Monday, December 20, 2010

When Is The Black Community Going To See The "Progressive Dividend" BET Uncut?

My good friend BET Uncut over at BTX3 blog is up to his old antics once again.

He blames the "Marriage Gap" that Black people are suffering from upon:

  1. Upon Lack of Comparable Income
  2. Makes note that others (White folks) also are marrying less
It is interesting how both of his responses are obfuscatory in nature.

Just imagine if BET Uncut and other Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers looked at the same information and damaging effect of the lack of long term and stable relationships between Black females and Black males and had the following alternate consciousness:
  1. INCOME within the Black community is critical to the establishment of practices of "Healthy Lifestyles And Relationship Outcomes" - an element of our Permanent Interests.  Therefore we must abandon many of our obfuscatory economic theories which seek to nationalize the demand for economic sustenance and instead develop a more textured and productive economic system locally, allowing our community to control its interests and income.  Just as there is abundant evidence of other people who have initiated their movement by being the "low cost/ low quality" option in a market only to improve their processes and value over time and now command a lions share of the market and the money that flows with it - so too are we capable of forging such a development effort.
  2. Our CULTURAL CONSCIOUSNESS is unique from others.  Therefore it is irrelevant as to what other people living in this American culture are suffering in kind for their SOCIAL/CULTURAL choices.   We refuse to fall into the vortex which note the gap when they are in a stronger position and protest against this "divide" and yet when we notice that they are sliding in the mud that we have long complained about we placate ourselves with their company with us.

    We reject this as sheepish thinking!!
    Our consciousness is derived from the aggregate thoughts, messages between our people and the enforcements of certain standards. Most certainly the "equality" that our people have long suffered for is NOT proven in a DOWNWARD STATE OF MISERY. Instead of "other Americans" (White folks) find themselves derailed - we will simply find a new 'perfect reference' - OUR OWN SELVES!! The White man will simply be stripped of his "1.0" reference in the National Urban League "State of the Black America" report for he is no longer worthy of our envy.

My reply to the BET Uncut blog
BET Uncut:

Do you notice that there is ALWAYS an attempt to "Nationalize" problems that are found in Black America at the point long after the powers that be have told "America" to "Mind its own business"?

[quote]They have ignored two key facts.1) The illegitimacy rate is related to income. [/quote]

This merely points to the FAILURE of the Progressive Establishment that now has dominate control over all of the institutions where Black people live to create JOB OPPORTUNITIES where our people's TALENTS can be marketed in exchange for INCOME.

If poverty is the source of severed relationships between male and female that impact our children then why don't you abandon your flawed theories that brought forth Milwaukee, Detroit, Southside Chicago and Cleveland in their present, atrophied form? PEOPLE over PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALISM.

And 2) Marriage rates are falling rapidly for nearly all segments of the population. [/quote]

Why do you pride yourself that the culture that you control has EQUAL dysfunction to the WHITE CONSERVATIVE EVANGELICAL BIBLE BELT CULTURE?

YOU are more intelligent than they are. Remember?

When are we going to see the "Progressive Dividend" shown upon our community and its INTERESTS?

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