Sunday, March 20, 2011

As They Struggle To Rationalize Obama's Military Attacks On Libya - George W Bush Or "America The Declining Empire" Is Brought Up To Ease The Pain Of The Mental Disconnection

Go do a Google search on "Obama Commander In Chief".

The existing collection of pictures have a greater balance of those who practice "portrait on the wall worship" where "their guy Obama" is seen standing in front of the uniformed military men.  The poster often notes how "Obama is now the man with the power" in a spirit of pride.  Indeed some pictures mock Obama critically as his role as Commander In Chief.

As I have sampled "the usual suspects" on their coverage on the "allied" attacks on the nation of Libya I have noted either direct avoidance of the issue to those who seek to cope with the issue by bringing George W Bush's deeds in as a defuser to other's criticism of Obama.  Still others focus on "America the empire in decline" that has turned to militarianism as a means of retaining its grip on the world.

I credit "Denmark Vesey" for being consistent in his analysis of this incident.  (Though I do not necessarily agree with his assessments in total).   My man DV has not taken his eye off of the ball.  In his perspective - America has a certain character and Obama is merely the latest man to take the helm.

I have come to the conclusion that there are some people who's character simply won't allow them to call a spade a spade.  When a 'favorable person' violates the principles that they have articulated the default behavior of these operatives is to go on the attack against their enemies.  They appear to be pacified that their enemies "did the same thing when they were in power".

Ironically they can't bring themselves to see that when their enemies did their thing - they were judged as "ABSOLUTE EVIL" in their motivations.  When they use "absolute evil" as the reference by which they absolve their favored person from any uniqueness of their actions they are unwilling to depart from their support of this same person for executing upon the actions that had previously been contemptible. 

My Peace Prize:  Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize because he inspired us.

Prof Cornel West laid out the conundrum perfectly.  He said that the challenge for the Left is to "pressure Obama with sufficient criticism from the Progressive Left to push him into doing the right thing.  All the while they need to defend Obama against attacks from the right who seek to injure him".   In executing upon this strategy many on the left are far too predisposed to avoid "sounding like a right winger" in their criticism of Obama.  This lulls them into silence OR puts them on the defensive, positing something that typically begins with "Well George W Bush did.................................".

The typical result of this disposition is that they are forced to compromise themselves - defending Obama and their ideological sensibilities rather than affirming their views that had been expressed as "War Is Not The Answer".

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