Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Reviles Reagan From 30 Years Ago More Than Their Ideological Friends Of To-Damned-Day

Reagan Revisionism Can't Revive Reagan's Image Among Blacks

Upon reading the liturgy of various Black Progressive-Fundamentalists my constant attempts to rationalize their line of thinking by affixing their fixation against their enemies to some more PROPORTIONAL accounting of the forces arrayed against our community interests - forces me to understand - that they are "Speaking In Tongues".

They have no interest in maintaining proper proportions per a REPRESENTATIVE MODEL of what ails us.  They goal is "Ideological Unity Enforcement". 

Later today I will embark upon a new series.   It will key in upon my observation that - "While Korean hair care magazines strangely have the headshots of Black women as evidence that this is their target market for profit ----  the Black political press has headshots of ' Tea Parties' and 'Sarah Palin' as proof of their intended profit.

Response to David Love:
[quote]When he ran for the White House in 1980, Ronald Reagan kicked off his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, where the Klan murdered three civil rights workers 16 years earlier. [/quote]

Mr Love:

When the Democratic Presidential Primary candidates gathered in Philadelphia PA yet failed to say anything about the over 150 Black people MURDERED in the city - not 16 years earlier but in 2007 - WERE YOU BOTHERED by their failure to acknowledge these victims? Or was their collective silence justified because none of them wanted to condemn their party brothers that control the city for their failure to keep the people in the city safe?

Ironically though the state of Pennsylvania TODAY is seen as 'The Most Deadly City For Black People" the slight against Black people that was manufactured by Jack White against Reagan from more than 30 years ago rings more powerful.

As we do a tour of the nation, looking at the various "Mission Accomplished Cities" where our people live in their highest concentrations, Mr Love, why is it that you can't seem to fly off of your ideological and partisan perch and call out the machine forces that are molesting their key permanent interests?

Whomever is running Flint, Camden, Cleveland, Detroit, Rochester, East St Louis and Gary should have to be scrutinized as to the question "Do They Like Black People?". The results had make it hard to affirm this. Unlike Reagan, however, the Black voting populace don't seem to be repudiating them.

Weren't we wearing Jherri Curls at the time that Reagan did his do? Look at how much time has passed yet he remains a key reference to Black people with your ideological fixation.

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