Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fake News Story From Glenn Beck's "The Blaze" - Smart Meters Cause Illness Due To EMF


Apparently some people at "TheBlaze.com" figured that no one would do research to determine what "RF Disease" is.   The reference to "RF" drew the author of the story to figure that it meant "Radio Frequency".

RF Disease actually refers to Rheumatoid Factor Disease.  It has nothing to do with electromagnetic waves upon the body.

Since the article's goal was to slam Smart Meters, assuming that these wireless devices irradiated "RF" and thus caused Electromagnet Interference (the story says "Frequencies) - this was enough to cause the untrained eye (and the bevy of those who posted a response) to jump in on the party.

There is reference to a group that opposes Smart Meters.  I am not here to assess the validity of their claims against them.  The fact is that Smart Meters use either cellular radio signaling - the same as the device that most of you carry around in your pockets OR use a technology called Zigbee - which is based on the frequencies that are used for WiFi.

Long story short - if the frequencies that smart meters (which are mounted on the outside of your house) emit are causing health problems then these same problems would be seen in cellphones and residential WiFi technologies.

I think that the story is bogus.
Someone needs to do more research before attacking.

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