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Elon James White - Comedic Master Of "Keep Your Enemies On Trial" By Ridiculing Them Tears Up Over A Black Mother Arrested For Education Fraud

As many of you are kept attentively laughing at your ideological enemies - the two points that you miss are:

  • An enemy, regardless of how insignificant he is can be promoted into front page news and your progressive-fundamentalist friends scour the nation seeking material to fortify their "bit" for your consumption
  • In the process of executing the first bullet point they are unable to promote a message that effectively addresses the primary challenges that confront the Black community
In aggregate - it is no laughing matter.

First let me get these two videos out of the way, the one made by E.JW I found after clicking through and discovering that this is the Progressive-Fundamentalist comedian who's comedic rantings are good enough for HuffPo - before they even created their "Black collection" of content - which debuts later this year.

A White Republican Conservative Tea Party Election Threat In Illinois Says That Black Males Would Rather Sell Drugs Than Pursue Education

Now, Mr White - (I am talking to Mr Elon James White not the "White man" who he is talking about) I agree with you that the "White man" Al Reynolds (R-IL) said that Black men prefer to sell drugs than get an education that he was being ignorant.  Thankfully Champaign IL does not have a lot of Black people for him to join the school board and harm our bid for education.  Also since "Mr Whitey" lost his bid for a seat of power - I am sure you can agree that he - himself is not a "threat to Black people".  Instead his value as a target is his association with the Republican Party and the Tea Party is what you are creaming about.  A varitable trifecta for you.

Perhaps if you could coax Mr Reynolds to travel over to Indianapolis or Gary then you could find some Black people in close proximity to curse him out for his ignorance.

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I am one step ahead of you though. It is not PROXIMITY to Black people that make for an offense. Indeed the KKK snowman in Idaho likely had no heat from a brownskinned body that every came near enough to melt a single snowflake which made up its body. To the "Racism Chaser" who actively purses insults in order to add them to their collection - proximity is not an important criteria.

As of the 2000 census[5], 67,518 people, 27,071 households, and 12,452 families resided in Champaign. The population density was 3,974.6 people per square mile (1,534.4/km²). There were 28,556 housing units at an average density of 1,681.0/sq mi (648.9/km²). The racial makeup of the city was 73.16% White, 15.62% African-American, 0.24% Native American, 6.83% Asian, 0.03% Pacific Islander, 1.94% from other races, and 2.19% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino individuals of any race made up 4.03% of the population.

I take it that the fact that this clown lost shows that the White voters of the city and state did not buy into his B.S.?

But wait a minute, Mr White. (You, not the White guy Reynolds) what about the other places where there is an unfortunately low rate of Black male graduation and unacceptably high rates of high rates of criminal activity? Is someone allowed to call out the places - absent the maliciousness of Reynolds and have you and other "Progressive Defenders Of Blackness" accept these facts but also note that Mr Reynolds could never get elected in these places? That people that YOU favor can get elected despite these conditions?

Where On Earth Did The (Racist) Republican Reynolds Get The Idea About The Connection Between Black Males And Drugs? He Must Be On Drugs, Indeed!

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Elon James White - Beyond The Jokes & Obfuscation

Move away from the jokes and the indictment against his ideological adversaries and it appears that Mr White bombs on stage in front of his microphone.
The Black woman who got arrested for "theft of pubic services" was merely attempting to do what the "Black Flight Progressives" legally do because of their ability to MOVE:  Vacate the "Mission Accomplished" areas where there are favorable people in power, as they go to the places where there ideological enemies are in power, in pursuit of higher quality services for the improvement of their family's permanent interests.

The "Emperor Has No Clothes" moment for the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser is seen when he is forced to return to his district that he purports to be "struggling on behalf of" and look directly at what he has perpetuated per the grand obfuscation that they have erected upon our people.

To make this issue about this "one Black woman" without also looking at who sits in the seat of power over the institutions that she was forced to evade IS the INJUSTICE here.

With all due respect - I cannot fault the Black and White operatives who are embedded within our community consciousness, constantly hijacking it for their own ideological and political purposes.  I am forced to blame the Black Rank & File who's own hatred has ALLOWED them to be drawn into the grand scheme.   Until these "larval elements" are escorted out of the "community consciousness domain" and out to the periphery - then the masses of Black people are the ENABLERS of this issue.

Po And Bare Foot

From "Black" area:
My initial reaction to this was outrage. I sat at my computer, heart pounding, eyes tearing, because when you peel off all the layers, you have this: a woman (who works with special education children and was attending school for her teaching degree) is being vilified because she wanted something better for her children. And we can't possibly ignore the racial aspect of this situation. A poor BLACK woman on public assistance is being jailed for sending her kids to the rich white school. I'm not arguing whether this is how it should be looked at; I'm saying that is how it is looked at. It's questionable at this point whether the teaching degree she's been working toward will be allowed, because she has a felony charge against her. A family's life is in virtual ruins because of this situation.

And many say she deserves this.

Reading comments from residents of the town she "stole" the education from say that this is fair. They pay a lot of money for that school. Rules are rules. If you don't live there you have to pay $800 in order to attend and she did not do so. In black and white terms (no pun intended) this is true. But is anything black and white? Can we truly look at this situation and call it fair? Are we a country that would put a scarlet letter on this woman because of where she sent her kids to school? She didn't forge $20 bills and buy electronics and diamonds. She didn't pretend to be a victim of 9/11 and try to claim special funds.

She sent her kids to school.

To judge this simply as a case of fraud is to ignore the surrounding circumstances. Some say that, legally speaking, "circumstances" don't matter. But if you murder someone they specifically have to figure out if it was a crime of passion, was it self-defense or was it premeditated. Each crime receives wildly different sentences. The bottom line is that a person is dead. But somehow that's not black and white. They say Williams-Bolar was judged by a jury of her peers. Was she really? Was it a group of poor minorities trying to finally have a chance at the supposed American dream? Were these "peers" people whose families have tried for generations to rise from the injustice and inequalities that they -- literally -- had nothing to do with?

Show me these "peers."

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