Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fake News Story From Glenn Beck's "The Blaze" - Smart Meters Cause Illness Due To EMF


Apparently some people at "TheBlaze.com" figured that no one would do research to determine what "RF Disease" is.   The reference to "RF" drew the author of the story to figure that it meant "Radio Frequency".

RF Disease actually refers to Rheumatoid Factor Disease.  It has nothing to do with electromagnetic waves upon the body.

Since the article's goal was to slam Smart Meters, assuming that these wireless devices irradiated "RF" and thus caused Electromagnet Interference (the story says "Frequencies) - this was enough to cause the untrained eye (and the bevy of those who posted a response) to jump in on the party.

There is reference to a group that opposes Smart Meters.  I am not here to assess the validity of their claims against them.  The fact is that Smart Meters use either cellular radio signaling - the same as the device that most of you carry around in your pockets OR use a technology called Zigbee - which is based on the frequencies that are used for WiFi.

Long story short - if the frequencies that smart meters (which are mounted on the outside of your house) emit are causing health problems then these same problems would be seen in cellphones and residential WiFi technologies.

I think that the story is bogus.
Someone needs to do more research before attacking.

Which Of These Offensive Words Said By "Equal Human Beings" Will Get More Rise Out Of The Black Defenders Of President Obama's Respect Quotient?

Tea Party Operative in the heat of the Health Care Reform Debate.  
Note:  This picture has been spread on countless Black and Progressive media sources as evidence of RACISM in the Tea Party Movement, suggesting that Black people had better be cautious or "The clock will be turned back".
These are the approximated words of the leader of the "New Black Panther Party".  
While the White man up above is some faceless man with only his COLOR as his main qualifier - Malik Zulu Shabazz is a noted figure and is a frequent guest on various cable news programs.   

The question that must be asked is:

Are the words of noted figure Malik Zulu Shabazz EQUAL to the views of the faceless White man who appears above and thus there should be EQUAL response and REPUDIATION of his words by those who seek to defend the honor of President Obama?

Friday, March 25, 2011

How The Black Progressive-Fundamentalists Cope With "Obama's War"

When you have spent the past 10 years self-assured that the enemy president who waged war on another country did so because he was a soul-less, blood thirsty S.O.B. who elitism has him disconnected from the bloodshed that the missiles that he had ordered dropped as Commander In Chief - how do you cope with the situation when "your guy" is seen performing the same actions?

You promoted him into office as a celestial being.
He was everything that the previous guy was not.

Previously the story was: "Non-White nations have their development up-ended by the bombs that the Western imperialists drop upon them to destroy the foundation of their development.   For "your guy" the story became that the rest of the world, seeing a Black man in office will INSPIRE them with good will toward America.  Good Will that was squandered by the previous guy.  People who see themselves in him will be personally inspired to reach higher.

I was one of the many who believed that your opposition to war was rooted in your prioritization for other's right to live.  This was more important than the projection of American military power into a corner of the world that 95% of other Americans will never set foot upon.

With this core standard having been violated by "your guy" you are forced to shift from moralization into PROCESS.

  • An assembly of valid "Coalition Partners" (all of them Western European) lend this action the credibility that the other guy did not have
  • The fact that your guy went through the United Nations but, unlike the other guy - got an affirmative ruling - without having the Secretary of State to "lie" on behalf of the war action.
  • Even though evidence in both cases showed that the brutal dictator had been oppressing and killing his people - only "your dictator" was sufficiently oppressing and killing his people in Libya to justify the war that you actively supported
So here we are today.

Having shown that there is no presence of intractable moral standing upon which to base one's arguments upon in support of this present military action in Libya - by the US military who spends twice as much money as the next 5 nations placed together - what are you left to do?


"Keep Your Enemies On Trial So You Don't Have To Cross-Examine Your Friends For Their Sins Against Your Ideology".   This is the primary tool that the Progressive has in his tool box.  The US military action in Libya is just another example where this is the case.

Those who expropriate the name of "Dr Martin Luther King Jr" for application in todays political climate for use for their own advantage can't see that they are not worthy of his stature.  King retained his moral opposition against war and as a result refused to compromise his domestic political struggle in the "War On Poverty" that he had in alignment with the "Commander In Chief of the United States Military".   He went on record, noting that he was opposed to the war actions of this Commander In Chief.

Today those who produced the t-shirt with King and Obama;  who used Photoshop to replace President Johnson's head with that of President Obama fail to see their confusion and fraud.   President Obama is not the "Martin Luther King" character in the play.  He is the "President Johnson character".  THEY are the would-be "Martin Luther King character".  



King and President Johnson - The Real Picture
King And President Obama - PHOTOSHOPPED For Emotional Effect
King and President Johnson Discussing Civil Rights For Black People

King And A Photoshopped Image Of President Obama, Crafted To Make Black People Today PROUD

A High Five Between King And Obama - Purely Symbolic
A Black Woman With A T-Shirt Consistent Of:
  • Obama
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Malcolm X
  • Martin Luther King Jr
She Is Unaware that King, X and Madela were against American Military Imperialism.  She will likely purchase the 2012 edition of the same T-shirt none the less as this present one has faded due to her use of too much laundry detergent.  She was using "highly concentrated" laundry detergent and thus should only be using half as much
More Projection Of MLK On To Obama To Make Black People Feel Good
(What Would King Do About American Bombing Of Libya?)
Those Who Don't Know King's Spirit Have Drawn This Cartoon - Misappropriating King
A Celebration At King's Expense
During The  January 19th 2012, Next Year They Will Not Mention The Violation Of King's Principles

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If "Far Left Web Outlets" Are Propagating Lies Over Minnesota's Welfare Reform AND "The Root" Is Spreading The Same Lie Then The Root Is A..................

The Root.com: Dr NSegna Burton: Minnesota GOP Wants to Deny Welfare Recipients the Right to Carry Cash

Dr Burton is careful to say "according to Crooks & Liars".
Yet the fact that there is ample evidence on other blog sites which prove the framing of the facts about the legislation to be a LIE and Dr Burton did not bother to do background research that would have uncovered this - we must question the AGENDA of Dr Burton and "The Root.com".

They realize that a certain amount of their readers will tap into their existing bias against all things conservative and Republican and thus accept in this latest "chum feeding" as fact.  Thus, despite being a lie, the initial bump by which the reader's views are fortified is a greater benefit to their agenda than is the evidence of their propagation of false information - in line with their "White Snarling Fox Liberal" joint-venture partners would cause other Blacks to question their over all agenda.   If they mislead on this issue - what else are they misleading Black people on?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Al Sharpton - Press Agent For Obama's South American Trip

I can only assume that this piece by "Democratic Party Progressive Preacher" Rev Al Sharpton went to press prior to Obama ordering the bombing of the nation of Libya.

What you must understand is that the disposition of the political operative vacillates based upon the target of his scorn or promotion.

Indeed if "America's image" was "damaged" due to imperialist interventions - we should expect to see a "Part 2" of this piece next week as D.P.P.P. Rev Al Shapton has the opportunity to digest this weeks events in Northern Africa.

Americas Reunited by Al Sharpton

As the world diligently works to assist the people of Japan, President Obama is faced with the daunting task of addressing a multitude of challenges, not the least of which is renewing our commitment to the Japanese people. But in the midst of addressing this catastrophe, he must continue to resolve economic challenges at home, and simultaneously enhance our relationship with strategic partners around the world. It precisely is in that spirit of cooperation and innovation that the president is set to embark on his first official visit to Latin America -- and the urgency couldn't be more prudent.

Beginning this weekend, President Obama will first spend two days in the nation of Brazil, where he'll meet with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, as well as prominent business leaders. According to President Obama himself, Brazil imports more goods and services from the United States than any other nation, and in 2010 alone, our exports to the South American nation grew by more than 30%, supporting more than 250,000 jobs here at home. As demand continues to rise in Brazil, so does the opportunity for Americans to return to doing what we do best -- creating and building vital goods and services.

Arguably Latin America's largest economy, Brazil holds the unique stature of hosting the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. As a thriving nation on a multitude of levels, Brazil's unique relationship with the United States cannot be underscored, and nor can our commitment to maintaining this vital partnership. On several political fronts, President Rousseff has aligned herself with U.S. interests, and expressed her support for President Obama's endeavors. And as one of the few countries with a female head of state, Brazil serves as a shining example of a modern, progressive nation.

Following his visit to Brazil, President Obama is scheduled to travel to Chile and then El Salvador. After signing a free trade agreement with Chile in 2003, the U.S. maintains one of its closest economic relationships with the South American country. At a time when markets are working to sustain growth and opportunity, a trip to Chile will solidify our commitment to spurring jobs both here at home and abroad.

And last, but by no means the least, the president will make a visit to El Salvador -- another important ally in both the political and economic realms. Meeting with Salvadorian President Mauricio Funes and other business leaders, President Obama plans to create new mechanisms for increased trade opportunities and mutually beneficial financial prospects. And in addition to our shared values, El Salvador is also perhaps the strongest partner we have in combating an alarming rise in violence in Central America that seriously impacts the entire hemisphere and beyond.

When President Obama was sworn into office in 2009, he willfully accepted the responsibility of not only leading the nation towards a new way forward, but also of rectifying our severely damaged image and relationship with the rest of the world. Living up to his promise, the president is now set to strengthen our commitment with one of the most vital regions -- Latin America. As he addresses the economy, trade and energy, our commander-in-chief will do what he does best -- lead the way forward.

Monday, March 21, 2011

This Was The Best Donuts and Danish That Obama Has Ever Invested - Buying Oliver Willis

I may have doubted the intelligence of President Obama and his staff after all.

Who would have guessed that by providing an Progressive-Fundamentalist operatives with the opportunity to achieve the pinnacle of his career - being in the company of the President Of The United States - would go so far in his becoming a propagandist on behalf of the President?

In truth - the quality (or lack there of) of journalistic integrity of the Oliver Willis blog and how President Obama saw him as a TOOL - worthy of being invited to the White House as a means of coordinating their common messages projected into the media channels says a lot about Obama.

Let me say - It is not BIAS that troubles me.   I can deal.  It is abundant all over the place.

The point that troubles me is where I am unable to detect CONSCIOUSNESS within a person.  The point where his PARTISAN/IDEOLOGY ends and the person behind the mask shows himself.  I have a difficult time seeing this point in some operatives (left or right).

At the same time I have to credit Mr Willis.  Whereas I have a problem with some other blogs who claim to be "Black blogs" but in truth are "embedded confidence men" - Mr Willis is a "blogger that is Black" but his focus in on a general audience of fellow Progressive-Fundamentalists, looking for their daily feed of anti-Republican screed.   Again - I am not diminishing Mr Willis' "Blackness".   I have more respect for no other reason that he doesn't use it as a point of confidence.

Like the "Rachel Maddow Show", don't expect Mr Willis to focus on "The Black Community".   Any ORGANIC dysfunction within our community which doesn't lend itself to some indictment against their conservative enemies - simply is not covered.  (IE: Maddow will throw up a Northeast vs Southeast map when it comes time to blame the Republican state governments in the South.  When there is a massive Street Pirate Attack in a large urban area - it is not brought up in a manner similar to a "Tea Party Militia Threat" against minorities).

Clearly people are consuming Mr Willis' "progressive self-chum" so I can only blame him so much.  The fact that there is a market for this is the concern.

A Sample Of The Type Of Content That Got Oliver Willis A Paid Job At "Media Matters" And An Invitation To The White House.

If I told you that 75% of the Black people in Wisconsin live in Milwaukee and that the Black males in Milwaukee have an unemployment rate greater than 50% - would it be surprising to know that as Mr Willis has defended "unions" from the threat of attack from the  "Republican Governor" he is not interested in the masses who aren't union members - NOT because WI is a "Right To Work State" but DESPITE their right to join a union - there are no jobs for them to "organize" around?
"You gave me donuts.  I got ya back"

No surprising that a progressive slasher like Michael Moore would have taken the itinerary of the enemy president and cast all of the social events in a foreign nation as "vacation time" and another progressive slasher now calls those who dare do the same thing to President Obama "right wing liars".

I personally think that both sides are ridiculous when they do this.  Don't expect to hear any high bar from Willis on firing off petty indictments.  He bathes in them. 
Barack Obama - The Well Reasoned Commander In Chief

What is a "Phony Coalition"?
ANSWER:  Any one that you reject because you disagree with the "legitimacy" that the "coalition builder" is seeking to pass

What is a "Legitimate Coalition"?
ANSWER;  Any one that you accept as you give cover to the military operation that you would have protested had an enemy president done the very same thing.
Pot Calls The Kettle A "Darkie"

The biggest blunder that James O'Keefe has done is to target the employer of Oliver Willis - Media Matters - George Soros.

O'Keefe threatens to take food off of Willis' table

This Post Is Likely To Get Deleted By The Obama PomPom Girls So I Saved It Here

From 3 Chicks Politico: Go President Obama - Bomb Libya!!!

Ametia & SouthernGirl2:

Good evening. May peace be upon you.

I will put aside the clear observations of your bias in favor of Obama and try to understand the rationalizations of your positions. (Yes I've read all of your posts)

* Gaddafhi is killing his own people and we can't sit there and watch
* Obama went through the proper channels (the UN) to get permission to bomb
* Criticism of Obama's timing is merely "hateration"
* Oh yeah, and - "Barack & Roll", "Vote Democrat", "Once You Go Black You Never Go Back", "Vote Smart Vote Democrat".

I take it that you are arguing that a government that systematically murders and assaults its own people are worthy candidates for invasion? The majority vote by the United Nations IS "justification". (Even though two Security Council Members thought otherwise - Russia and China)

If the Tea Party Militia were to take the guns that they have stockpiled since "a Black man took office as President" and began a violent insurrection - AND THEN the American government put down the uprising using weapons of violence - would you chime in - suggesting that the UN intervene to attack the US Federal government in defense of the Tea Party?

Have you thought about all of this in terms of the American Civil War?
What is your threshold by which the JUSTIFICATION of an uprising trumps the justification of a sovereign nation to retain its standing?

What is your opinion of Farrakhan's protestations against US military actions and Obama.

(Or should I just accept the expected "Ugggh!" from SouthernGirl2 as an answer?)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

As They Struggle To Rationalize Obama's Military Attacks On Libya - George W Bush Or "America The Declining Empire" Is Brought Up To Ease The Pain Of The Mental Disconnection

Go do a Google search on "Obama Commander In Chief".

The existing collection of pictures have a greater balance of those who practice "portrait on the wall worship" where "their guy Obama" is seen standing in front of the uniformed military men.  The poster often notes how "Obama is now the man with the power" in a spirit of pride.  Indeed some pictures mock Obama critically as his role as Commander In Chief.

As I have sampled "the usual suspects" on their coverage on the "allied" attacks on the nation of Libya I have noted either direct avoidance of the issue to those who seek to cope with the issue by bringing George W Bush's deeds in as a defuser to other's criticism of Obama.  Still others focus on "America the empire in decline" that has turned to militarianism as a means of retaining its grip on the world.

I credit "Denmark Vesey" for being consistent in his analysis of this incident.  (Though I do not necessarily agree with his assessments in total).   My man DV has not taken his eye off of the ball.  In his perspective - America has a certain character and Obama is merely the latest man to take the helm.

I have come to the conclusion that there are some people who's character simply won't allow them to call a spade a spade.  When a 'favorable person' violates the principles that they have articulated the default behavior of these operatives is to go on the attack against their enemies.  They appear to be pacified that their enemies "did the same thing when they were in power".

Ironically they can't bring themselves to see that when their enemies did their thing - they were judged as "ABSOLUTE EVIL" in their motivations.  When they use "absolute evil" as the reference by which they absolve their favored person from any uniqueness of their actions they are unwilling to depart from their support of this same person for executing upon the actions that had previously been contemptible. 

My Peace Prize:  Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize because he inspired us.

Prof Cornel West laid out the conundrum perfectly.  He said that the challenge for the Left is to "pressure Obama with sufficient criticism from the Progressive Left to push him into doing the right thing.  All the while they need to defend Obama against attacks from the right who seek to injure him".   In executing upon this strategy many on the left are far too predisposed to avoid "sounding like a right winger" in their criticism of Obama.  This lulls them into silence OR puts them on the defensive, positing something that typically begins with "Well George W Bush did.................................".

The typical result of this disposition is that they are forced to compromise themselves - defending Obama and their ideological sensibilities rather than affirming their views that had been expressed as "War Is Not The Answer".

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prometheus 6 Identifies "The Republicans Of Kansas" Who Are Screwing Up But Does Not Afix A Political Label To The School Administrators In Detroit

File this under "Don't Lie To Black People".

Please note this one post on the P6 blog and then scroll down and see so many other negative references to "Republicans".

To be clear folks - THIS AIN'T ABOUT REPUBLICANS!!!!! (with me).

I am inspecting the Embedded Confidence Men who operate with close proximity to our "community consciousness nucleus".

Quite possibly P6 forgot what he had posted in his last few articles as he went on to detail the floundering conditions of the Detroit Public Schools:

From The P6 blog:
DETROIT — In 2009, Detroit public schools had the lowest scores ever recorded in the 21-year history of the national math proficiency test.

The district had a budget deficit of $200 million.

About 8,000 students were leaving Detroit schools each year.

Political leaders had to do something, so they rounded up the usual whipping boys:

Wasteful bureaucrats. In 2009, the governor appointed an emergency financial manager, Robert Bobb, a former president of the Washington school board, to run the Detroit district. Mr. Bobb is known nationally for his work in school finance, and recruiting him took a big salary, $425,000 a year. He has spent millions more on financial consultants to clean up the fiscal mess left by previous superintendents.

Greedy unions. Though Detroit teachers make considerably less than nearby suburban teachers (a $73,700 maximum versus $97,700 in Troy), Mr. Bobb pressed for concessions. He got teachers to defer $5,000 a year in pay and contribute more for their health insurance. Last week, the Republican-controlled Legislature approved a bill to give emergency managers power to void public workers’ contracts. If signed by the governor, Mr. Bobb could terminate the Detroit teachers’ union contract.

Traditional public schools full of incompetent veteran teachers. Michigan was one of the first states to embrace charter schools, 15 years ago. Currently there are as many Detroit children in charters — 71,000 — as in district schools. Now there is talk of converting the entire Detroit district (which is 95 percent African-American) to charters. Supporters say this could generate significant savings, since charters are typically nonunion and can hire young teachers, pay them less and give them no pensions.

So now, two years later, how are the so-called reforms coming along?

Not great.

Maybe Its Me?

Can we all agree that "Favorable People" now control all aspects of Detroit, including the public school system?  So much of what is seen today is apart of the "Struggle" that the Black community there were enjoined into.  The embedded confidence men made it a point of racial pride that we place "favorable people" into power to advance policies that were favorable to our community and thus advance our "permanent interests".

Why is it that P6, other Black Progressive Fundamentalist bloggers and the "Eugene and Earl" forces of the Black Progressive press seem far more interested in fighting the "clear and present" ideological battle with their conservative bĂȘte noire yet they never get around to a "self breast exam"?  

How can they be trusted to lead us through the NEXT interval of the "struggle" when they are so loathed to do a post-mortem/ forensic analysis of what went right and what went wrong in the past interval?

They WON But We LOST

There is little debate over the fact that the progressive forces of the Black Establishment has been successful in implementing the METHODOLOGY that they have organized the resources within the Black community to execute upon.  This largely done with their ideological "joint venture partners".   The evidence of this is seen in their electoral success where "favorable people" have been placed into key institutional seats of power where they have the final say - or could tip the balance in the election outcome.   We only need to look at the various "inaugural balls" where there exists cellphone video footage of "happy Black people" - doing the electric slide - just after the speech given by the victorious candidate.

As I study the "Black Media" element of the "Black Establishment" (the Black Establishment Press/Media, the Black Progressive operatives who get face time within the mainstream press,  the Black Progressive bloggers) it seems clear that their job is to operate as the VOICE of "the Black Establishment", advancing its message.   Attacking all who threaten their progressive agenda. 

I don't have a problem with an individual with a set of beliefs - collaborating together to affect an outcome that is in line with their ideology.   Just as I am sitting at a keyboard that I own as an individual - a keyboard that is owned by a small media outlet who is in close partnership with MSNBC or the Washington Post is still operated by an individual who is forced to go to the bathroom after she drinks a sufficient amount of coffee - just like ME.

My problem with these forces is their inability to RECONCILE their "macro-agenda" (the advancement of their ideological theories) with the resulting impact in the "Mission Accomplished" areas.

They execute a scheme of "Keep Your Enemies On Trial So Your Readers Won't Ever Think To Inspect The Bill Of Goods That You Have Sold Them".

Anyone who was lead to believe that, upon their victory, they would accept more ACCOUNTABILITY for the conditions in Black America - was truly mistaken.

If they use "Establishment Authority Denial" regarding the conditions for Black people in:
  • Detroit
  • Chicago
  • Flint
  • Cleveland
  • Newark
.........what possible chance is there that a competing IDEOLOGY could come in and "take away their flock"?  (Note - the "flock" reference was posited by Rev CT Vivian - not me).

This hijacking in which our RACIAL wherewithal is made into a function of a Democratic victory and a Republican/Tea Party LOSS at the polls is the root of the problem.

Such Negroes who are entrenched in this battle will look at Detroit and make note of the increase in its "greening index" - as they count the overgrown weeds in a vacant lot which hide the broken glass from the closed factory that towers above it - as a place that Mother Nature has reclaimed.  They now see a field of "Carbon Dioxide Scrubbing", clearing the air which corporate production has polluted with its carcinogens.  

Job #1 for the Black American consciousness is to TAKE BACK from them the ability to DEFINE our priorities.  They have shown themselves to be ideologically self-serving and reckless.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Don't Lie On Black Folks / Don't Lie About Black Folks / Don't Lie To Black Folks

Don’t lie on Black folks
Don’t lie about Black folks
Don’t lie to Black folks

 A few weeks ago my friend KC Nulan told me that that the "Neo-All White Jury" of the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Bloggers were not happy with my antics.

The fact that I had "pissed off" so many Black Bloggers was EVIDENCE that it was ME who needed to change.   (See here - in the comments section).

KC Nulan - Blogger Extrodinare said:  (I have learned that he is all ego and it is best to stroke it)
You've fused your own identity into that of an attack dog for conservative (white-identity) politics, and in the process, made yourself a pariah with just about every single Black blogger of substance.

How do you propose to back yourself out of the corner you've foolishly and recklessly painted yourself into?

I had intended to post a response - stripping the circular reference away from my good friend from KC and instead erect a system of governing control that both ME and THEY can submit to as a means of determining the fidelity to our cause.

While I am not sure if my friend KC Nulan was referring to Prometheus 6 as one of those Black Progressive-Fundamentalist bloggers that I have pissed off I thought that his self professed mandate would serve as a good measuring stick to base my self-analysis and rebuttal.

Mandate His World View What Is Actually The Case As We Consider P6's Ideology
Don’t lie on Black folks Anyone who molests the image and integrity of Black people using slander for their own ideological or racial advancement.  
(ie: Black people are prone to be criminals)
While indeed there are rogue individuals who use negative references to Black people - in our present state the Black Community is being harmed by the prevailing IDEOLOGY that is allowed to fester in our community.  The people who are charged with incubating the CONSCIOUSNESS that our people will acquire as they matriculate through the communities that "favorable people" now control are failing to mitigate the dysfunction that OTHER people exploit and exaggerate about us.  WE even agree that many of these points are a problem.
Don’t lie about Black folks Anyone who blames Black people as the cause of a broader public problem.
(ie: Black people are "Welfare Cases" who draw more money out of the Treasury than they put in.)
When it comes to "broader public problems" the most damning force upon the interests of Black people is the "They Are In The Mud With Us" point of argument.  In response to the negative reference to Black people we can here people looking out for White people who also are in the mud with us.   This argument style fails in that it:
  • Shows that White people are the "1.0" reference that all inferences about Black people should be drawn.
  • It fails to articulate what the Black Community's STANDARDS are
  • It does not put forth the notion that if our standards are organically high AND if someone does in fact slander us - we can ignore them because we are satisfied per our standards.  (People talk about China today - but their hatred is really envy at those who are beating them.)
Don’t lie to Black folks Anyone who manipulates the facts spoken to the Black Community as a means of tricking us to follow them or to redirect blame from their backs onto some other force.
(ie: A Republican saying 'I support school vouchers because I want Black children to have access to high quality education).
This by far is the most significant point of manipulation out of all 3 points.

The most significant LIES told to Black people over the past several decades has been the narrative that had our BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS fused to the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN.  

The biggest LIARS TO Black People are those who presently have a TRUSTED STATE but function as "Confidence Men" - manipulating their relationship in support of their external contractual agreements.

The truth is that since P6 and many other Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Bloggers are also a part of this band - this does not stand out to them.  As the song said "I Fish Don't Know He Wet".  

Not only are their lies told TO Black people......there is a network of fraudulent narratives and ANALYSIS of our situation which are done to exert a desired Ideological end, which so many of them participate in. 

Please afford me the opportunity to introduce a corrective model which, I believe, stands on its own - far better than the bullet list above:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

LOL - The "Obama Press" On The Feb 2011 Jobs Report

From Dr Nsenga Burton of The Root.com

Neil Irwin of the Washington Post is reporting that employers added 192,000 jobs in February, according to the Labor Department on Friday. The number closely matched analysts' expectations, accelerating from a revised 63,000 jobs added in January. The unemployment rate decreased from 9 percent to 8.9 percent.

It is perhaps the best all-around jobs report in three years.

Private employers seem to finally be gaining the confidence to hire. They added 222,000 jobs, partly offset by the loss of 30,000 government jobs. Those gains were broad-based, with every major sector except for retail adding positions. Manufacturers added 33,000 jobs; professional and business services firms added 47,000; and the health care sector added 36,200.

There was less progress, however, on hours and wages. The length of the average workweek was unchanged, at 34.2 hours, and average hourly earnings inched up a penny to $22.87.

New jobs are on the horizon, and just in time for a country that is on the brink of eruption. As we've seen in the pro-democracy movement sweeping the Middle East and Wisconsin, joblessness or the possibility of joblessness does not sit well with citizens.

Perhaps Dr Burton should keep tabs on the excellent institute of research on "urban unemployment" from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Center For Economic Development:

Who in the Black community has the duty to call out the "Black press" when they work as "cheerleaders", loathed to SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER - because they are SPOKES MODELS for the favorable person in power?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Which Force More Accurately Models The Image In The Mirror Projected From The "BET Uncut" Blog?

BET Uncut Blog:  Fostering Extremism And Hatred

(White Racist) Conservative Laura Ingram:  5:25 "Will that was your grandchild.  You don't think of it as 'that was your grandchild?' That was your daughter's offspring.  You don't think of it that way? "

Black (Conscious) Will (Who Thinks Differently) From Baltimore:  "No mama I do not. I just have different views.  "

The most dangerous Negro is one who "Plays Through" in order to save face.