Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Confounding My Friend BET Uncut On "Street Pirate On Black" Crime

My friend BET Uncut (BTX3 ) has been steady in his attempts to undercut my keen focus upon the establishment machine that dominates the Black community and my particular emphasis on the assaults that our people are suffering on their watch.  With the fact that these assaults are mostly generated by individuals who have matriculated through the system that these "favorable people" have monopoly domination over makes my claims that much more troubling to BET Uncut and others who think like him.

Instead of taking a step back from his own ideological and partisan entrenchment and consider that "Safe Streets" are an agreeable attribute for all - he sees my focus as a threat which might cause him and others to "put their ideology on trial".

His response has been to fire shots at ME and my motivations.

The False Target Of Zero Crime

 The most consistent indictment that he has used over time is to undercut my claims of rampant crime by making the case that my dreams of "zero crime" on the watch of this machine is unrealistic.  Others on his "Neo-All White Jury" team have pointed to the genocidal rates of murder during the 1970s and 1980s and point out that TODAY'S rates are a mere fraction thus we have made "progress".

They fail to note that while these past rates where "totally damned unacceptable" that today's rates have been elevated to "damned unacceptable".   Though reduced they still out-pace the homicide and assault rates of other communities.

Chicago Touts That It "Only" Had 435 Murders In 2010 - Lowest Since 1965

I have never heard a Civil Rights Era leader say "We ONLY had 50% of the lynchings of Black people than we did last year.  This was thanks to our efforts to work with the KKK/CCC and others who are killing us to get them to respect our people".

The Indictment

 This brings me to the primary means of scrutiny of the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser.  

A few weeks ago a Black man in Mississippi was found hanging from a tree.  Despite the fact that nearby Jackson Mississippi had a double digit murder count for the year - the sight of a hanged Black man in a "White neighborhood" was a more interesting sight.  The picture made its way to many "Black-wing" press sites.

 My point is that if "ZERO" is an unrealistic point to which BET Uncut holds me to - WHY is it that he does not accuse his fellow Progressive-Fundamentalists of sensationalizing the death of one Black man, having drove past the police tape of so many others in the process?

Do not get me wrong - I want ALL MURDERS treated as an outrage.  I ask that NO ONE "shut up".  I am asking for more!

When the pattern of outrage is too predictable and selective - this needs to be called out.

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Constructive Feedback said...

My friend BET Uncut is no doubt reading the article that features his name but feels no need to respond.

In court this is called a "Default Judgement".

I will call the Marshal to serve the court's judgement.