Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chauncey and Brother X Squared Have Another Session

I actually like my friend Chauncey of "We Are Respectable Negroes".

I just can't bear to listen as he has his monthly S&A sessions with Brother X Squared.   The sight of a grown man fully submitting himself to another is quite distressing.

You see - IF I remain silent about what I am seeing then I am a worthy candidate to become a "Real Blackman".  If I dare speak out about what I see then I become a "corporate Negro", forever stripped of my ability to join the club and fight their eternal fight.

The highlights of their conversation.

X:  I have so much to teach you Brother Chauncey. I have not spoken to you in a month and already you are on some foolishness. Just when I think you have gained knowledge, you, just like all the other so-called "respectable" negroes in this country, go back to acting like the white man's playthings.

Constructive Feedback Analysis:  Sounds like a Superior and a "Lil Fella" relationship to me.  Though they likely converse over the Internet or at least using Chauncey's VoIP telephone service I get the picture that Chauncey assumes the position - seated and waiting to take notes prior to every conversation with X.

X: Hurt. Hurt as in our ancestors' backs from the devilish whips and whirling dervishes of the white man's lances and rods? 
 Constructive Feedback Analysis:  I just watched "The Empire Of Africa" over the weekend.  This detailed the carnage in Sierra Leone in the early part of the past decade.  These cats used AK47's and sticks to beat their own kind.  The Black Africans of today who survive the blood bath will be someone's ANCESTORS of the future

Chauncey: Quite frankly, I am shocked. I have never seen you in such a mood. I will politely try again.

Constructive Feedback Analysis:  Definately not the words that an "Alpha Dog" in a relationship would say.

X: As I have predicted, the black man is worse off this year than he has been ever. He is more likely to be poor. He is more likely to be wasting his money on nonsense in the service of the white man's economy
Constructive Feedback Analysis:  I assure Brother X that Chauncey and the merry men that post on his blog have a flurry of pro-Obama opinion surveys from Black folks that confound this claim made by X.  Its a good thing that Glenn Beck did not say such a thing.  Chauncey would have whipped the stats out.
Chauncey: Okay, what are your thoughts on the upcoming year, specific thoughts on the President, the Tea-Party GOP takeover, and the general state of the Union?
 Constructive Feedback Analysis:  When  all else fails - OBFUSCATE toward the Republicans and the GOP in order to have the conversation that you really want.  Who cares about the condition of Black people if there are no Republicans to blame for it anyway?

X: He let a half-rican into the White House just to bring the temple down on Obama's head. I laugh and mock you all. Educated true Nubians such as Brother X-Squared and his legions saw the con a long way off.
 Constructive Feedback Analysis:   If "the White man LET Obama into the White House"......about 96% of the Negro voters AGREED with "Whitey".  Maybe Brother X has a "recalibration camp" to seen the majority of Blacks in the nation to in order to set them straight?

X: The Constitution is a bigoted, racist document that supported slavery. Those White devils are loading the guns and loading them in your faces and you passive American born neo-slaves sit and get ready to take the blast.
Constructive Feedback Analysis:   The only reason why Brother X has not been lynched after having Fox News incessantly repeating his claim about "Killing White babies" is because TO-DAMNED-DAY the justice system in America does a better job in protecting the First Amendment.

X: I can appreciate your sentiment that white racism and racial resentment drives the Republicans and the New Right. In fact, I have written about that myself many times.
There were black overseers during slavery. The black man who held the whip was worse than the white slave master! Those boot-licking Tom Negroes and Handkerchief head Aunt Jemima types like that hellish Oprah Winfrey who was given an award by the Kennedy Center!

 Constructive Feedback Analysis: Again Chauncey threw out a bone in the form of West and Scott.  I struggle to understand why there is such hyperbolic focus on TWO BLACKS in the US House while the other 44 Blacks who are in the "correct party" receive little coverage.  I wonder if Rep Carson (D-IN) has any particular grievance that Scott and West has received far, far, far more press coverage as they have just been sworn in for less than a week.  Carson has been around for at least 4 years and has not been mentioned as much as West in 6 months.

.X: Those Black Conservatives are cowards and traitors, but at least they are pragmatic. Here is how there sickness is so so deep and the White man's game so strong.
Constructive Feedback Analysis:   I get the feeling that If Brother X and Chauncey had their own nation and were both in control over free speech that a person like me would have his throat slit for speaking out of turn.

How can one be a TRAITOR to a movement that IS NOT "BLACK"?  It is LEFTIST RADICAL PROGRESSIVE.  Ensnaring a sufficient among of aggrieved Blacks is merely the mission.

X: those Michael Steele's and Allen West's, they get no greater pleasure than being cuckolded by the White Man. It brings them joy.
Constructive Feedback Analysis:  I get the feeling that if Comcast/AT&T/Verizon/Time Warner or Cox Cable were to cut Brother X's Internet access that he would be pissed at "the White man".

Another Black Radical Nationalist......with a MySpace page.
The Revolution will not be televised.  It will appear on YouTube.


chaunceydevega said...

I am going to forward this to Brother X-Squared. You may have bitten off more than you can chew.

Constructive Feedback said...

I'm shaking in my boots.

I would love to hear where I have misanalyzed the situation.

How can you claim to be "respect-worthy" when you submit yourself to a would-be "Alpha Wolf" yet never demand that he define the framework within which he was promoted to the lead.

DON'T GET ME WRONG - I have no comment on Brother X's "WORTHINESS". I am only suggesting that there is a need for a publicly accessible "constitution" which defines the system where he, you and I are working within.

I don't demand that you, he and I ever AGREE on anything other than a clearly defined foundation. We can "fight" upon this base, the "competitive struggle" resulting in AGGREGATE forward advance - keeping the vehicle in the middle of the road and not hijacked off to one side.