Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Lack Of ANALYSIS Provided By The "Obama Syndicators" When Their Knowledge Of Reality Would Cause Them To Reject Their Latest Feed

There are occasions where my best response is to do my initial "open mouth gape" and then dismiss foolishness as such.

Instead I choose to model this latest dispatch from The from one of their joint-venture partners and understand what their motivation is for advancing this.

We Are In Budget Season - Now That The Election Season Is Over

In the next few days the Obama Administration will release their "2011/2012 Federal Budget".   It will have elements contained within that soberly face the realities of our present fiscal situation - nationally, among the states & cities and among individuals. 

The battle that is brewing is focused upon which areas will receive budget cuts.  Those who wish to protect their base of power (the military or social justice programs) are plotting their course by preparing the public to support their given position.  

With the federal government's deficit for 3 years running as such - these articles are necessary to give those who's #1 goal is to defend Obama against any attacks that he might suffer some ammunition to throw out.   As long as THEY are not asked "Do YOU actually believe this or are you merely relying on what the Daily Beast and Newsweek have told you?"  - they will be fine.

We have been bastarized as a citizenry.  More important than the condition of the hull of the ship is our commitment to the "team" who is battling the other on the top deck.   

The Federal Deficit - 3 Years Running
Lets start out with a baseline for debate

Bernanke Testifies Before Congress (Feb 10, 2011):
Bernanke defended the bond-purchase program yesterday in his first House testimony since Republicans took control of the lower chamber last month. He repeated that Congress should adopt a long-term plan to control a federal budget deficit that’s projected to reach a record $1.5 trillion this year.

  1. 2008/2009 -- Federal Deficit $1,400B ( First Ever Deficit Above $1T)
  2. 2009/2010 - Federal Deficit $1,290 B
  3. 2010/2011 - Projected Federal Deficit $1,500B+ (CBO Projection)

Right off of the bat one should ask - "If we are seeing RECORD DEFICITS - what exactly is Newsweek/DailyBeast and talking about?"

Simply put - a deficit situation is caused by:
  • Anemic Tax Collections
  • Excessive Spending Beyond Your Revenues Available
The hand trick that DailyBeast (who recently purchased struggling Newsweek) has used is that they try to focus on the argument upon Obama's "spending" and his "tax cut actions" while FAILING to focus on the BASE OF MONEY that is present for him to work with.

The reason for the deficit is mostly due to the eroded economic conditions AND the attempt to retain our national "standard of living" without suffering any reduction due to lack of organic production.

A more TRANSPARENT argument for these "Obama Press Agents" would have been to more clearly make the case about the DEFICIT, make note that a good portion of this spending is "Non-Discretionary" and then make the case that - in the money that the President has to work with - he operated judiciously - in THEIR OPINION.

I am going to keep my eye out over the next few days as to how many other progressive-fundamentalists propagate this story and PROVIDE NO ANALYSIS to substantiate their own position.

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