Monday, February 21, 2011

Rachel Maddow Does A Good Job Questioning Glenn Beck's Narrative

Rachel Maddow Marvels At Glenn Beck’s ‘Antichrist’ Protest Coverage

My ideological differences with Rachael Maddow doesn't prevent me from agreeing with her about questioning Glenn Beck's narrative.

As a consumer of a wide array of media imprints - I work to capture the points of information that everyone presents and then DEVELOP MY OWN NARRATIVE.

I do agree that Glenn Beck and others are guilty of putting out points of fact but then erecting the narrative that they desire others to buy into.  Those who don't seek to independently validate the big pictures can be lead into a false conclusion.

I am also aware, however, that as Media Matters tries to get their consumers to focus in on the radical elements of Beck's product - they hope that these same people never tune in directly to hear the entirety of the message.  This is akin to seeking to understand the entirety of the news about the NBA by focusing upon the local broadcast from the LA Lakers organization.

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