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Prometheus 6 Identifies "The Republicans Of Kansas" Who Are Screwing Up But Does Not Afix A Political Label To The School Administrators In Detroit

File this under "Don't Lie To Black People".

Please note this one post on the P6 blog and then scroll down and see so many other negative references to "Republicans".

To be clear folks - THIS AIN'T ABOUT REPUBLICANS!!!!! (with me).

I am inspecting the Embedded Confidence Men who operate with close proximity to our "community consciousness nucleus".

Quite possibly P6 forgot what he had posted in his last few articles as he went on to detail the floundering conditions of the Detroit Public Schools:

From The P6 blog:
DETROIT — In 2009, Detroit public schools had the lowest scores ever recorded in the 21-year history of the national math proficiency test.

The district had a budget deficit of $200 million.

About 8,000 students were leaving Detroit schools each year.

Political leaders had to do something, so they rounded up the usual whipping boys:

Wasteful bureaucrats. In 2009, the governor appointed an emergency financial manager, Robert Bobb, a former president of the Washington school board, to run the Detroit district. Mr. Bobb is known nationally for his work in school finance, and recruiting him took a big salary, $425,000 a year. He has spent millions more on financial consultants to clean up the fiscal mess left by previous superintendents.

Greedy unions. Though Detroit teachers make considerably less than nearby suburban teachers (a $73,700 maximum versus $97,700 in Troy), Mr. Bobb pressed for concessions. He got teachers to defer $5,000 a year in pay and contribute more for their health insurance. Last week, the Republican-controlled Legislature approved a bill to give emergency managers power to void public workers’ contracts. If signed by the governor, Mr. Bobb could terminate the Detroit teachers’ union contract.

Traditional public schools full of incompetent veteran teachers. Michigan was one of the first states to embrace charter schools, 15 years ago. Currently there are as many Detroit children in charters — 71,000 — as in district schools. Now there is talk of converting the entire Detroit district (which is 95 percent African-American) to charters. Supporters say this could generate significant savings, since charters are typically nonunion and can hire young teachers, pay them less and give them no pensions.

So now, two years later, how are the so-called reforms coming along?

Not great.

Maybe Its Me?

Can we all agree that "Favorable People" now control all aspects of Detroit, including the public school system?  So much of what is seen today is apart of the "Struggle" that the Black community there were enjoined into.  The embedded confidence men made it a point of racial pride that we place "favorable people" into power to advance policies that were favorable to our community and thus advance our "permanent interests".

Why is it that P6, other Black Progressive Fundamentalist bloggers and the "Eugene and Earl" forces of the Black Progressive press seem far more interested in fighting the "clear and present" ideological battle with their conservative bĂȘte noire yet they never get around to a "self breast exam"?  

How can they be trusted to lead us through the NEXT interval of the "struggle" when they are so loathed to do a post-mortem/ forensic analysis of what went right and what went wrong in the past interval?

They WON But We LOST

There is little debate over the fact that the progressive forces of the Black Establishment has been successful in implementing the METHODOLOGY that they have organized the resources within the Black community to execute upon.  This largely done with their ideological "joint venture partners".   The evidence of this is seen in their electoral success where "favorable people" have been placed into key institutional seats of power where they have the final say - or could tip the balance in the election outcome.   We only need to look at the various "inaugural balls" where there exists cellphone video footage of "happy Black people" - doing the electric slide - just after the speech given by the victorious candidate.

As I study the "Black Media" element of the "Black Establishment" (the Black Establishment Press/Media, the Black Progressive operatives who get face time within the mainstream press,  the Black Progressive bloggers) it seems clear that their job is to operate as the VOICE of "the Black Establishment", advancing its message.   Attacking all who threaten their progressive agenda. 

I don't have a problem with an individual with a set of beliefs - collaborating together to affect an outcome that is in line with their ideology.   Just as I am sitting at a keyboard that I own as an individual - a keyboard that is owned by a small media outlet who is in close partnership with MSNBC or the Washington Post is still operated by an individual who is forced to go to the bathroom after she drinks a sufficient amount of coffee - just like ME.

My problem with these forces is their inability to RECONCILE their "macro-agenda" (the advancement of their ideological theories) with the resulting impact in the "Mission Accomplished" areas.

They execute a scheme of "Keep Your Enemies On Trial So Your Readers Won't Ever Think To Inspect The Bill Of Goods That You Have Sold Them".

Anyone who was lead to believe that, upon their victory, they would accept more ACCOUNTABILITY for the conditions in Black America - was truly mistaken.

If they use "Establishment Authority Denial" regarding the conditions for Black people in:
  • Detroit
  • Chicago
  • Flint
  • Cleveland
  • Newark
.........what possible chance is there that a competing IDEOLOGY could come in and "take away their flock"?  (Note - the "flock" reference was posited by Rev CT Vivian - not me).

This hijacking in which our RACIAL wherewithal is made into a function of a Democratic victory and a Republican/Tea Party LOSS at the polls is the root of the problem.

Such Negroes who are entrenched in this battle will look at Detroit and make note of the increase in its "greening index" - as they count the overgrown weeds in a vacant lot which hide the broken glass from the closed factory that towers above it - as a place that Mother Nature has reclaimed.  They now see a field of "Carbon Dioxide Scrubbing", clearing the air which corporate production has polluted with its carcinogens.  

Job #1 for the Black American consciousness is to TAKE BACK from them the ability to DEFINE our priorities.  They have shown themselves to be ideologically self-serving and reckless.

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