
    • With Philadelphia as the 9th poorest city in the nation and the recent report on the problems with the grown in STDs among teens it comes as no surprise that Filled Negro has an express lane for any "racist" Republican to scoop the contents of his propaganda blog, pushing the real issues WITHIN the Black community to the side.  Apparently The editorial board agrees with him per his award.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The's Analysis Of "Obama's Debt Speech"

Obama Fires Back in Debt Speech

There are three perspectives:

  • Paul Ryan's Representation of the Republican vision of a fix
  • President Obama's Representation of the Democrat (And Black Establishment) vision of a fix
  • The REAL situation at hand - despite the other competing visions - the debt tumor continues to metastasize 
Cynthia Gordy appears to be content in isolating the Republican vision for the nation from the Democrats and selling the point on how the Democrats care more because of the protections that they stand for.

Unfortunately this is like arguing in defense of more fair food distribution in the formal dining hall on the Titanic just after the "Abandon Ship" call has been sounded.

It is clear that whatever mindset that has taken over in Washington DC it failed to keep this nation guided on a sound financial course.
The truth is that we failed to practice sound fiscal management BECAUSE the money was turned into "funny money" (fiat currency) and we were allowed to be temporarily abstracted from the full consequences.  Those consequences are now AT HAND.

Instead some choose to retain their ideological and partisan disposition. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

The's Dr NSenga "Obama" Burton

The President Obama To Reveal A Spending Plan (But I Am Going To Focus On Republican Paul Ryan's Plan Because Its Not About Presidency It Is About Power)

I am beyond the point of merely calling out bias.
We now need to start from the vantage point of the damage that is done as the Black community's potential for organic development is squandered as some of us become expert pass blockers or ball carriers in the "American Political Domain".

In truth the CUTS that have been DRACONIAN are the ones that were made to the local economies after the machine that took over various "Mission Accomplished Cities" but failed to retain the level of productivity among the masses. If the fear is that 700,000 jobs will be lost under the 'Ryan Plan' as government is pared back - this pales in comparison to the aggregate destruction of jobs in government and the private sector that has taken place over the last few decades as this machine has GROWN in power, talking over all of the institutions in these places.

But you see - Dr Burton is not about laying out a transparent defense for "the workers". She is a classical ideologue. Her job is to advance the political agenda and the methodology that it pushes.

Though a number of cities are perfect references regarding the ultimate "job destroyer" that FISCAL INSOLVENCY reaps upon the working masses - they tell us that instead a BUDGET is the force that destroys jobs.

If you follow the line of thinking and the focus of certain media operatives there is a long list of forces that are more powerful than is President Obama. In this case Dr Burton is left HOPING that President Obama isn't tricked into going along with these forces. But fear not if he does - she will be pushing the talking point that Obama has used to justify his decision.

  • The Tea Party is more powerful than Obama if you listen to them
  • The Republican Governors are more powerful than Obama if you listen to them
  • Rep John Boehnner (R-OH) is more powerful than Obama if you listen to them
  • Rep Paul Ryan (R-MN) is more powerful than Obama if you listen to them
  • The US Military command that advised Obama to bomb Libya is more powerful than Obama
The pattern - Their mission is to fight THROUGH Obama against their real enemies - the Conservatives but in the process we can't see where Obama ends and where their own consciousness begins.

Notice how it is noted that "DEMOCRATS" have labeled the cuts proposed by Paul Ryan as "Draconian" and later on in the story Dr Burton adopts this label as her own.   I take it that in the YouTube video in which she promised to help the Democrats win - she was indeed intent on doing so.   Does the "Black community win" when the "Democrats win"?     You show your cities and I will show my cities to say otherwise.  THIS is why they prefer to "Keep their enemies on trial" - so they don't have to justify their results. 

From The Article:
The war on the elderly and poor may be moving forward. The Associated Press is reporting that the House and Senate are expected to vote on a budget for the remainder of this fiscal year mid-week. President Obama will reveal his plan to reduce the deficit, in part by scaling back the government's chief health programs for seniors and the poor.

The House, too, may vote on Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's spending plan for next year as Democrats readied arguments that it proposed "Draconian" cuts to Americans who need help the most. Ryan wants to cut Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and student loans.

Congress is in the process of making sure that Friday's "compromise" that would fund the government through September is put into effect. What's next? A fight over raising the nation's debt limit and the election-year budget.

The AP reports, "We've had to bring this president kicking and screaming to the table to cut spending," said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., on "Fox News Sunday." Presidential adviser David Plouffe said Obama has long been committed to finding ways for the nation to spend within its means. He confirmed that the president would unveil more specifics for deficit reduction with a speech Wednesday that would reveal plans to reduce the government's chief health programs for seniors and the poor.

We hope that president Obama doesn't allow the Republicans to twist his arm into doing something crazy like putting those "Draconian" cuts into effect. If Republicans want to cut those programs, then they can do it when they are in the White House. Besides, Republicans always talk tough on these issues but know in their little mean-spirited hearts that if they go through with their cuts, the majority of those who make use of those services -- White Americans -- would be negatively impacted. But then again, maybe the Republicans under the influence of the Tea Party are finally ready to put their economically-disadvantaged "not-so-distant" cousins out to pasture? Time will tell.

Special Analysis:

Republicans always talk tough on these issues but know in their little mean-spirited hearts that if they go through with their cuts, the majority of those who make use of those services -- White Americans -- would be negatively impacted

Despite pointing out that WHITE FOLKS are hurt more by "Evil Hearted Republican CUTS" I have little doubt that Dr Burton will join the fray in claiming that these Republican cuts are RACIALLY MOTIVATED.
(Did Dr Burton attend Jack White's journalism classes at Howard University?)

I wonder why we never hear that the destruction of tax bases where Democrats dominate are RACIST?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Who Runs The "'s Left Wing Watch" - Answer - The Bulk Of Their Content Contributors

"Tired And Retired" Time Magazine journalist Jack White says that he has been designated as the "Right Wing Monitor".  For the man who brought us the "Ronald Reagan Went To Philadelphia MS - 16 Years After The Civil Rights Murders And Didn't Acknowledge Them - Thus Poking Black People In The Eye" fame I can think of no other Lampblack Yellow Journalist more qualified to handle the role.

As I was thinking about the list of rogues that Mr White said that he has his bifocals fixed upon I wondered why the does not have a Left-Wing Watch designee.

From Mr White's latest diatribe:
That's why I was so chagrined to learn the other day that Glenn Beck and Fox News are essentially parting ways. Beck's show and his audience constitute a virtual window into the collective mind of some of the craziest people in America. When, at some as-yet-unspecified date, the show goes off the air, it will be far more difficult to know what twisted preoccupations are raging inside the collective right-wing mind. Fulfilling my new assignment at The Root is going to be a lot more challenging.

That assignment is to write a weekly commentary on the antics of the motley collection of Birthers, know-nothing populists, neo-racists, Tea Party fanatics, paleo-constitutionalists, gun nuts, nativists, moral vigilantes, Aryan revivalists, NPR haters and other assorted mental cases that make up the conservative lunatic fringe -- which is, in some ways, indistinguishable from elements of the Republican Party. It's a task I take on knowing that it involves considerable risk to my mental health. Just 15 minutes of exposure to, say, Rush Limbaugh, Michele Bachmann or Rand Paul can land you in the booby hatch.

Now I realize that has the highest level of journalistic integrity.  After all it promoted the "Field Negro" blog as one of its top 30 "Black Progressive Blogger Understudies" to watch.  This is akin to the Peabody Award in the Black Progressive blogesphere.

Who Is Running The Left-Wing Watch For The

 ANSWER:  The Majority Of The Content Contributors.

You see there is a difference.  While our friend Jack White works to point out the "right wing" operatives and provide the analytical filter of how their harm to the Progressive ideology and the Democratic Party and thus they hurt Black people - the goal of the "Left-wing Watch" is very different.

They are not attempting to EXPOSE the left -

  • Maligning them for the social and economic conditions of various "Mission Accomplished Zones"
  • Demanding that they stand accountable for the condition of our schools that they control
  • Challenge the claims of a "racist prison nation" by noting that even when "favorable people" run the law enforcement and judicial system in a region, having received 50%+ of the Black vote they STILL claim that the plot to destroy the Black community is the reason for the outcomes
Instead they are working to PROMOTE THE LEFT

If anything their mission is to take the messages of their "White Liberal Snarling Fox" Joint-Venture Partners and sculpt the messages into points that Blacks can relate to.

Harry Reid or Ruth Bader Ginsberg are not going to walk down Martin Luther King Jr Blvd and advocate a message that the harvested Black vote will respond to.  They need the "Lampblack Yellow Journalists" to act as agents for their message.

Worse than "Glenn Beck" these forces have ACTUAL POWER within the Black community - ensuring that the people who sit in the institutional seats are not held accountable for the results that have fallen short of that which they marketed to us during the election.

Congratulations Jack White on your promotion.
It is a good thing that there is no "Lawrence Summers-figure" positioned at "" to tell you that your present antics are below accepted journalistic standards.

The growing power of the progressive forces over the key institutions of Black America is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to the coverage provided by the Lampblack Yellow Journalist Press.

They turn from writing stinging indictments against the adversarial occupant of the institutional seat of power over to erecting a journalist wall of defense of the "favorable occupant".  The fact that the RESULTS that are garnered are equally short of our expectations has no impact upon the coverage that is espoused by these press operatives.

Having become enchanted by the presence of a person with a favorable ideology in the seat of power they merely scale their scope upward to find the offending ideological force which is PREVENTING the favorable person from being successful at delivering what they jointly promised during the campaign.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Horrah!!! Color Of Change Played A Part In Topling "The Glenn Beck Show"

Statement from in Response to Glenn Beck’s Departure from the Fox News Channel
April 6, 2011

For Immediate Release

Contact – Brandon Hatler, (212) 691-2800 or

OAKLAND, Calif. – The following is a statement from James Rucker, executive director of, in response to Glenn Beck’s departure from the Fox News Channel:

“ColorOfChange strongly applauds Glenn Beck’s departure from the Fox News Channel. More than 285,000 ColorOfChange members have participated in our campaign against him since it began in July 2009. Because of them, Beck’s show lost more than 300 advertisers – companies that were unwilling to attach their products and brands to his vitriolic and divisive commentary. Fox News Channel clearly understands that Beck’s increasingly erratic behavior is a liability to their ratings and their bottom line, and we are glad to see them take this action.”


With more than 750,000 members, is the nation’s largest African-American online political organization.

If Glenn Beck's "erratic behavior" was a drag on the show's ratings then what can we conclude is the ratings problem over at MSNBC in the fact that "The Glenn Beck Show" is the third highest rated cable news show on the air - topping ALL of MSNBC shows which are more favorable to "The Color Of Change"?

Cable News Ratings

In the mind of "Color Of Change" and other Progressive-Fundamentalist operations "hate speech" is anything that counters what they believe.

As "Activists of Leisure" they are able to cherry pick among the problems (real or imagined) that Black people face, always seeming to pick the ones that fall in line with their ideological bailiwick.  

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Brother Brown", Member Of The "Neo-All White Jury" Has His Own Ideologyl Fused And Confused With Blackness

If there was ever a walking molestation of the PROPORTIONALITY FILTER we should look no further than a blogger named BrotherBrown.

You see - in the world of Brother Brown Shirt those who dare make observations of the derailed human lives that are produced as they walk through the "Rites Of Passage" process that is enforced and protected in some Black Communities today by his ideological soulmates are called "Anti-Black".

If one doesn't capture sufficient grievenance to his liking he is "DeBlackified".   Strangely enough I can think of no Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser that has ever been stripped as such.

One is a FOOL if they heed Brother Brown Shirts judgement on who is authentically Black.

Mind you - the people who worked to gain POWER and then retain their POWER over said system of destroyed dreams, harvesting Black "Equal Ballots" from this orchard every two years, don't suffer this same slight from our friend BrotherBrownShirt.

For some strange reason it is the "Garbage Pail Kids" - the Black Conservative who has the AUDACITY to stand up to this machine that refuses to accept any criticism or correction that is the disproportionate target for his angst.  All corrupt systems have a means of "self-protection".

We are told that there are 9,000 Black Elected officials (no surprise if 95% of them are Democrats and 85% of them are Progressives).   Despite this and the large monopoly majority of Black people who VOTE just as BrotherBrownShirt wants them to - BrotherBrownShirt is more perturbed by the speckling FEW who dare register a complaint than he does the "Black people in good standing" who:

  1. Accepted a position of RESPONSIBILITY - (elected or via parentage)
  2. Has failed to live up to their RESPONSIBILITIES - (as shown in the results)
  3. Who know the secret to keeping in good stead with people who think like BrotherBrownShirt (playing the victimization card typically does the trick)

I realize that if I were to drive out to the corner of "Rev Joseph Lowery Bvld and Rev Joseph Boone Blvd" in Atlanta and interview the first 5 Black people using the very same standards that BrotherBrownShirt expects of ME - the fact that these residents - who live within the zone where BrotherBrownShirts expects me to "give back" would fail the test that he attempts to give me.  He will be loathed to see that this, a "Mission Accomplished Area", adorned with street signs of "our heroes" - which we were told would cease IF we took down the names of the "Confederate Generals" placed there by the population who resided there before the neighborhood flipped - now have individuals who play the part of the "Neo-Confederates" but escape the damnation of our jaundiced-eyed judge.

So ingrained in his mind are the notions of their inferiority per their membership in the  "Inferior 25%" (which is the unintended residue of "The Talented 10th and the "Get In Where They Fit In 65%") that he won't believe them to be competent enough to carry any such burden that our community places upon them.  He instead asks me to "do my RACIAL PART". 

Call Me A SUPERIOR, Punk!!!

I will only play your game of "Transacting Black Inferiority", ceasing to make observations of the failure that you have allowed to metastasize IF you call me "Superior" just as you think these others as INFERIORS.

What you are loathed to see is that as you remove the Functional Black Culture from their presence - one brick at a time in the name of "Secular Progressivism" it is YOU who ensure that their condition is perpetuated yet another GENERATON.

New Series: The Garbage Pail Kids Korner

In support of my new found friend Chauncey DeVega (and his side kick Greg Thrasher) I have initiated a new series titled:" The Garbage Pail Kids Korner". 

A "Garbage Pail Kid" is the rather less than affectionate reference to "Black Conservatives" that was conjured up by Mr DeVega.    Where as my own label: "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" was forged out of a functional discription of this mindset - the term "Garbage Pail Kid" is merely the latest example of the sophomoric cajoling techniques used for "ideological unity enforcement". 

I continue to struggle to understand how this beast known as "The Black Conservative" - so few in number - can be promoted as such a superior threat that he enjoys so much coverage.   As such those "favorable Blacks" who not only have the confidence of the "Black Rank & File" but who also get elected into institutions of POWER don't appear to trigger such scrutiny or contempt from the "DeVega Thrasher Press Gang".

While we are treated to a well researched daily treaties of "Conservative White Supremacy" and their "Negro Conservative Shepardboys".......scant is the research on any racism that Chalmers Johnson and other White Progressive-Fundamentalists might have possessed per their common "whiteness".   We are thus lead to believe that "White Supremacy" is a function of "conservativism".  Organically in the White Conservative and induced upon the Black Conservative per his close proximity to its radiological effect.

Though a White Conservative and his White Progressive twin may have shared the same womb-space for 8.5 months at their gestation - the "DeVega Thrasher Press Gang" attempts to have us belives that the "good twin" has been cured of his hate-based predicament as proven by his progressive-fundamentalism and thus "good will" to all darker shades of melanated people.

At the indirect behest of Mr DeVega I was compelled to use my "Amazon Prime" membership to append my order for the new Manning Marable book on Malcolm X to include a book written by Arthur Lee Smith, Jr who now goes by the name of Molefi K. Asante.  This change in name came with his consciousn understanding that it is the Black Conservative who is now the prime servant "in the master's house".  Upon reading it I hope to be the first on to post a review of this scholarly book.

The Black Conservative - The Numbers Don't Add Up

As we work to understand the ways of Black Ideological Discourse it is important to understand that PROPORTIONALITY of a particular force is irrelvant in the construction of a model of the world.  The goal of "Ideological Unity Enforcement" plays the greater role.  Thus the oft spoken of "Black Anti-Progressive" (Conservative) has an importance that is far greater than his actual numbers.

One day the BQPFRC will acknowledge that the "Black Anti-Progressive" has a SUPERIOR concentration than his instantiation into a single body in human form leads them to believe.  He enjoys a disproporationate amount of their attention despite having so few elected seats - especially within the Black community.  We must conclude that it is his SUPERIOR concentration of his chemical make up that distinguishes him from the "also ran Black Progressive" who receives some much less attention on various blogs and newspaper columns.

I will note this post as a bookmark and will do a book review after reading Molefi Asante's analysis of how "The Black Conservative" has RISEN - despite the fact that the Black Progressive-Fundamental runs the board within the Black community.

Friday, April 1, 2011

David Love: "Don't Allow The Black Right Wing To Hijack The Civil Rights Movement...................Allowing Them To Displace The Hijacking By The Black Progressive-Fundamentalsts Who Got There First"

(Jesus - please help my people for they know not what they do.  I mean it.  Please!!)

David Love - Of The Grio/Black Commentator and Huffington Post asks:
How Do Pro-Choice Blacks Combat The Anti-Abortion Billboards

First allow me to posit my answer to the rhetorical question.

The ANSWER is to understand that even if you ripped down ever one of these billboards - like they were a "Cory Booker For Mayor" poster in the documentary "Street Fight" this action is IRRELEVANT to the subject at hand - the production of "Unwanted Pregnancies" - having stemmed from the "body fluid exchange" between a male and a female who did not intend to allow the genetic material that is known to initiate the human gestation process, when implanted inside of the female "gestation chamber" - as both "copulators" sought out tactile stimulation of their complementary genitalia.

It seems to me that Mr Love is abstracting away from the real issue and instead seeking to commandeer the consciousness of the "complicit congregation" into his desired struggle.

Worse than the "outsiders to the community, coming in to impart their values and ideology" are the forces that have marinaded their ideology into these same communities as they demand that the "gestated being" produced in the fully liberated environ be fully funded by the people who he has previously told to "mind their damned business" - but "send your check".

Though I am technically "Pro-Choice" since I do not support government intervention in such an intimate matter - as their solution will be worse than the initial problem - I am puzzled as to why Mr Love is so intent on bringing in POLITICS and ultimately GOVERNMENT as a means of discrediting these individuals:

  1. Oddly, the religious right -- who claim that the president was born in Kenya and deny that he is the legitimate elected leader of this country -- are implying in this billboard that he is our leader. 
    1.  Purse Obfuscation On Mr Love's Part.   President Obama IS THE ELECTED LEADER OF THIS NATION.  This is evidenced by his recent decision, as Commander In Chief, to take this nation to war and the "Imperialist" US Military obeying his command, without any known defectors from the "White Racist Militia In The Military" - refusing the orders of a Kenyan-national.
  2. With a history of real-life conspiracies such as the Tuskegee Experiment when for 40 years the U.S. Public Health Service used black men as human guinea pigs and allowed them to die of syphilis -- black people will believe in some conspiracy theories
    1. Interesting that The Tuskegee Experiment gave Black folks - free health care, free food and Nurse Eunice Rivers gave those who needed it - a free ride to the clinic for treatment - Mr Love never thought to REMIND us of the outcome the LAST TIME we Black folks got "Government Health Care" when Health Care Reform was under debate
  3. And the right has a track record of promoting conspiracy theories, especially when it comes to President Obama's birth certificate.
    1. Again -having master obfuscation skills from Huffington Post and Black Commentator - Mr Love does as Jack White does - he knows what issue will RILE UP PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST BLACKS and he inserts these points as a bait and switch in order to take our focus off of the issue at hand - the "vacuum action" that this NON-GOVERNMENTAL group is attempting to bring awareness to.
  4. Alveda King, niece of civil rights icon Martin Luther King and head of black community outreach for Priests for Life -- in their thinly-veiled scheme to win over the African-American community.
    1.  I wonder if Mr Love is bothered when Martin Luther King III is enlisted to serve as the linkage between his father's legacy and some Progressive-Fundamentalist/ Pro-Democrat cause?  I don't recall him ever telling us to "watch our wallets".
  5. Meanwhile, in Congress and in statehouses throughout the country, religious conservatives are dismantling social programs, which will have a disproportionate impact on the poor, blacks and Latinos, and force more people into poverty. So much for standing with the black community and their interests.
    1. The most EFFECTIVE "dismantler" of social programs for Black people, seen in the past 20 years has been the FAILED PROGRESSIVE ECONOMIC POLICIES that have been adopted in various "Mission Accomplished Cities.
      1. As Detroit embarks on closing a large percentage of its government funded schools because it is no longer a fiscally viable city
      2. As Newark lays off hundreds of Police men
      3. As, long before the "Republican Governor" of Wisconsin "attacked" the public workers union - the 'Mission Accomplished City' of Milwaukee laid off hundreds of government union workers................
      4. Mr Love is loathed at being TRANSPARENT in his presentation of FACT


Abortion rates are higher among women of color, and black women account for 37 percent of abortions, even though they are 13 percent of the population. This is because women of color have a higher rate of unintended pregnancies. So, anti-abortion groups have decided to go after black women. And pro-choice black folks need to set them straight.

Look people, I stand opposed to having the government ENFORCE the "self-valuation" of a people.  It is an utter waste of time.  This is why I have my position on keeping the government out of it.

BUT when I see an opinion that so molests the logic of "CAUSE AND EFFECT" I am forced to note the consequence of the earlier DIVERSIONS and OBFUSCATIONS that were put forth to keep YOU from arriving at the "bread and butter" of the argument.

"Black women have a higher rate of UNINTENDED PREGNANCIES" THEREFORE more of them choose to separate the 'gestating child' in their womb from its nutrition source - the walls of their wombs."

This is a circular argument.

Mr Love is loathed to focus upon the vectors by which these "Unintended Pregnancies" are expressed.

Statistics show that a heterosexual couple in a stable, long term relationship are more likely accept this new edition to the family as a "gift", allowing them to perpetual their familial relationship as such.

With TWO, mature, educated, working adults managing life TOGETHER - the window by which this "gestating child" will be "unwanted" is REDUCED.

When I criticize "Progressive Fundamentalist" the bulk of my charge is that it is ultimately OUT OF PHASE with this important reality.   With the knowledge of the ATTRIBUTES by which a child is more likely to be "INTENDED" the choice between ORGANICALLY managing the human resources within the community group toward these attributes OR making an INDICTMENT against the greater society that it has FAILED to love all of its members, thus lifting them up to this desirable standard is the proverbial fork in the road for the progressive to decide upon.   When we look at the potential of "Stepping on their followers toes" or IDEOLOGICALLY UNIFYING the crowd in a STRUGGLE - the path that is opted for is identifiable by the trough that is worn in the road surface for that direction.

Ironically - the Progressive-Fundamentalist has done his part in REMOVING the cultural strictures that served to remove the OPTIONS that these two "copulators" had available to them.  They were said to be oppressive, patriarchal and 'hetero-normative'.   I pointed out last week that in a book on the "state of Black marriage" - the progressive author made lemonade as he exentuated the "DIVERITY" and "TOLERANCE" that is today's Black Family make-up.

The INTOLERANT ones are those who are unwilling to see the need for a stronger cultural hand - during this STATE OF EMERGENCY.   In a burning building a fire patrol leader might forced to PUSH a reluctant person through a door or window as they are otherwise frozen in their tracks.  In the Black Community - we hear references to a "state of emergency" but the actions and immediacy that is transacted upon INTERNAL "equal human beings" don't indicate this as the case.

Instead the typical use of such red flags is for notice to be given to the "elected officials" to make note of the crisis in Black America and provide the sufficient attention and resources that we need.  In as much as the LOCAL leaders got their power in the process of the struggle to obtain attention from elected officials - the present protest and struggle passes them by and instead is focused upon the "outsiders".  Those who ENTER into our community with their billboards hung by "CBS Outdoor Advertising" or those with seats of power, higher than what the favorable people now occupy. 

Other Arguments that don't stand:

Argument #1
The tragedy speaks to the lack of access to affordable, quality reproductive health services for such women, and unscrupulous "back-alley" doctors who will exploit them for a buck. 

Though the Philly abortion doctor was a LICENSED physician operating in the period where "Roe v Wade" is LAW - Mr Love paints him as a "Back Alley Abortionist"?   This is akin to claiming that today's "Legal Minimum Wage" is SLAVERY, done for purely rhetorical purposes but not based in truth.

Argument #2
First of all, the black community must not allow the right wing to hijack the legacy of the civil rights movement for their own narrow and nefarious purposes. The movement was part of a struggle for social justice, a cause that Christian conservatives never supported, and always fought against. The religious right fought to maintain slavery and segregation, and in recent years they have fought measures that encourage equality and diversity.
On April 4, 1968, 43 years ago, Dr. King was assassinated while fighting for a just wage for garbage collectors in Memphis. Today's ultra-right favors laws to undermine the rights of working people and remove the collective bargaining rights of union members. And while Dr. King fought against unjust laws that degrade rather than uplift human personality, those who favor laws scaling back reproductive rights are part of a movement that supports unjust laws against gay marriage, the rights of immigrants and others.

 Has anyone seen an article from David Love in which he walked in Dr King's shoes and now OPPOSE the military action in Libya?

He indicts "Christian Conservatives" who stood against the CIVIL RIGHTS of Black people "back in the".    Today we have "Christian Progressives" who are seeing CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS of Black people by Street Pirates, yet they don't label them CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS and thus, via their "congregational complicity" agree that they are not violators of the Christian ethos.  They blame the actions of Street Pirates on violations of "economic and social justice" yet didn't dare argue the same for the benefit of the CCC attackers.

Putting The Church On Trial

But this is not to say that the black church is monolithic. Some black congregations are led by pastors who are homophobic, although some members of the black church and the black clergy are gay. Some black ministers oppose women's equality, even though women are the backbone of the black church. And many segments of the black church are socially and theologically conservative and oppose abortion. Pro-choice African-Americans of faith should act accordingly and find religious institutions that embrace their views on reproductive rights.

One day I would love to see a Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser put the CHURCH OF SECULAR PROGRESSIVISM on trial - to enumerate its failings to our community.
The fact that Mr Love (and Cynthia Tucker and others) are so articulate in their ability to make indictments against "the church" I am quite sure that they have access to a particular template to do so against Secular Progressivism - they are loathed to do any SELF-indictment.