Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Don't Lie On Black Folks / Don't Lie About Black Folks / Don't Lie To Black Folks

Don’t lie on Black folks
Don’t lie about Black folks
Don’t lie to Black folks

 A few weeks ago my friend KC Nulan told me that that the "Neo-All White Jury" of the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Bloggers were not happy with my antics.

The fact that I had "pissed off" so many Black Bloggers was EVIDENCE that it was ME who needed to change.   (See here - in the comments section).

KC Nulan - Blogger Extrodinare said:  (I have learned that he is all ego and it is best to stroke it)
You've fused your own identity into that of an attack dog for conservative (white-identity) politics, and in the process, made yourself a pariah with just about every single Black blogger of substance.

How do you propose to back yourself out of the corner you've foolishly and recklessly painted yourself into?

I had intended to post a response - stripping the circular reference away from my good friend from KC and instead erect a system of governing control that both ME and THEY can submit to as a means of determining the fidelity to our cause.

While I am not sure if my friend KC Nulan was referring to Prometheus 6 as one of those Black Progressive-Fundamentalist bloggers that I have pissed off I thought that his self professed mandate would serve as a good measuring stick to base my self-analysis and rebuttal.

Mandate His World View What Is Actually The Case As We Consider P6's Ideology
Don’t lie on Black folks Anyone who molests the image and integrity of Black people using slander for their own ideological or racial advancement.  
(ie: Black people are prone to be criminals)
While indeed there are rogue individuals who use negative references to Black people - in our present state the Black Community is being harmed by the prevailing IDEOLOGY that is allowed to fester in our community.  The people who are charged with incubating the CONSCIOUSNESS that our people will acquire as they matriculate through the communities that "favorable people" now control are failing to mitigate the dysfunction that OTHER people exploit and exaggerate about us.  WE even agree that many of these points are a problem.
Don’t lie about Black folks Anyone who blames Black people as the cause of a broader public problem.
(ie: Black people are "Welfare Cases" who draw more money out of the Treasury than they put in.)
When it comes to "broader public problems" the most damning force upon the interests of Black people is the "They Are In The Mud With Us" point of argument.  In response to the negative reference to Black people we can here people looking out for White people who also are in the mud with us.   This argument style fails in that it:
  • Shows that White people are the "1.0" reference that all inferences about Black people should be drawn.
  • It fails to articulate what the Black Community's STANDARDS are
  • It does not put forth the notion that if our standards are organically high AND if someone does in fact slander us - we can ignore them because we are satisfied per our standards.  (People talk about China today - but their hatred is really envy at those who are beating them.)
Don’t lie to Black folks Anyone who manipulates the facts spoken to the Black Community as a means of tricking us to follow them or to redirect blame from their backs onto some other force.
(ie: A Republican saying 'I support school vouchers because I want Black children to have access to high quality education).
This by far is the most significant point of manipulation out of all 3 points.

The most significant LIES told to Black people over the past several decades has been the narrative that had our BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS fused to the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN.  

The biggest LIARS TO Black People are those who presently have a TRUSTED STATE but function as "Confidence Men" - manipulating their relationship in support of their external contractual agreements.

The truth is that since P6 and many other Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Bloggers are also a part of this band - this does not stand out to them.  As the song said "I Fish Don't Know He Wet".  

Not only are their lies told TO Black people......there is a network of fraudulent narratives and ANALYSIS of our situation which are done to exert a desired Ideological end, which so many of them participate in. 

Please afford me the opportunity to introduce a corrective model which, I believe, stands on its own - far better than the bullet list above:


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