Friday, February 18, 2011

This URL Is Reserved For My Rebuttal To Deji From The UK

deji Asks:
Constructive Feedback

You simply drone on each and everyday and reduce every topic to the same conclusion: a derision of your fellow black -americans.

My friend deji:

Your question of me presupposes that there is a necessity that I listen to the prevailing set of arguments that are put forth by Black political operatives and adopt them as my own - FOR NO OTHER REASON than these are positions held by Black people and they are popular views.  THUS PROVING their "Real Blackness".

With all due respect - "Popularity Does Not Equal Effectiveness".

If you take the oft heard argument "IF the question of Black people's enslavement were put to a popular vote - WE WOULD STILL BE SLAVES" and use this as a template - indeed it would be clear that popularity is not a good indicator of providence.

I hope that you agree that, as a people, we need to put forth a corrective system of policies that will build up our people.  Thus promoting ideas that are popular but which cannot be proven to deliver upon that which they promised the people would be the case is not in our favor.   There must be a system of checks and balances which prevent well placed "confidence men" from stringing people along with false hope.

Implicit in your statements are two concepts:
  • Dignity - The assumption that these "Black voices" are honorable and would not traffic below a certain line
  • Respect - Honor projected upon an institution which promotes people to submit their own selfish interests for the purposes of uplift of the institution
I challenge you to expand beyond your inclination to inspect MY words for their "disrespect" of these people - and by extension "all Black people".  Instead you need to determine if everyone - especially the individuals that I speak of - are, in fact, displaying "dignity" and "respect".

From my perspective - the "Black Community Consciousness" has been trafficked into the POLITICAL SPACE.  I sat in a "Malcolm X Tribute" last night and listened to a national religious and political figure (which I will detail in another post) who leveraged his knowledge about the likely politically leanings of the crowd to throw in some well placed barbs against the popular adversaries for Black people.

If indeed we as a people are in a "crisis" as was stated - I wondered how he could put so much of our problems upon "adversaries" that so closely line up to the political enemies of Black Americans and - NO SURPRISE - not mention anything about those who Black people PUT INTO POWER when he suggested that we should "Speak Truth To Power".

You see Deji - when the "Struggle" is used for "the sake of struggling" then you had better believe that there will be a steady stream of "motion makers" to step in and get our ball rolling.  Those of you who value MOTION, mistaking it for DIRECTION toward a specific OUTCOME will be placed with the velocity.  As a residue you are going to not look too kindly upon ME - a person who has a GPS in hand to make note of the inaccurate course and heading per our map.

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