Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Various "Democrat Who Are Black" Blogs Come To The Defense Of A Particular "Black Woman" But Are Silent On The Most Damning Attacks Upon Them

AverageBro - The Liberal Nupe:  Racist Or Harmless - Fat Michelle Obama

On the surface it appears that they are merely "protecting the honor of 'The First Lady' AND A Black Female and Mother" from the molestations of what ignorant people would publicly exhibit".

I get it.

Unfortunately - when one sits back and appraises the array of "negative images" that are put into the public square which slander Black females - people like AverageBro The Liberal Nupe expose themselves.

They are "Political and Ideological Operatives".

Its no use going through the archives of hateful political cartoons done by their ideological friends against those who they hold common contempt for.

Instead - I will go the other way.
From his words we see that AverageBro The Liberal Nupe is disturbed by negative images of Black women.
This leaves the question:  Why is it that he/they are so selective of their indictments?

Over 4 MILLION PEOPLE have watched this video and this is just on YouTube. This song has receive constant play (at least in the South) on "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" radio.
How many people go to "Fox Nation" by comparison?

I have listened to the latest technique by which this comparison that I make above is "discredited". Those who don't want to confront their "Internal Confederates" merely say "Words and images done in POLITICAL SPEECH is more important than mere entertainment speech".

The flaw in this argument is that it INFERIORIZES the minds and vocal chords of those they don't want to go after. Yet when the "Street Pirates" are used by the Pro-Democratic Party forces to get Black people to register to VOTE and vote for Democrats - all of a sudden those who were cast off are now important bridges to the young people in their fan base.

The only thing that I ask for is CONSISTENCY IN ENFORCEMENT.

Ironically WE BOTH WIN if certain slanderous images that cross the line are kept at bay.
Sadly - Both AverageBro the Liberal Nupe and I realize that IF there is no POLITICAL AND IDEOLOGICAL advantage to a certain INDICTMENT - it won't be made by the "Progressive who is Democrat who is Black".

Thus the solution to the problems seen at "Fox Nation" is for them to hire a staff of "Black Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" lyricists to voice their attacks on Mrs Obama and other Black females and - problem solved. 

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