Monday, March 21, 2011

This Was The Best Donuts and Danish That Obama Has Ever Invested - Buying Oliver Willis

I may have doubted the intelligence of President Obama and his staff after all.

Who would have guessed that by providing an Progressive-Fundamentalist operatives with the opportunity to achieve the pinnacle of his career - being in the company of the President Of The United States - would go so far in his becoming a propagandist on behalf of the President?

In truth - the quality (or lack there of) of journalistic integrity of the Oliver Willis blog and how President Obama saw him as a TOOL - worthy of being invited to the White House as a means of coordinating their common messages projected into the media channels says a lot about Obama.

Let me say - It is not BIAS that troubles me.   I can deal.  It is abundant all over the place.

The point that troubles me is where I am unable to detect CONSCIOUSNESS within a person.  The point where his PARTISAN/IDEOLOGY ends and the person behind the mask shows himself.  I have a difficult time seeing this point in some operatives (left or right).

At the same time I have to credit Mr Willis.  Whereas I have a problem with some other blogs who claim to be "Black blogs" but in truth are "embedded confidence men" - Mr Willis is a "blogger that is Black" but his focus in on a general audience of fellow Progressive-Fundamentalists, looking for their daily feed of anti-Republican screed.   Again - I am not diminishing Mr Willis' "Blackness".   I have more respect for no other reason that he doesn't use it as a point of confidence.

Like the "Rachel Maddow Show", don't expect Mr Willis to focus on "The Black Community".   Any ORGANIC dysfunction within our community which doesn't lend itself to some indictment against their conservative enemies - simply is not covered.  (IE: Maddow will throw up a Northeast vs Southeast map when it comes time to blame the Republican state governments in the South.  When there is a massive Street Pirate Attack in a large urban area - it is not brought up in a manner similar to a "Tea Party Militia Threat" against minorities).

Clearly people are consuming Mr Willis' "progressive self-chum" so I can only blame him so much.  The fact that there is a market for this is the concern.

A Sample Of The Type Of Content That Got Oliver Willis A Paid Job At "Media Matters" And An Invitation To The White House.

If I told you that 75% of the Black people in Wisconsin live in Milwaukee and that the Black males in Milwaukee have an unemployment rate greater than 50% - would it be surprising to know that as Mr Willis has defended "unions" from the threat of attack from the  "Republican Governor" he is not interested in the masses who aren't union members - NOT because WI is a "Right To Work State" but DESPITE their right to join a union - there are no jobs for them to "organize" around?
"You gave me donuts.  I got ya back"

No surprising that a progressive slasher like Michael Moore would have taken the itinerary of the enemy president and cast all of the social events in a foreign nation as "vacation time" and another progressive slasher now calls those who dare do the same thing to President Obama "right wing liars".

I personally think that both sides are ridiculous when they do this.  Don't expect to hear any high bar from Willis on firing off petty indictments.  He bathes in them. 
Barack Obama - The Well Reasoned Commander In Chief

What is a "Phony Coalition"?
ANSWER:  Any one that you reject because you disagree with the "legitimacy" that the "coalition builder" is seeking to pass

What is a "Legitimate Coalition"?
ANSWER;  Any one that you accept as you give cover to the military operation that you would have protested had an enemy president done the very same thing.
Pot Calls The Kettle A "Darkie"

The biggest blunder that James O'Keefe has done is to target the employer of Oliver Willis - Media Matters - George Soros.

O'Keefe threatens to take food off of Willis' table

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