Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two Equal Human Beings Use Their Same Political Consciousness To Produce Images - Which Of Them Is Racist?

Two groups of political operatives show a pattern of producing (or promoting) images of their ideological and political adversaries that are mocking or slanderous.

ONE of these operatives, however, take in the images of their adversaries and make an INDICTMENT against their enemies as he labels them as RACISTS for daring to treat HIS "FAVORABLE OFFICIAL" who is in a "PROTECTED CLASS" of people  as "100% EQUAL" and thus "fair game".

The Offenders
The Product Of Their Work

Tea Party Operative

The President Of The United States Barack Obama

Co-Founder of Afro-Spear

Speaker Of The House John Boeher

I get it.  The only reason why the "Obama Joker" was RACIST (hey I saw it in the 'Ebony Love' issue from last month) is that they put the term "Socialist" on the picture.

Perhaps one of the signatories on the Afro-Spear coalition should "pull the co-founder's " chain and SHOW HIM THE PURPOSE of the organization:

 The vision was that it would focus on discussing issues, exchanging ideas and creating strategies, with the objective of developing concrete and viable solutions to tackle the concerns relating to those of African descent worldwide.  

 With all due respect - this mission statement is FLAWED.
If your qualifier is "Tackling Concerns" then since the REPUBLICANS are your concerns then the balance of your content focused upon them are JUSTIFIED.

I thought your CONCERN was:

* Safe Streets
* Quality Education
* Thriving Local Communities?

Even when your ENEMIES have departed - these concerns remain - sometimes flaming up worse than before.

Shouldn't you be focused on "discussions that EFFECTIVELY ADDRESS the problems that keep us from ACHIEVING OUR PERMANENT INTERESTS"?

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