Monday, January 24, 2011

Progressive-Fundamentalists: Our Hatred And The Use Of The Label "Stupid" Is Not The Same When Bigots Do It


If you listen to various Progressive-Fundamentalist Politicos and Media Operatives they are now using the same words of slander against their ideological adversaries that were called HATEFUL and RACIST when White bigots used or inferred the same against Black people in the past.

Everyone Who Disagrees With Us Are "Stupid"

There is no such thing as "absolute hatred".
History shows that one group of people can "congregationally masturbate" themselves into justifying their tactics against some other group because they are convinced that they deserve it.  The words and tactics that are called "hateful" or full of "racial innuendo" can be co-opted and precipitously used by that same group - without any particular observation of their organic offense.

Only "civility" that is derived from our will to be civilized can make that which is "hatred" universally applicable and enforced.

  • Tea Parties - Racist
  • Sarah Palin - Stupid
  • Rush Limbaugh - Idiot
  • Republican Candidates Of 2010 - Extremists 
Of course calling Obama a "Socialist" is proof that one is a racist.

The Dutiful Tag Teaming Of The "Progressive Who Is A Democrat Who Is Black" With His White Snarling Fox Liberal Bigots Without Calling For Their Consciousness

 Immediately after the shooting in Tuscon the "Black Progressive Establishment" in the media and in the politics followed the lead of their White Snarling Fox thought leaders in assigning blame as to the shooter's motivation - long before his face even hit the wires.  Their priorities are evident with a mere perusal of the most popular subject matter - DESPITE - their labeling of their blogs as of "Black Community Interest".

These are more accurately defined as "Anti-Conservative"/"Anti-Republican" blogs, no possible claim that their goal is to advance the permanent interests of the Black community - since they focus upon the subject so infrequently.  The ONLY claim that they can make is that they represent the POPULAR ideological and political sentiments of the Black community.

 The Feigned Offense In Reaction To "Hate Speech"
The use of offensive to "hate speech" is merely a tool for indictment.  This month's edition of "Ebony Magazine" lists the "Top 15 Racial Insults Against Obama".  The editors of Ebony didn't quite feel motivated to tell their progressive-fundamentalist hate mongerers to "respect the office of the President" for any of the previous 43 men who served in this seat.  For some reason only THIS president compelled them to make such a listing.  

By accusing one's enemy of having nefarious motivations for their opposition to otherwise "good policy" their goal is to de-legitimize the position of the opponents, causing them to document the date that they "stopped beating their wife".  

 Despite the fact that a long list of similar offenses can be heard on "their side" - it is the responsibility for the other side to identify these offenses.  There is no self policing of the standard.

I would prefer that both sides stop with their petty and hateful antics - as in both cases - the use of these tactics insure that transparent debate on the issue never takes place.  

Absent The Enforcement Of Integrity The Only Thing We Can Say About Our Historical Enemies Is That They Got Into Power First, Getting The Jump Upon Us

 The assumption of the progressive-fundamentalist is that few people see exactly what they are doing.  They retain the "moral and intellectual high ground" and they only need to have their loyal followers to echo their own sentiments.

Unfortunately it is the Black community that is placed at risk once this "other side" makes note that their call for higher level political discourse  was merely a demand for " 'Conservative' White racists" to check themselves.  If and when they make note of the ruse that is not enforced on "all sides" then don't be surprised when the self-restraint is dismantled.

At this point the flawed strategy where there was failure to build up the organic competencies within our communities will be exposed.

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