Thursday, February 3, 2011

Struggle For Freedom In Egypt: Why Is The Co-Founder Of "Afro-Spear" More Focused On The Opinions Of Beck/Limbaugh Rather That Kadafi/Farrakhan?

Series: The COST Of The Hijacking Of Our Community Consciousness For Trained Ideological Focus Upon Profitable Targets

The Afro-Spear Black blogger alliance builds itself as a group which advances the interests of the Black community.  Indeed this is the case for some of their contributors.  While it must be noted that these are independent individuals with no centralized editorial control - the spirit of its co-founder as expressed via his antics should trigger the members who take their founding mission to heart to ask the brother to "pull up", reconnecting with his consciousness.  The "Filled Negro" blog is better understood as an "Anti-Republican/Conservative" site than it offers proof as a vessel to advance the "Community Development Interests" of the Black community.   The content speaks for itself.

I have no problem with the choice of content.  I only have issues with the claimed "ownership" of the Black Agenda.  It is common to mistake that which is POPULARLY ACCEPTED by Black people with that which can be proven EFFECTIVE at carrying out our development goals.

It is often the case that those who's agenda is "Ideological Unity Enforcement" of the Black community will traffic in "Self Chumming", throwing out daily feed for like-minded people to feast on in a cluster.  If they weren't so obvious my observations as I attempt to model their motivations would be far more challenging.

At present the best way to keep the conscious focus of the Black community away from more probing questions about our INTERNAL challenges which the Black Establishment has thus far failed to mitigate is to tap into the images of individuals that are unsavory to the "Progressive-Fundamentalist"/Democratic Party Advocates embedded within our protected zone, self-chumming them into compliant behavior.

Guilt By Association The "Enemy Of Democracy" That They Support

According To The Co-Founder Of Afro-Spear:
(Racists) Who Stand Against The People

Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck are "said" to be hoping that the democracy movement in Egypt and Tunisia "fails".
Tunisia's Ben Ali and Egypt's Mubarak would be retained in place IF the democracy movement fails, thus keeping the people suprpressed.
Those Individuals Who The Co-Founder Of Afro-Spear Is Silent About
American Muslim Minister Louis Farrakhan is an ally of Libya's Muammar Ghaddafi. 
Muammar Ghaddafi praised the establishment government in Tunisia and came out against the people struggling in the democratic movement in the region.

For the record - I have not found any written or audio statement from Minister Louis Farrakhan providing his position on any of the events that are presently taking place in the Middle East.

My goal is to understand why it is that Glenn Beck's and Rush Limbaugh's opinions are so much more important that are the opinions of Black established leaders


The Church Lady said...

Great concept for this blog and I agree that Ideologues are focusing on Beck and Limbaugh (exactly what they want liberal/black folks to do), reenforcing their ideas and giving them greater voice. Both are comedians offering entertainment. I do find it disturbing that Black folks condemn other blacks who think differently from the group. Any original ideas or condemned. But after reading some of your post, I wonder could you be considered an Black ideologue also?

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]I wonder could you be considered an Black ideologue also? [/quote]

Church Lady:

I am a self-proclaimed BLACK CONSERVATOR.

Just as a "conservator" of a collection at a museum is charged with identifying artifacts of the period in question for the collection, confirming their authenticity and providing the narrative of the importance of each of the items to the guests who inquire - I BELIEVE that there are tried and true PROCESSES to develop the HUMAN RESOURCES within the Black community.


At this point in time - the INFESTATION is at a maximum level WITHIN our community. My job is to PUSH THE OPERATIVE OUT of our "community consciousness nucleus".

INDEED I bring my own ideology to the table. INDEED there is some measure of OVERLAP between what I believe and what a CONSERVATIVE who is a Republican Believes.


As I learned from the Super Bowl Party - "Democrats who are Black" sense CRITICISM OF THEM as BENEFITING REPUBLICANS.

I am simply asking them to FIND THEIR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS because what they are doing with their present FUSION between their COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT GOALS and their PARTY is HURTING our COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS about ourselves.

Francis L. Holland said...

I think "Constructive Feedback" is simply an agent or asset of the CIA or some other Government agency, who has come to afrosphere blogs simply to spark trouble and confusion.

I can't see what the appellation "co-founder of the AfroSpear" has to do with this, except to try to boot strap this "Constructive Feedback" blog into greater importance by fighting larger assembled groups of Blacks.

In my opinion, Field focuses on the daily rantings of those Republican media demagogues because those people are color-arousing white folks into ever-more ridiculous beliefs and political ideology, or endeavoring to do so.

And so Field (whom I do not envy because I can't bear to read the right-wing white-supremacist idiocy media or Black Republicans for that matter), Field is covering the Black-hating cultural zeitgeist of color-aroused white people.

Somebody's got to do it, but I'm glad it doesn't have to be me.

Bringing the AfroSpear into this discussion in an attempt to make your own arguments seem more meaningful just shows me that you know nothing whatever about Black blogger groups.

Constructive Feedback, can't you just take your check from the Government and PRETEND to have contacted Black bloggers without annoying us by doing so. Your purpose is transparent. Please go and annoy Black bloggers somewhere else?

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]I think "Constructive Feedback" is simply an agent or asset of the CIA or some other Government agency, who has come to afrosphere blogs simply to spark trouble and confusion.[/quote]

Mr Holland - Of Brazil.
Good evening.

Did you notice that you did not SUBSTANTIALLY REFUTE any of my ANALYSIS of Mr Negro?

[quote]I can't see what the appellation "co-founder of the AfroSpear" has to do with this[/quote]


Please understand me Sir - I am begging and pleading with Mr Negro to NOT STOP. He and a few other affiliated sites provide me with my best material for my analysis.

WHY is it a BAD THING to be a "Government Agent"? OBAMA IS PAYING ME now!!!

Did you ever express a problem with Oliver Willis who RECEIVE A PAYCHECK directly from MEDIA MATTERS and George Soros?

Mr Holland - Do you think that when Kwame Ture and James Bevel went through the SOUTH where there was abundant BIGOTRY - that the forces of the CCC - also believed that they were "Trouble Makers" per their visits?

Seriously Mr Holland - I believe that YOU should have more issues with people who CONSUME the content from the more FUNDAMENTALIST members of your glorious band and DON'T PUSH BACK than you do with me who is merely NOTING THE PATTERNS.

You are a trained attorney.
I am a Business Analyst that has been BRAIN WASHED into detecting PATTERNS.

Why is it so disconcerting to you that I can make a "Top 5 List of IMPORTANT issues that IMPACT Black America" and then go through certain "AfroSpear" affiliates to note the LOW HIT RATE?