Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If "Far Left Web Outlets" Are Propagating Lies Over Minnesota's Welfare Reform AND "The Root" Is Spreading The Same Lie Then The Root Is A..................

The Dr NSegna Burton: Minnesota GOP Wants to Deny Welfare Recipients the Right to Carry Cash

Dr Burton is careful to say "according to Crooks & Liars".
Yet the fact that there is ample evidence on other blog sites which prove the framing of the facts about the legislation to be a LIE and Dr Burton did not bother to do background research that would have uncovered this - we must question the AGENDA of Dr Burton and "The".

They realize that a certain amount of their readers will tap into their existing bias against all things conservative and Republican and thus accept in this latest "chum feeding" as fact.  Thus, despite being a lie, the initial bump by which the reader's views are fortified is a greater benefit to their agenda than is the evidence of their propagation of false information - in line with their "White Snarling Fox Liberal" joint-venture partners would cause other Blacks to question their over all agenda.   If they mislead on this issue - what else are they misleading Black people on?

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