Monday, March 21, 2011

This Post Is Likely To Get Deleted By The Obama PomPom Girls So I Saved It Here

From 3 Chicks Politico: Go President Obama - Bomb Libya!!!

Ametia & SouthernGirl2:

Good evening. May peace be upon you.

I will put aside the clear observations of your bias in favor of Obama and try to understand the rationalizations of your positions. (Yes I've read all of your posts)

* Gaddafhi is killing his own people and we can't sit there and watch
* Obama went through the proper channels (the UN) to get permission to bomb
* Criticism of Obama's timing is merely "hateration"
* Oh yeah, and - "Barack & Roll", "Vote Democrat", "Once You Go Black You Never Go Back", "Vote Smart Vote Democrat".

I take it that you are arguing that a government that systematically murders and assaults its own people are worthy candidates for invasion? The majority vote by the United Nations IS "justification". (Even though two Security Council Members thought otherwise - Russia and China)

If the Tea Party Militia were to take the guns that they have stockpiled since "a Black man took office as President" and began a violent insurrection - AND THEN the American government put down the uprising using weapons of violence - would you chime in - suggesting that the UN intervene to attack the US Federal government in defense of the Tea Party?

Have you thought about all of this in terms of the American Civil War?
What is your threshold by which the JUSTIFICATION of an uprising trumps the justification of a sovereign nation to retain its standing?

What is your opinion of Farrakhan's protestations against US military actions and Obama.

(Or should I just accept the expected "Ugggh!" from SouthernGirl2 as an answer?)

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Anonymous said...

I like Minister Louis Farrakhan. I really do. But some things I agree with him and some I don't.

Surely Minister Louis Farrakhan doesn't condone Gaddafi murdering his own citizens for wanting democracy? Did you not read where Gaddafi stated he'd have no mercy? Should African Nations w/ dictators be excused when they commit atrocities against their own citizens? God forbid! Would you walk away or ignore someone who was murdering innocents? I hope not!

This mission was backed by the United Nations, The House Foreign Affairs and Intelligen­ce Committees & The Arab league. It was morally right! And it's going to be very limited.


3 Chics Politico