Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rachel Maddow Commits A "Lie Of Omission"

Remember that strategy from Shirley Sherrod about suing those people who "lie by omission"?

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Rachel Maddow pans John McCain for stating that there won't be "protests like in Egypt happening in Iraq".

Maddow shows a video of protests in Iraq for the past week as a means of up-ending McCain.

What Maddow fails to note is that these protest in Iraq were NOT AGAINST THE IRAQI GOVERNMENT, seeking CHANGE. They were protests IN SUPPORT OF the events of Egypt.

Demonstrators In Iraq Show Support For Freedom Movements In Egypt and Tunisia

Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) condemns the attacks on the demonstrators in Egypt by Mubarak's thugs

In a telephone call by Akram Nader, FWCUI\OWFI representative, one of the demonstrating worker groups' leader and an organizer of the January 25 revolution, Kamal Abou Aetah, forwarded a call for help and support from all the freedom-lovers of the world to stand behind the people's struggle in Cairo for freedom:

"Help us as we're being attacked. Our peaceful demonstration is subject to beatings and extreme violence by Mubarak's police and intelligence who are disguised as demonstrating civilians. They attempt to massacre our uprising."

Although Abou Aetah's unionist\workers groups managed to gather forces and push the security thugs outside Tahrir square after a few hours, the conflict still continues, and may lead to a massacre against the demonstrators anytime.

OWFI stands strongly behind the Egyptian people's right to oust the rogue regime in Egypt. We call upon the international community to intervene and put an end to the violent attacks against the demonstrators who practice their legitimate right of ousting a long-overdue despot and his whole corrupt establishment.

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