Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Root.com - Add Another Black Progressive-Fundamenalist Blog That Seeks An Unmolested Channel For Their Propaganda

When blog rules are clearly published - warning of the consequences foul language or harassment of individual bloggers - when these rules are not enough to defend the propagandists against a force that confounds the messages that are a part of their agenda - they apply "editors discretion" to get rid of the challenge.

Those who control the Delete key - need not worry about is projected when they hit the "Publish" button.

One would assume that in the power and brilliance of their message - as proven by the mass following - that they would be able to counter any countervailing threat that I represent.  After all - I am but an "ignorant Black conservative" who can't think for himself.  I follow "Massa's" every queue.  If my main "Massas - Rush Limubaugh and Glenn Beck" are themselves stupid - then what I project per their instruction is "stupid" and should be easily put down by the simplest of arguments.

For those blog sites that favor Black people with a "Twitter account" to relay their views to a mass of other Black people - people like me are disfavored.  I have the audacity to not only disagree with them but to tell them WHY they are wrong and the damage to our community's need for competency development is the consequence.

They favor Black people who will follow along with agreement with the prevailing line.  When they are challenged by another who is disinclined to agree with them the chant of "Racism" often follows.

Make no mistake about it - I do not view "The Root.com", "The Grio.com" or the "NAACP" as anything more than a cluster of individuals with a prevailing ideology.   They have no more "official" capacity that need be afforded them than if they an individual with a Wordpress account.   Their legitimacy is only a function of their utility to the community's permanent interests.

The Root.com and other elements of the Black Press Establishment seek to project and defend their IDEOLOGY.  No amount of evidence as provided by the places where their ideology reigns supreme is going to provide enough "constructive feedback" for them to take a more transparent approach in their methodology.

The placement of a few "conservative" content providers on their board is not evidence of balance.  BALANCE comes when every content provider is held to a universal mandate under which the ideological methodology that they promote must be subordinate to.

It is when the Black Establishment Machine fuses it self to an ideology and a party - that we see the entrenchment which has them looking past the results that they have achieved per their "mission accomplishment" and instead keeping us all focused on our mission of retaining their power and projected forward on the intent for more power in the American Political Domain.

I don't get mad when the inevitable banning from boards that traffic in propaganda for the sake of "Ideological Unity Enforcement".    It merely shows how entrenched this ideological force that prefers UNITY over RESULTS need to be pushed out of our racial consciousness nucleus before an improved set of results can be had.

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