Sunday, January 2, 2011

Black Athletes Who Have Been "Shot Down Like Dogs" But Which (Alleged) Sports Columnist Dave Zirin Has Failed To Report On

On Dimples and Dog Whistles: Why Tucker Carlson Dehumanizes Michael Vick 

Aside from (alleged) technology commentator Mario Armstrong who appears on XM "The Power"  - I have never seen a specialty media personality fuse this ideological bigotry into his (alleged) area of expertise as much as David Zirin.   The fact that "The Nation" has a sports column says everything that one needs to know about the contamination that  Mr Zirin brings to his sports analysis.

The man who revealed in his C-SPAN book review that he opposed the sale of the Texas Rangers to former MLB great Nolan Ryan for no other reason than Ryan's "right wing politics" shows how committed to focusing upon what goes on on the field of play.  :-/

So it comes as no surprise that Mr Zirin has provided yet another fusion between "the sport of politics" and "the politics of sports" in which he castigates Tucker Carson for suggesting (rather bone-headly) that Michael Vick should have been executed for his past treatment of dogs.

We must understand how "Rachael Maddow Style Reporting" works.  You see the goal is to keep indictments of one's enemies flowing.  It matters not that the points of focus are IRRELEVANT in the big scheme of things.  The point is that while the masses are united in their indictment against their enemies - few will notice what Maddow/Zirin are NOT talking about which is of major consequence.

Last month three Black football players from the University of Southern Mississippi were shot down LIKE DOGS.   If we enumerate the characteristics that make this a FAVORABLE target for Mr Zirin to cover for the purposes of his indictment they would be:

  • MISSISSIPPI (God Damn)
  • 3 Black Men
  • SHOT!!!!!  (There were no ropes conveniently nearby)
Oh wait.  Darn it.  This did not happen at a "CCC Sponsored" off campus party.  It appears to be yet another example of "urban violence" that happened in the rural area of Hattiesburg MS.

I am transparent enough to not blame Mr Zirin or Ms Maddow for their failure to cover this issue as if THEY were to blame for the shooting.   Simply put, however, just as they seek to develop PATTERNS of overt attacks inspired by "right-wing" forces, giving voice to the pattern so people can be on the look out - their own antics show their guilt in AVOIDING talking about issues that would cause them to INDICT their friends - the VICTIMIZED Blacks who have, perish the thought - committed some ORGANIC assaults that there are no RIGHT WING conspiracies to affix to.

Black Athletes Who Were "Euthanized" In 2010 But Did Not Trigger A Column By David Zirin Because The Assailant Was Not Interesting To His Ideological Agenda

  1. Former Atlanta Hawk Lorenzo Wright's Body Found In Memphis TN
  2.  Former Basketball Star  (and Present Hawk's Executive) Nick Van Exel's Son Charged With Murder
  3. UConn Football Player Killed In Campus Stabbing 
  4. Star High School Football Player In Georgia Killed At His Home 
It appears that the WORDS of a conservative enemy are more powerful than the actual deadly attacks done by a "non-interesting target".
The truth is that Mr Zirin has a better chance of losing his occasional seat in the "Barbershop" by public protest IF he doggedly fixated on the convergence of Sports, Violence, Womanizing and "Black Capitalistic Excesses".  Many in Mr Zirin's audience would rather that Mr Zirin talk about their common ideological adversaries rather than key in upon that which is causing more material harm.  This allows them to continue on with their tenuous coalition.

To be honest I learned about Mr Zirin's column after peeking into my friend Filled-Negro's blog.  As co-founder of the "Afro-Spear" group he is committed to the enhancement of freedom for Black people - which will be arrived at by operating as "Media Matters In Black Face".  (Oh I forgot - Media Matters does have Oliver Willis as a paid staff member - making money for what Filled Negro does for free).

The long story short about all of them (Zirin, Maddow, Filled-Negro and Willis) is that absent their focus on their ideological adversary there is not much there for them to work with.

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