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"Filled Negro" vs A "White American Who Is Tired Of Hearing An "Anti-America American" Rant

My good friend "Filled Negro" has taken a day off from his "Anti-Republican = Pro-Black" rantings (just coincidentally as the Cleveland Cavs have changed their ways and have one one game, thus breaking their 'losing streak' as well) and published an e-mail from an observer and critic of his.

After reading the "Filled Negro Blog" for a while this man spoke out and said what any RATIONAL person who knows the game that is being executed upon would say as well.

It appears that Ralph Jones is a White male. As such he doesn't quite know how to FRAME the argument by which my friend Filled-Negro would be knocked off of his perch of the "Streamer of Moral Indignation".

This post is not about rehashing the debate between my friend Filled-Negro and Ralph Jones (a White guy named Jones? Hmmmm).

Instead just as we hear that the Progressive-Fundamentalist has the goal of "smoothing the rough edges off of CAPITALISM" I am going to provide Mr Jones a more targeted and specific challenge to my good friend Filled-Negro.

You see Mr Jones made the mistake of coming too close to the words "America Love It Or Leave It". This was easy for my good friend Filled-Negro go pick off. A "racism chaser" doesn't become a "Black Belt Racism Chaser" without having a bevy of INDICTMENTS to counter Mr Jones' retort that missed on certain fine points.

The Denial Of The Establishment Power

The first thing that my good friend Filled-Negro did to volley Mr Jones' "attack" was to remind him that Black people have been OPPRESSED by White people and thus the "Soft Tissue Injury" that does not appear on any x-ray or MRI  is HIS to claim.  Filled Negro and the Blacks who choose to transact upon their Inferior Injured State will have their pain relieved when they get good and ready!!  (Or is it when White Liberal Snarling Foxes DON'T GIVE A DAMN any longer because the currency known as "the Black Vote" is no longer needed to edge them over to the top politically?   I don't know.)

Recent POLICIES In Philadelphia Which Have A "Disparate Racial Impact" That The "Usual Suspects Won't Attribute To The Black Establishment Players That Now Run The City:

  1. Truth Out:  Cities Like Philadelphia Spend Millions Defending Crooked, RACIST Police Men
  2. Philly Adopts "Stop And Frisk" Policies By The Police To Crack Down On Gun Violence

I can't fault Mr Jones for not knowing the tactics of the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser.   He simply has not invested the same amount of time in studying them as I have.

The primary POWER that the BQPFRC has is the INDICTMENT!!!  "YOU did this to us during slavery and now we are acting out because you stole our culture" is their universal cry.  Though many of them can tell you the year, month, day and time that the "African Culture" was stripped out of the last African - for some strange reason those who know the HARM that the absence of the "original culture has" are also LOATHED into sending out CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGICAL to document this culture and then work doggedly to REESTABLISH it in North and West Philly so that the community can be cured.

It costs my friend Filled Negro NOTHING to deny the POWER that the good mayor, the police chief, the array of "favorable judges" - the first Black District Attorney and the majority Democratic balance in the City Council have as they execute their ESTABLISHMENT POWER.

Remember that PAIN that is not detectable by the MRI or CT Scanner or XRay - Mr Jones?   You just told Filled Negro that THERE IS NO TUMOR and he told you that he still feels pain and will SUE YOU for malpractice if you don't continue to treat him - and give him his free Cialis samples every visit.

It doesn't matter - Mr Jones!!!

You keep looking at this from a RATIONAL stand point.  You must look at Filled Negro as a DEMOCRAT and then everything else will make sense.

In Philadelphia - one of the strongest Democratically controlled cities in America - after you have STRUGGLED to get "favorable people" into POWER and yet your permanent interests of:

  • Quality Education
  • Safe Streets
  • Thriving Local Economies as expressed through EMPLOYMENT
are far below what you have sold the people upon during the STRUGGLE -  Mr Jones - what does a person do when he has WON but his community still has LOST?

You keep applying rationality as you assume that my friend Filled Negro will get permission to use the Municipal Court rooms at night to PUT HIMSELF and the MACHINE that he supported into power LOCALLY on TRIAL - forcing them to PROVE their own TRANSPARENCY.  

Mr Jones - when you control all of the key establishment elements AND your goal is to RETAIN AND GROW POWER - but not TRANSPARENTLY advance the PERMANENT INTERESTS of the Black Community - you merely will erect a system by which you drive for ENFORCED UNITY by finding a string of EXTERNAL ENEMIES to highlight.

The people that follow my good friend Filled Negro don't want what they think they want.  They have everything they need already to make Philly great.

Instead they want UNITY!!!
With UNITY - they all agree on who the bad guy is.  
He is oppressing them when he is in the same political boundary.
He is guilty of "corporate abandonment" when he LEAVES THEM all to themselves.

In summary, Mr Jones - you angle of attack was wrong.

You should have told my good friend Field Negro that HE is orchestrating a SCHEME in which 50 years from now the "Progressives who are Democrats who are Black" will have done everything necessary to end up where they eventually end up - per their perpetual actions. 

The main challenge that is left - is to get them to ACCEPT where they reside as they were the primary navigators.

His STRENGTH is to remind America about its past SLAVERY and its present INJUSTICE.
His main WEAKNESS is that as he gets "Favorable People" into power within the institutions that he used to PROTEST AGAINST - instead of continuing his protests when they fail him - he and other BQPFRCs become press agents for the people in power, no longer "Fighting The Power".  Have you heard them protest against any wars or failed public schools lately? 

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