Monday, February 28, 2011

Rippa Is Proudly "Pro-Abortion"

[quote]Black people who are bent on holding up progress;[/quote]

My dear friend Rippa - do you mind if I "repurpose" many of your talking points?

1) If a "Dog Catcher" catches DOGS - are you saying that our ancestors in Africa who were KIDNAPPED INTO SLAVERY "Slaves" while they were in their native lands?
When they were forced via derision to work lest they receive a physical blow did they transform into SLAVES? When they "stole" their own bodies away from their "owners" (per the laws of America) where the men who went after them "Slave Catchers"?

Do you see, Brother Rippa - that in your attempt to impugn Keyes that it is YOU who speak in the voice of the White Supremacist.

2) How can a "collective consciousness" proclaim that they have PROGRESSED the society forward by allowing "Same Sex Marriage" when - all the while - they preside over communities where 70% of our people DO NOT PARTAKE IN MARRIAGE?

Hear me out bro.

I have heard all of the arguments as to the BENEFITS afforded to those who enter the bonds of MARRIAGE and how Same Sex Couples are being denied these BENEFITS.

Brother Rippa - while you and others are articulate in your will to allow those who WANT to receive the benefits of marriage for the stated reasons - It appears that your theories fall woefully short in compelling people who DON'T CHOOSE TO GET MARRIED and thus the progeny from their relationship are MORE LIKELY to miss out on many of the BENEFITS that you have articulated in your argument for same sex couples.

* If Gays are 1.5% to 4% of the total population
* Yet we Blacks are 13% of the total population -

Please tell me how you can satisfy yourself that by cherry picking upon ONE "forward movement" (your word) your ideology and CONSCIOUSNESS is superior to those who stand against you - all the while you appear to lack the ability to convince the larger body of people that they are missing out thus SELF-DISCRIMINATING in their actions?

When it comes to TAXATION we are told about the "common national bond" that is present. Why is it that this same contractual bond is not enumerated when it comes to having same sex couples "slow their roll" and ORDER themselves into long term, stable and PRODUCTIVE relationships IN SUPPORT OF THEIR COMMUNITY'S LONG TERM GOALS?

3) If this Black church is being USED by this "Right Wing" movement that stands against Abortion - is it at all possible that YOU are being used by a LEFT-WING MOVEMENT that has a documented history of managing BLACK REPRODUCTION - not because they care about Black women's RIGHTS but instead to keep too many Negroes from overrunning their willingness to provide them with "Social Justice" transfer payments?

It is quite ironic that you and other Progressive-Fundamentalists focus upon the woman's RIGHT to her body while demoting the POWER and the CONSEQUENCES of "sharing body fluids" while evading "CULTURAL REGULATION AND DIRECTION" because to you this is FREEDOM to refrain from doing so.

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